Behold, the rainbow create-inator

Everybody likes rainbows and it is a whole lot of more sweet when you can create one at your own pleasure. Plus there’s always a good chance of finding a treasure at the end of a rainbow, so a rainbow create-inator always is more of an investment. This machine, created by Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz artist Michael Jones McKean makes use of commercial jet pumps and custom nozzles to throw a dense wall of water droplets into the sky, just perfect for the artificial rain, and the rainbow. The machine is powered by solar energy, and only makes use of collected rain water.

Via: Michael Jones McKean, Inhabitat, Gizmodo

A typewriter companion for PC, Mac or iPad

The typewriter was one of the first “gadgets” to be shoved off with the advent of the personal computer. But if your fingers miss the tap of the hard keys and the accompanying clatter, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a typewriter attached to your system of choice. The USB typewriter can work with a PC, Mac, or even an iPad. A toggle key in the keyboard gives you access to function keys and special keys. Costs $849.

Via: SlipperyBrick

License plates and gears recycled into clocks

We’ve seen license plates be put to some creative use, like in belt buckles and fruit bowls, and now, clocks. These clocks have portions of recycled plates mounted on to recycled gears and set to tell the time. You can also get the clocks customized to your taste, like choosing the license plate or having your own license plate be put on to the clock.

Via: Steven Shaver Designs, CoolMaterial