Octopus chair gives a comfortable place for the tentacles

No surprizes here, as the name clearly implies, this is a chair in the shape of an octopus. You can sit on it comfortably, perhaps smoke a cigar, while its tentacles spread to the other side, and make people wonder if you are out of your mind. Created by Maximo Riera, the chair is first in line of the range of animal species seating, 15 of which are set to come around.

Via: Notcot, Geekologie

Scary astrology necklaces come for the new zodiac

Recently, there’s been a lot of noise about the shifting and changing of zodiac signs, and the coming of Ophiuchus, the snake weilding zodiac that changed the perception of our zodiacs. You might as well declare your new sun sign with aggressive and scary necklaces. The gothic jewelry has been created to look dark, scary and creepy, just like astrology can sometimes be.

Via: Powers of the Mind, TrendHunter