Book Igloo

Ah yes, a warm place built on wisdom. Book Igloo by Miler Lagos looks like a lovely place to spend time in. Only, you probably don’t want to take out a book to read.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore: Oscar Winning Short

This is lovely, and totally worth the academy award it received. The film was made by Moonbot Studios.

Objects Reading Books

How cool are these prints of objects reading books! Marc Johns has quite a lovely set there.

Building Made out of Books

We could stack books into big piles, but making them a suitable candidate for construction would require the genius of Matej Kren. The artist stacked thousands of books, using them as bricks to create a structure that could pass off as a building. It isn’t some half-assed “building” either, this structure includes 30 feet high […]

Blah Blah Blah – The Book

We don’t quite approve of this, but seeing that reading has become something of a dying art, a lot of people are content in describing the joys of a book to the simple and unintelligent blah blah blah. This project by Gogelmogel is a book, with the only content in it being the word “blah” […]

Art Car Rides as a Book Tank

What once used to be a humble 1979 Ford Falcon, is now a tank. And tank way more powerful than any of those combat vehicles, if you look at it with a philosophical eye. There isn’t much left of the fusion after the addition of the welded frame.

The Big Book of Spy Stuff

Being a spy and living the James Bond life requires some dedication, like reading a book on spy stuff. The book touches a number of topics, ranging from the relatively simple eavesdropping to more “advanced” stuff like code breaking, cyber warfare and spreading misinformation. Costs ~$8.

Functional Bathtub Made Out of Books

The creator of this fantastic bath tub, Vanessa Mancini calls it the bath of knowledge. And we’re inclined to agree, primarily because of the generous amount of books covering the tubs boundaries. While that collection would certainly not make a bathtub actually usable, Vanessa managed to get it done by fitting in the deconstructed books […]

Magnificent Landscapes Carved out of Books

Artist Guy Laramee carves these magnificent and beautiful landscapes from books. Books are packed and the pages cut to carve out amazing settings and scenes, for these two series entitled Biblios and The Great Wall.

Man Strikes Pose as Females From Fantasy Book Covers

Book covers generally tend to show females in very interesting poses. And it all gets way more interesting and humorous when a dude tries to copy those poses. The contrast is so very evident, and so very amusing. Interesting work from Jim C. Hines.