How good is having a yacht with an F1 track on top?

How cool is this? A yacht with enough space for a Formula 1 race track. Named “Streets of Monaco,” the 508-feet yacht design has been made to look like its namesake, and given a mini F-1 race track. The superyacht has room for 15 guests and 70 crew members. Yes people, that is cool. And you know what’s a hell lot cooler? Being able to afford a yacht like this. This one is just a design right now, and unless some F-1 loving billionaire feels like doling out some live, we suppose it is going to stay that way.

Via: Dvice

British soldiers may soon wear ‘custard’ to the battlefield

Even though the words may imply things going in that direction, the British army has no intention of going kinky on the battlefield. Actually, the word custard, or ‘bullet proof custard’ is the term lovingly given to the new liquid armor that could help save soldiers’ lives. The substance thickens immediately on impact, absorbing most of the force, thus keeping the soldier safe. It is placed between layers of kevlar, allowing the armor to be lightweight and more comfortable.

Via: DailyMail