Pretentious Beer Glasses

We like our beer in pints, but we probably wouldn’t mind it coming from a glass of any shape as long as it was good beer. For those who do bother with this kind of stuff, and believe in the “finer things in life” type theory, there are the beer glasses you might want to upgrade to. Pretentious Beer Glasses are handmade and mouthblown into a variety of very snazzy shapes that you could find taste for. Probably your beer will like them too.

Beer Map of Europe

Knowing the local language can be quite an asset, especially if you are likely to find yourself in a pub looking for beer and without an idea what they call it. Inglourious Basterds gave us a pretty good idea of dire consequences that follow if you count the wrong way. Of course it is unlikely anyone will ever find themselves in a tavern under those conditions, but saying the right name can be the difference between being served good beer and horse piss. We wouldn’t know any of that, we just have an insatiable need to dramatize things.

Checkout this superb map of Europe by Feòrag NicBhrìde and see what different countries of Europe call their beer.