Artist makes wonderful classic imagery by carving books

Creating exceptional art from books, artist Kylie Stillman makes these wonderful imagery by carving on stacks of books. The artist uses books as a 3-Dimensional medium to carve her work, resulting in these simple-looking yet curiously attractive sculptures. Via Inhabitat

40 mini books placed inside a book for a Kindle doppleganger

What would the Kindle have been if something like that existed in the time of Charles Dickens? Well, a book carved to hold 40 mini books, of course. Rachel Walsh created this book for the hypothetical situation where someone had to explain a Kindle to Charles Dickens. The project took 35 hours over five days, […]

Creative graffiti book covers everything you need to know

This creative and intelligently crafted design by London-based graphic designer Benoit Ollive. That truly is all you need to know about graffiti. Via: CMYBacon

Go the F*ck to Sleep: The book for tired parents

Tired parents struggling to get their kids to sleep, this is the book for you. In a perfect world, kids sleep on time, or after you’ve told them some story or rhyme. In the real world, that almost never happens, and the tired parent struggles to get the kids to sleep. Written by Adam Mansbach, […]

Miniature books collection

Hungary’s Jozsef Tari has spent almost 35 years collecting miniature books. His collection now has more than 4500 books, none of which is more than 3 inches long. The smallest in the collection is a booklet measuring 2.9 mm x 3.2mm. Some of these books are almost 100 years old. Via: Toxel,

Elegant gown made out of Golden Books

Fashion designer Ryan Novelline has made use of children’s books to create this stylish gown. The skirt is made entirely out of illustrations from Golden Books sewn together in metallic golden threads. Bodice of the dress is made out of foil spines from the books. Via: BoingBoing

Booktree has knowledge in its branches

The innovative Booktree has its branches shaped like shelves, made for keeping books. Designed by Kostas Syrtariotis.

Written Portraits: Incredible books are sculptures of their authors

Written Portraits, an advertising campaign for the Dutch Book Week, takes an incredible look at books and authors. The series represents books as sculptures of their respective authors. These awesome book-sculptures have been created by artist Van Wanten.

Artist carves books into intricate sculptures

The intricate web of knowledge we expect books to have kind of stays on in the sculptures of artist Brian Dettmer, in a different form of course. The artist makes use of old books like out of date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books and dictionaries. He starts carving at a book, and while elements may […]

My First Dictionary: A book for adults

It’s contrast, plain and simple. You’d expect something like “My First Dictionary” to be a book for kids, and you couldn’t be further away from truth. Make no mistake, this very much is a book for adults, and it is kind of a groovy, crazy thing you wouldn’t want your children to get their hands […]

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