Fighter Jet Takes Off From a Highway [video]

Roads and highways can often make good makeshift or temporary landing strips. While the practice is not common, armed forces still do train for the exercise. The video here shows a F-18 Hornet taking off from a highway outside Joroinen in Sweden. Shot in 2011, the video shows the highway was closed off for traffic while the Swedish armed forces carried out the training exercise.


Kulula Airline’s Fun Livery

South Africa’s Kulula Airlines has its planes dressed in a livery that is a far cry from usual standards. Perhaps the most interesting one is the Flying 101, a plane that is painted with descriptive words for most parts of the aircraft, and humorous quips to go with them. For example, it shows off the plane’s “Secret Agent Code” which happens to be its registration number, seats that are “better than taxi seats”, and a place dubbed as the “mile high club initiation chamber”, which just happens to be the loo.

European Aerospace Thinking of a Turbine Powered Chevy Volt-like Airplane

European aerospace consortium EADS has a new idea for the future, an airplane that is less noisy and has cleaner emissions. The future here, is talking about 2050 though. E-Thrust is a collaboration between EADS Innovation Works program and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. Working quite like some hybrid cars, the basic idea is to have batteries and motors power up airplanes for the flight.

You Absolutely Should Have Your Personal Jet

Being rich and having a personal aircraft is okay, but what you really want is a personal jet. One that goes 0.99 Mach and costs $7,000,000. Even while being on the pricey side, the manufacturers have kept the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the Saker S-1 Personal Jet in sight. It is dubbed 20% more efficient than its competitors and has a claimed operating cost of just $2 per nautical mile.

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Man Converts Plane Into Street Legal Car

Jeff Bloch, a Police Officer from Kershaw, South Carolina in the USA has a car that is bound to attract attention. Spirit of LeMons as it is called, was built by the officer and his friends by combining an abandoned Cessna aircraft and a Toyota van. The ride now is 27-foot long, looks like an airplane, runs on the road and can reach a top speed of 90 miles an hour.

A Scary Face That Appears in Air Whenever Airplanes Pass Through

That “face” you see here isn’t flying out of someone’s imagination. It is very much a truth that appears whenever airplane fly. It isn’t just clearly visible because the air isn’t colored like the green fog in the image that was placed especially for this test. These happen to be wingtip vortices; not entirely uncommon, but super cool to look at, especially when you set up an experiment specifically for them. Hit ahead for the gif image of the action, and if you want it more hardcore, there’s a video too (action begins at 5min 53seconds).