Pretentious Beer Glasses

We like our beer in pints, but we probably wouldn’t mind it coming from a glass of any shape as long as it was good beer. For those who do bother with this kind of stuff, and believe in the “finer things in life” type theory, there are the beer glasses you might want to […]

Spreadable Beer

Conventional spreads are okay, but then you realize they can’t hold a light to something that sounds so impressive as the Birra Spalmabile, and those words are just fancy speak for a spread infused with beer. The spread contains 40% of beer, which happens to be something of an acceptable amount for spread-beer ratio.

Beer Belt Holster

Lady, I don’t know you, but I’ve got to tell you that you look absolutely stunning in that six pack holster. You’re making the world a better place. You and the six pack. Well, mostly the six pack but you’re good too. The beer belt six pack holster is priced at $12.95.

Viking German Handpainted Beersteins

If you’re going to drink beer, drink it like a Viking. Because the Viking way is the right way to drink. Costs $99. The vendor also has quite a variety available on their Amazon store.

World Map of Beer Logos

As I was looking at this map, I had an enlightening revelation: the political and country borders have been made on the base of popular beer brands! That actually makes perfect sense and it is fully understandable, considering the passion beer can command. Via TheLogoCompany

Exploding Beer Keg [video]

What happens when you wrap a keg of beer in detcord and let it blow? Explosions obviously, but they can look pretty damn good. Checkout the video as they try to blow a beer keg in half using detcords. The finale of the video is where the action is at, though we wouldn’t write down […]

Dude Carries Six Pack Beer in His Beard

Who cares about beer bellies anymore? The world shall now turn its attention to the magnificent mane of this dude that he uses to carry along a six pack. Come to think of it, this is way easier, portable and if you have a beard of steel, even comfortable. All that Garey Faulkner needs to […]

Beer Can House

A house in Houston, Texas not just has its dwellers making good use of beer, but the house itself is quite a connoisseur of beer cans. It was once owned by John Milkovisch, who having been brought up during the great depression had a couple quirks, one of them being a reluctance to throw things […]

Beer Labels Get Animated Into Motion [gifs]

Tumblr blog Beer Labels in Motion has created an excellent set of images where beer labels get active and in motion suitable to their illustrations. We’re guessing that’s how beer labels worked in the Harry Potter universe.

Beer Map of Europe

Knowing the local language can be quite an asset, especially if you are likely to find yourself in a pub looking for beer and without an idea what they call it. Inglourious Basterds gave us a pretty good idea of dire consequences that follow if you count the wrong way. Of course it is unlikely […]

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