Beercade Arcade Rewards The Winner With a Beer

Win on a Beercade, get a beer, it’s a win-win scenario. Beercade has been handmade by McKinney for the Big Boss Brewing Company. The game is a custom 2D fighting game called The Last Barfighter. Two players get to battle it out for three rounds, at the end of which the winner is rewarded with […]

Beer and Soda Cans Made Into Popular Culture Icons

Looking at this we realize that tin can work quite like paper. Japanese artist Macaon makes figures of popular characters out of beer and soda cans, that look precariously like similar figures that would be manufactured out of paper.

Beer on the Go Gets Easier With Powdered Beer

We’re not sure if powdered beer is anything like the real deal, but hey… it’s beer. Plus when you get to carry a lot of beer without all the weight, it probably covers the little shortcomings. A company going by the name of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has come up with powdered beer. Open the sachet, […]

You Got This Right: Beer Infused Ice Cream

The world is now a better place with beer infused ice cream. Just as the way god intended it, most of the ice cream options are sold as a six pack only. Since nothing can be perfect in the mortal world, the ice cream is non-alcoholic; that good stuff evaporates during the cooking process. Via […]

Heineken’s 140th Anniversary Bottle

If there ever was a business that lasted, it is a brewery. Heineken will soon be celebrating its 140th anniversary. To mark the occasion Heineken has put up a challenge to design a limited edition bottle for the occasion. Two halves of the winning bottle were designed by Rodolfo Kusulas of Monterrey, Mexico and Lee […]

Duffy’s Brew Beer Shampoo

Beer. That shit is good for you, and your hair. But we’d feel really bad throwing some perfectly good beer on our hair rather than in our mouth. All that guilt could be reduced with the Duffy’s Brew Beer Shampoo. It is made out of hops, barley, and malt along with the not so good […]

Custom Dragon Beer Steins

Beer in a dragon head stein. What is not to love? This has to be one of the most creative beer steins we’ve seen till date. Via Seller’s Etsy, ObviousWinner

Natty Light is the First Beer in Space [video]

It is surprising this took so long, but humanity’s favorite drink has finally reached space. Which is kind of obvious because we would need it on the final frontier sooner or later. The beer was launched using a weather balloon and it reached an altitude of 90,000 feet. Via Presurfer

Siri Controlled Bot Brings You Beer When You Ask For It

It looks like technology has finally come to the point we have waited for since ever. Now, all we need to do is mutter words about wanting beer, and a robot will fetch it for us. At least the Beeri will. Developed at Redpepper, Beeri is a Siri controlled robot running on Arduino. All you […]

Nothing’s Overkill When You Got a 7 ½ Foot Slumber Bear

Cuddling a stuff toy is one thing, but one you can sleep on is on totally another level. Here’s a seven and a half foot long slumber beer that looks as cuddly as any of those toys, but is specially suited for sleeping on. Of course, the vendors say it is for kids but frankly […]