Vyne handsfree accessory for the iPhone

We spend a lot of time watching media and videos on the iPhone, we might as well keep it in a slightly more comfortable, handsfree way rather than simply punishing the hand. Vyne keeps a grip on the phone and allows you to take some pleasure in handsfree viewing. It’s elastomer construction basically allows you to twist and turn it to your liking and comfort.

Via: Vyne, Flylyf

Dro-Bots: Our cute robotic overlords are here

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, especially not this little fellow. They may be tiny and they may appear cute and tiny and stoned, but make no mistake, the Dro-Bots are here for the robot uprising. And they also smoke cigars, so I guess that makes them pretty cool, we’ve known for quite a while that our robotic overlords are going to be hooked on Nicotine. Dro-Bot was created by designer Daniel Nikonchik, as album art for Attack of the Drobots by Roosh Williams.

Man creates feature length Grand Theft Auto IV

Those waiting for a GTA movie, wait no more. French film maker Mathieu Weschler created this feature-lenght video from Grand Theft Auto IV. Named Thrashmaster, the video has GTA IV star Niko Bellic starring as a garbage man who “divides his time between collecting garbage and cleaning up other forms of trash fouling up New York City’s streets.” Then of course, there’s a crazy serial killer to be handled. It took Weschler two years to put the video together. Video after the jump.

Via: Rockstar Games, G4TV

Burglar pays a price for going merry with home owners alcohol

There’s a popular saying that first you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. You can well imagine the outcome if it strikes a brainless lock-picker right in the face. John Finch a housebreaker decided to go merry with all the alcohol inside the home he allegedly broke into and had to pay a price for it. The watchful window took its’ chance and won’t let the boozer pass until Finch himself called the police to take him to task!

Via: Arbroath

Canadian river turns green, gives glimpses of an alien world

A bright green river flowing through a forest, fountains that ooze green water, well that definitely ain’t some landscape we know of. Otherworldly as it may seem, it pretty much is a story from Earth. Specifically, Canada, where pranksters decided to dye the Goldstream River on Vancouver Island bright green. A fountain in Langford, British Colombia also received the same treatment. Thankfully, it appears the creation of this otherworldly scenario won’t have a lasting effect on the ecosystem of the river.

Via: io9

Joystick attachment adds arcade gaming fun to the iPad

You can of course turn your iPad into an arcade for an “authentic” arcade experience, or you can go the shorter route and simply have a joystick attachment do the work with your touchscreen device. Joystick IT is compatible with numerous apps and can work with the iPad and some android tablets. It is removable and repositionable, and claims not to harm the device. To be available by month-end at ThinkGeek, the joystick is priced at $25.