This Parrot – He’s a Woman!

By all accounts, the photograph here is a bright Macaw Parrot sitting majestically in his habitat. A closer inspection should reveal that this happens to be a woman body-painted masterfully by artist Johannes Stötter. The skill of the artist is amazing, but so is the patience and perseverance of the model. It would be incredibly difficult to hold the position while the artist painted over her, and then pose for photographs.

Mind Blowing Body Paint Optical Illusions

Done so masterfully that they look freakishly real, the body paint work by artist Chooo San is mind-blowing in the truest sense of the word. The college student from Japan has a penchant for creating hyper realisitc body paint that has little to no digital post-production. Chooo-san works with acrylic paint, usually employing her own body as a canvas and giving results that are 1 part amazing, and 1 part creepy. Which altogether makes for an impressive portfolio.

World’s most pierced woman gets married

Officially the world’s most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson recently married a man named Douglas Watson, who in sharp contrast does not seem to happen any visible piercings. For the wedding, Elaine wore a classic white wedding dress that covered most of her body, except her face which was painted green and has 192 piercings. Davidson created the record for most piercings in the year 2000, when Guinness officials found 462 piercings on her body. But that’s way into the past now, Elaine now has 6,925 piercings weighing about 3 kilos on her body.

Via DailyMail, OddityCentral

‘Vampire’ woman gets horns implanted

Mexican “Vampire woman” Maria Hose Cristerna is busy at work converting her body into something like a vampire. The mother of four has tattoos covering her entire body, oversized earrings implanted in her ears, fang teeth, fake eye color, and now, horns. She does plan on getting more horns as well. According to Cristerna, her body transformed after years of abuse at home, and the vampire makeover is a way towards liberation and immortality for her.

Via: Metro