Crayola Crayon Maker is a tiny toy crayon factory

This goes straight into the line of one of those products we swear we bought for the kids, but secretly use it ourselves. Crayola Crayon maker is a little laboratory that can create new crayons by melting worn crayons to create brand new crayons. When melting crayons in the tray, the safety-latch lid stays locked for safe fun. Costs $27.

Via: 7Gadgets

Slow Down App reminds people to drive safe, slow down

People tend to have the tendency of hitting the accelerator too hard while driving listening to their favorite songs. The Slow Down app for the iPhone sees the speed, and reminds the user to give the accelerator some rest and move to manageable speeds. The app was created for Belgian road safety organization Parents of Child Road Victims (OVK).

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Justin Beiber and Dr. Dre team up, launch headphones

Apparently, Justin Beiber has no love for the “cheap headphones” kids use these days, so he partnered up with Dr. Dre to offer a solution. Justbeats edition headphones and earbuds come in Justin’s favorite purple color, and cost $179 for the Beats Solo Justbeats Edition, and $99 for the iBeats Justbeats Edition. The headphones are exclusive to BestBuy.

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We have a new look

Randommization has just received a facelift. We hope the new look will be pleasing for your eyes. Also, we now have improved image galleries, and comments via Disqus. So check it out, let us know how you like it, or if you’d want something else. Hopefully, there aren’t any bugs around, but if you find any, please let us know.

Custom minifigs have your face

Creating a little toy-you is less complicated than you’d expect. All you need is some money, because everything requires money, and two photographs (one face-on, one profile). The good people at Sculpteo will then create a “mini-you” with slightly skewed head to body ratio. A 2.7-inch version costs €60 ($80) and being 3.9-inches in height has a price of €80 ($106).

Via: Sculpteo, Wired Gadget Lab, Peta Pixel

X-Rated pieces made from Lego

Nudity and Lego don’t have anything in common unless someone has a fetish, and that would be queer, but then, which fetish isn’t? The X-Rated Lego figures are like creepy, pixilated nude women.

Via: BeautifulDecay

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700Wall: Graffiti on 640 square meters wall

The 700Wall could be called the most “massive and detailed concept walls.” It’s nearly 640 square meters of area. And when it is just one person painting the wall, you can expect a lot of work going into the creation. MadC started planning and sketching in January this year, but it was only a few days ago that the wall was completed.

“And for those out there who like numbers a lot: some days I went up and down the ladder more than 500 times; fell off the ladder 4 times; counted in days I painted more than 4 months every day at least 10 hours; I used 1489 cans; 158 different colours; 600+ caps; 3 different kind of caps, 100 liters primer; 140 liters exterior paint; painted at temperatures from +2C° to +38C° in sunshine, rain, storm, day and night; painted my biggest and smallest piece so far and overall painted my name far more than 100 times on this wall.”

Via: Molotow, Nerdcore

NASA engineer shows the best shuttle launch video

NASA engineer Matt Melis has created a video that shows the “Best of the Best” images from shuttle launches. The video is pretty comprehensive; you get to hear NASA engineers talk about details of the launch, and there’s the amazing photography and videos to keep you hooked. The video covers the launches for STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions. So sitback, relax and enjoy 45 minutes of shuttle launch.

Via: Mashable

Give the gift of a slingshot

For the kid at heart, the slingshot is always a very interesting present. These are handmade from found tree branches in Epping Forest, England. The slingshots will be made in a limited edition of 30 pieces, each signed and numbered, because this is the kind of thing that (kind of) justifies the $75 price tag the slingshots come with.

Via: SpaceSinkhole

Pacman Nails

Nails don’t always have to be drab, especially when you can make them into awesome shapes like Pacman characters. The idea is simple, you use a metal file and/or a hacksaw to create these shapes, the application however, will be exponentially difficult.

Via: Instructables, LikeCool