Joystick attachment adds arcade gaming fun to the iPad

You can of course turn your iPad into an arcade for an “authentic” arcade experience, or you can go the shorter route and simply have a joystick attachment do the work with your touchscreen device. Joystick IT is compatible with numerous apps and can work with the iPad and some android tablets. It is removable and repositionable, and claims not to harm the device. To be available by month-end at ThinkGeek, the joystick is priced at $25.

Angry Birds, the analog version

It’s fun enough shooting birds at pigs in the iPhone version, but for some real, hardcore, physical world action, you can turn to the Angry Birds game from Mattel. Players can build and destroy structures using the included birds, blocks, pigs and a catapult. Don’t forget to clean up the mess after that. To be available in May, the game has been priced at $15.

Via: OhGizmo

Woman loses weight, gets huge Twilight tattoo

This super Twilight fan made use of her love for the movies and books to get into a reward-based weight loss system. Cathy Ward lost 14 dress sizes, and as a reward for herself, she decided to sit 22 hours in a chair, face excruciating pain, and spend $3100 to get one giant Twilight tattoo on her back. Whatever motivates you, I suppose works best for you.

Via: io9

James Bond’s classic golden gun replica up for auction

Is this really the ‘golden gun’ used in the 1974 classic James Bond film? It looks more like a hurriedly assembled thingamajig. This is actually a gold plated replica of the golden gun from the 007 flick Man With The Golden Gun. Recently recovered from an attic, the gun was pieced together using a cufflink, fountain pen, cigarette lighter and a case. While you may never be able to set your hands on the real gadget how about digging your pocket for this one? It’s expected to fetch over £1,500 ($2300) at an auction.

Via: SWNS, Gizmodo