Weed firing catapult found on US-Mexico border

You know how it is difficult and dangerous to transport weed between borders. It ain’t that tough if the weed is doing the crossing by itself. National Guard troops spied on drug smugglers using the catapult to shoot drugs through the border, and then siezed it. The reports don’t really say this, but we’ll assume the troops then had a great time smooking weed and playing with the catapult. You can see a spy video of the catapult in action here.

Via: Gawker

Images of the solar system taken from space

We do a lot of stargazing, but almost all of it comes from points at or around our Earth. These images though, offer a different perspective, they were taken by space probes launched by NASA and European Space Agency over the last five years, and were released to encourage entries for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 competition being organized by the Royal Observatory, London.

Via: DailyMail

Researchers build a super-strong, functional Terminator robot hand

The Terminator’s robotic hand is quite easily recognizable, and well known for the trouble it could cause. Researchers on the other hand, don’t seem to realize the problem, or they are ignoring it, or they could already be under the control of mind altering robots or something. German researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics have created a robotic hand that is flexible, strong and quick.

Klang ultrasonic speakers can focus sound in a particular direction

Having a directional property for sound can serve some motives, and can presumably work well with your music needs, especially if it comes in a good-looking package. Klang Ultrasonic Speakers from Adam Moller emit low level ultrasound from a node attached to a dish.

Controlling the node’s location wrt the focal point of the dish will allow the user to control where the sound is heard, which could make them somethink akin to headphones; as the designer puts it, “True binaural sound is also achieved as only the left ear hears sound from the left transmitter, and only the right ear hears sound from the right transmitter; depending upon the placement of the transmitters, of course.”

Via: YankoDesign