Wall Tentacle, because animal head busts aren’t that cool anymore

Animal head busts are so medieval, you know, the hot things these days are tentacles. You don’t want that word in your search history though. It’s an octopus tentacle you want on the wall, then you have some rum and tell stories about your escapades on the seas. It’s not a real octo-tentacle, and you can get a custom version made for yourself for $1100.

Melting Flesh Head Cake is simply gross!

Ideal for a Zombie Fest, this cake is indeed the most perfect way to make anyone feel sick and pukey to the core. The Melting Flesh Head Cake barring a second thought can effortlessly grab a topnotch position in the list of creepiest food preparations. And please for god sake its nowhere near ‘melting’ neither in the mouth and nor in that platter with a half severed head.

Via: Nerdcore

Product prototypes made from Triumph motorcycle parts

Triumph Motorcycles and the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design teamed up to let students unleash a collection of home good prototypes, with Triumph motorcycles at their heart. The students went on to create products ranging from scales to iPhone docks to cutlery, all with the spirit of Triumph. We’ll say the results do look pretty.

Via: designboom