‘The Office’ papercraft

“The Office” is a papercraft workplace made by People Too.

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Xbox with red ring of death faces firing squad

Facing bullets was probably the last thing this Xbox 360 plagued with the red ring of death hoped for. Since it wasn’t much good anyway, students at a local college near Kansas City decided to end their semester by putting the console in front of a firing squad. We guess it’s a great pleasure to shoot out the Xbox with the feared and hated red ring.

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See a year fly by in two minutes

Time flies, and what better way to show it than through the magic of a time lapse video. The video shows the year 2009, but years tend to get less relevant with the flight of time, especially when you can see through one in just a couple of minutes.

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Light Guards lamps

Light Guards lamps series by Manfred Kielnhofer can easily create a spooky setting just by being placed somewhere. Light Guards are life-sized sculptures lighted by energy saving 32W lamps.

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Water gun turns into flamethrower [video]

A match of opposites as it may seem, looks like water guns can have a day with flame throwing as well. All that’s needed is filling the water gun with kerosene and having a candle handy.

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Cylon toilet paper dispenser

Some ancient civilizations brought back the heads of their enemies on spears. In the Battlestar Galactica future, they turn Cylon heads into toilet paper dispensers. Costs $100.

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Laptop case transforms into workstation

Openaire may seem like a heavyweight laptop case, and that would be true. It is a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, a work surface and a chair. When you feel like it, you can transform this laptop case into a full workstation, or leave the chair out if you intend to keep it light. Openaire has been designed by Nick and Beau Trincia.

Via: Nick Trincia, Toxel

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Oh Dear! They really do exist: Shoes with toes

Some funny renderings aside, we could never have thought that shoes with separate toes could really exist. But here we are, with shoes from Japanese company Globe that claims the separated toes help in better circulation, hygiene and a better sense of grabbing the ground.

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iTwin USB file sharing dongle

iTwin is a USB device that can be split into two parts, and each part can be attached to a computer. Once ready, both devices can share files easily over the internet. To keep the data safe, iTwin makes use of 256-bit AES encryption. The units will start shipping as a limited edition, with only 50 available in the first run. Available in Lime Green and Gunmetal Gray, the device costs $99.

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Daft Punk stage helmets through the years

Daft Punk are well known for their futuristic-looking helmets that they wear to concerts. All those years they’ve been around, the helmets have of course undergone a transition to match the age and time. The image here shows the transition of the Daft Punk helmets through the years.

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