Lego Bumblebee Transforms into a Car

Now this is some hardcore Lego building skills. Not only is this an awesome Bumblebee replica, but the Lego autobot can actually transform and become a car, and then go back to being a towering robot. And yes, that makes it all the more better. The Lego transformer is the creation of Wes Pitter. Via […]

Chevy shows Transformers special edition Camaro

Perhaps with an eye to go along the new Transformers movie, Chevrolet has released a new Transformers Special Edition Camaro. You could say its just a regular Camaro with Bumblebee style colors and racing stripes, but all those editions cost an extra $3000. Other additions include Autobot badges and a special rear spoiler, while the […]

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime transformer costumes in Japanese show

Ever wanted to see Optimus Prim and Bumblebee transform and break into a dance? Well, today’s your lucky day. Bonus: You get to see Optimus (unintentionally) kick Bumblebee’s ass. Video after the jump. Via: JapanProbe

Steel gets recycled into Bumblebee

In the first Transformers movie, Bumblebee first came along as a rusty, old Camaro. This time it’s just old steel that created this life size, 2.2 meters high Bumblebee replica. Folks at Robosteel made use of recycled steel to create this Bumblebee sculpture. Since this has gotten us talking about Transformer movies; No, no, no […]