Students make vertical roller coaster out of wood

The wooden roller coaster you see here has been imaginatively named the Reverse Cowgirl, and has been designed by a couple of students. It does look awesome and fun, and somehow I am reminded of Phineas and Ferb. Hey, where’s Perry?

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Tongue bookmark shows subtlety in keeping mark on pages

The idea behind the tongue bookmark is to tone down the looks of the conventional bookmark a bit. Rather than sticking out blandly from the book, this piece of beech wood remains placed softly in the books.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer

Pirates of the Caribbean series is going to be back next year with a new movie. Here’s the official trailer of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which is scheduled for a release on May 20, 2011.

Well detailed Lego ship is a model of the world’s last tea clipper

This 1:50 scale model of the Cutty Sark has been created by Henrik Hoexbroe. As is visible from the image, the model ship is well detailed, and faithfully follows the line of the original. Incidentally, Cutty Sark happens to be the last surviving tea clipper in the world, and efforts are being made to preserve it.

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Books given a new form with carvings

Julia Feld creates intricate and amazing art by carving sculptures out of old books. Making use of exacto knives, rotary cutters, tweezers, rulers, pliers, files, custom cut panes of glass, the artist converts old, discarded books into works of art. She insists that she is a book lover, and makes sure that the carved books are several editions out of dates, and that these books salvaged from second-hand shops and garage sales have no “valuable content.” You can buy these carved books through her Etsy shop.

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3D portraits made from paper

Artist Bert Simons creates amazing and realistic 3D portrait-sculptures by making use of paper. Simons digitizes the model or the subject using open source software Blender 3D. Details of the head are then printed into polygons and assembled into these 3D portraits, sounds quite like the rendering/creation of 3D models in animation or games.

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Imagining Angry Birds in an 8-bit world

Penney Design have created a set of illustrations imagining what Angry Birds would be like if it were an early ’90s game. We’d say the game lends itself pretty well to blocky renderings and pixilated scenarios.

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Bullet Pencil

Pencils shaped like an M16 bullet ought to make the gun nut in you very happy. It may be just 5mm graphite lead in beechwood, but who would miss an opportunity to write with bullets. Costs $9.

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Scooterputer: The ridable computer casemod

Scooterputer literally is a computer you can drive around on. It is a Thermaltake Element V case with plenty of gaming power sitting on a 24v rechargeable electric scooter that has been stretched 11 inches to maker room for the computer. LED ground effects, working keyed ignition and a whole lot of computing power, this mod is a gaming fun machine. The Scooterputer is the creation of Stephen Popa, who also created the amazing Rog-R remote controlled robot casemod. Checkout the video of the Scooterputer in action after the jump.

[Thanks, Stephen]
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Accessory gives your iPhone a larger screen

If you’d like to watch videos or pictures at a screen larger than your iPhone’s, the iPhone screen enlarger has you covered. This gadget acts as a dock for the iPhone, providing a larger screen for the phone, while leaving all its functions active. Costs $200.

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