Building Made out of Books

We could stack books into big piles, but making them a suitable candidate for construction would require the genius of Matej Kren. The artist stacked thousands of books, using them as bricks to create a structure that could pass off as a building. It isn’t some half-assed “building” either, this structure includes 30 feet high ceilings, spacious rooms, and arched pathways; all made with the wisdom of books.

Functional Bathtub Made Out of Books

The creator of this fantastic bath tub, Vanessa Mancini calls it the bath of knowledge. And we’re inclined to agree, primarily because of the generous amount of books covering the tubs boundaries. While that collection would certainly not make a bathtub actually usable, Vanessa managed to get it done by fitting in the deconstructed books tightly together and sealing them over a metal frame.