Hot Rod Batmobile

Nobody can ever accuse Batman for a lack of style; that part comes with being a ninja, and being the freakin’ Batman. A hot rod is fun to drive every once in a while, so it kind of makes sense for billionaire Bruce Wayne Batman have one to enjoy. Even if the wing on top […]

Batman’s Tumbler As ’60s Batmobile

If Nolan’s Batman made the same color choices as Adam West’s Batman of the ’60s, this would be the sweet Batmobile Tumbler he would be driving. Via GeekTyrant

Batmobile Monster Truck

Sometimes, you just have to bring out the cavalry; or a monster truck. We assume the billionaire Bruce Wayne would have no trouble buying one if he decided to take a massive dump on his superhero persona. Via GAS, Geekologie

Batman’s Tumbler Modified for F1 Racing

We imagine Batman would occasionally like to dabble in sports, maybe take to the track for F1 racing. Awesome as it is, the Tumbler or our conventional Batmobiles can’t quite qualify for the rules of F1 racing, so it’s KnightVision3D to the rescue with this F1-styled Batmobile that takes some inspiration from the Tumbler. Well […]

‘Tumbler, I’m Leaving You’ (Batman Monster Truck)

Batman and Tumbler had been having a great time since the past few years. It was strong, it was badass and it was Batman’s latest Batmobile. But as things would have it, the redneck in Batman decided to move on, getting himself this monster truck and cameos in car crushing action. We hear he now […]

Justin Beiber Helps Himself To A Custom-made Batmobile

Justin Beiber now owns the Bat-illac, his own custom made Batmobile themed car based on the Cadillac CTS-V. The car features Batman’s logo on the front and the rear, suicide doors, a batmobile nameplate and a few more changes to make the Caddy look more like the Batmobile. There you have it, a vigilante, singing […]

Make Way For the Bat Limo

The Batmobile is fast and powerful and awesome, but Batman cannot be blamed for deciding to travel by a more comfortable albeit ugly vehicle. That’s just how the Dark Knight rocks: in a limousine. The Limo has been named after Tim Burton’s Batmobile and though it does seem to have missed one or two design […]

Turbine powered Batmobile would make Bruce Wayne drool

He may be super rich and be able to afford the best cars in the world, but even Bruce Wayne would find himself drooling at this turbine powered batmobile. Then he would go back, dress up as Batman and rub his knuckles thinking why he didn’t think of that before. The 20-feet long Batmobile is […]

Gordon Murray re-imagines the Batmobile, doesn’t really make it stand out

When someone like Gordon Murray goes to redesign a iconic vehicle, we expect a lot of fireworks and some totally kickass design to come of it. Gordon Murray’s Batmobile however, doesn’t quite go in the same direction. It has gone a bit futuristic with fuel cells and lithium ion batteries to power it up. It’s […]

Every Batmobile, one image

The huge image after the jump shows the history of the Batmobile, covering every vehicle that has come across since the past 70 years.

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