Unexpected Products From Known Brands

unexpected products from brands by Ilya Kalimulin

Brands are usually easily recognizable with the products they bring to the table. Consumers might sometimes be surprised by a brand going a little bit out of its element and recognition, but if brands were to go full crazy into products far from their identity, things would be way crazier(?). Here’s a collection of unexpected products by different brands by Moscow based designer Ilya Kalimulin. Apparently, our brain sensitive mind goes through a wee bit of trouble trying to process the abnormality we see here.

If Fashion Labels Were to Make Cupcakes [pics]

Cupcakes are like one of the best things out there, and in the world that loves brands, we really won’t be surprised to find brand labels vouching to get some space there. This series of cupcakes styled by Lisa Edsalv, and photographed by Therese Aldgard. The cupcakes are inspired by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Agent Provocateur and Betsey Johnson.

Scientists find superbrands and religion have nearly the same effect on brain

Loyalty people show towards brands can be amazing. And it seems their religious devotion to brands may be a lot more literal. In a BBC documentary Secrets of the Superbrands, scientists worked to find the effects of brands on the brain. Alex Brooks, an Apple superfan, underwent an MRI scan so scientists could see his brain’s reaction to photographs of Apple products.

Star Wars Episode VII: Brand Wars

Working on a Star Wars theme, artist Barn Bocock created this series entitled “Brand Wars.” Brands battling it out like the empire and the rebels? Yes, please. Interestingly, I can’t help noticing that the artist seems to have skipped the Microsoft-Apple / PC-Mac rivalry. Now that, would have been a war, and the Apple logo would probably lend itself well for a Death Star illustration. The artwork is available at RedBubble and Society6.