Automatic Breakfast Sandwich Maker

All it takes is five minutes and this breakfast sandwich maker will have one delicious goody ready for you. The premise for a good, easy breakfast is too difficult to pass on, so we’re just too happy to simply jump on to the idea. You add your favorite breakfast sandwich components onto the different removable areas of the sandwich maker, then let it work its magic as it whips up a delicious full sandwich. For a price of $30, this sandwich maker is just lovely.

Creativity With Food

For each of the 31 days in March, Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi decided to give her plate and his food an artistic makeover to look delectable and creative. It has only been a few days, and the results so far are great. You can follow the progress of the creative food on Instagram. Actually, this makes the whole “photographing and sharing the breakfast” thing pretty legit and acceptable.