Suspension Bridge Gives You The Daredevil Feel of Walking Off a Cliff

Being a daredevil is cool, but then for whatever reason, most of us just can’t take the risk. There’s always a way out though, like this suspension bridge on the Dachstein Massif Alpine peak. The bridge has a glass platform going out of the cliff, putting you 400 meters (1300 feet) above the ground. A suspension bridge connects the platform to the mountain. That glass platform should looking like a daredevil easy; unless you get vertigo.

Vietnam’s Dragon Bridge Really Breathes Fire

In Vietnam, Louis Berger Group designed a bridge over the Han River, in the shape of the dragon. We’re assuming somewhere during the designing, someone said something like “How wicked it would be if the dragon bridge really did breathe fire,” and the idea apparently stuck. The steel bridge is the longest of its type in the world and is lit with 2500 LED lights to give the appearance of a dragon. To top it all, it breathes fire. Though it does reserve that privilege for special occasions and festivals.

Trampoline Bridge Concept Spans River Seine

Looking at this concept by designer Atelier Zündel Cristea, we’re surprised such bridges don’t exist already. Submitted as an entry to a Paris bridge competition, the trampoline bridge should be up close to the existing Bir-Hakeim Bridge. A flight of stairs leads you up the bridge that has tubular inflated walls with giant trampolines between them. You just bounce off to cross the bridge, having a jolly good time on the funnest bridge ever.

Eco Bridge Impresses With Its Good Looks

Set to come up in China’s Chongqing mountain area, the Eco Bridge is a structure we’d like more constructions to emulate. Life would be easier if all structures were built with a slight thought towards aesthetics as well, rather than just a hurry to complete the darned construction. Designed by Taranta Creations, the Eco Bridge is designed to be a slight match to its surroundings, rather than appearing as an ugly anomaly. It follows after dragon’s shape. A grid shaped roof on the bridge acts as a sun reflector and also adds to its aesthetics.

Red Double-Helix Bridge Impresses With Its Grandeur

Grand constructions and architecture always stand as an epitome of creativity, strength, and even as economic might of a country. The proposed red double helix bridge seems like one of these structures. Imagined to go through the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge in Xinjin, China, the bridge has a braided structure with undulating curves that go in a helical – intertwining pattern.