Automobile inspired Shift Hybrid watch

Shift Hybrid watch concept makes no bones about its love for automobiles. Design cues in the watch have remarkable similarity to automobile components like disc brakes, speedometers, seat belts, and gear shifts. The material used itself can be sourced from what is commonly used in automobiles, like aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, rubber, and glass.

Via: mengshun design, YankoDesign

Hyperlinks in this book are very real and tangible

Traumgedanken is a book by German artist Maria Fischer. The 76-page work is a collection of literary, philosophical, psychological and scientific texts on dream theories with relevant parts “hyperlinked” or interlinked by means of thread. This makes moving from one related topic to another remarkably easier, and though it may appear cumbersome and delicate, the physical representation of hyperlinks is undoubtedly worth a mention and admiration.

Via: This is Colossal

Behold, the rainbow create-inator

Everybody likes rainbows and it is a whole lot of more sweet when you can create one at your own pleasure. Plus there’s always a good chance of finding a treasure at the end of a rainbow, so a rainbow create-inator always is more of an investment. This machine, created by Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz artist Michael Jones McKean makes use of commercial jet pumps and custom nozzles to throw a dense wall of water droplets into the sky, just perfect for the artificial rain, and the rainbow. The machine is powered by solar energy, and only makes use of collected rain water.

Via: Michael Jones McKean, Inhabitat, Gizmodo

A typewriter companion for PC, Mac or iPad

The typewriter was one of the first “gadgets” to be shoved off with the advent of the personal computer. But if your fingers miss the tap of the hard keys and the accompanying clatter, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a typewriter attached to your system of choice. The USB typewriter can work with a PC, Mac, or even an iPad. A toggle key in the keyboard gives you access to function keys and special keys. Costs $849.

Via: SlipperyBrick