Warnog Officially Licensed Klingon Beer

Going where no man has gone before would definitely involve some other goodies beyond the action in Star Trek. That would be getting to chug booze and bear at the final frontier. Relations between the Federation and Klingons should be improving, because we’re now about to start a licensed production of Klingon beer. Klingon Warnog is a hand-crafted Roggen Dunkel that will be for sale in US & Canada later this year, produced by CBS Consumer Products, in partnership with The Federation of Beer.

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The Amount of Minimum Wage Hours You Need to Put in Around the World to Buy a Beer

Beer is important, so is someone’s ability to purchase one. Although it is not a global constant, it makes for a pretty interesting image anyway. The folks over at Quartz have created a global index consisting of the average price of draft beer in several countries, and the hours a minimum wage worker would have to put in to be able to afford beer.

Archaeologists Open 3200 Year Old Tomb of Egyptian Beer Brewer

tomb of ancient egyptian beer brewer

There are a few things humanity has been consistent in throughout its history. Ingesting alcohol is probably one of the few fun things we’ve been doing ever since the time of our ancestors. Perhaps as a testament to that fact, Japanese archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a dude who apparently was maker of beer for gods of the dead.

Beer Flavored Cigars

Beers and cigars technically are good company for each other, though they are generally never combined in the same object. Well, now they are. Ted’s Cigars worked with brewers Samuel Adams to create a beer flavored cigar. Named Utopias for the beer that gives them their flavor. The limited edition cigars will only sell at select locations with the price tag at $13 a piece or $275 for a box of 25.

Your Favorite Style of Beer, and What it Says About Your Personality

Everything you do can be used to know about your personality, which is absolutely logical. But as numerous Facebook apps and random posts have told us, even seemingly simple actions like ordering a beer will give one a good insight into your personality. Here’s a humorous illustration that tells you about your personality based on the beer you prefer.

Get High on Cute With the Hello Kitty Beer

We have learnt to never question the logic behind things that seem improbable from the get go. Going by that understanding, we are absolutely not going to question what makes Hello Kitty go with beer. The cute kitty has found room on fruit flavored cans of beer, who happen to have given up half their alcoholic content as compared to regular beer in favor of Hello Kitty. Released in Taiwan, Hello Kitty beer is available in lemon-lime, passion fruit and banana flavors.