Christmas greetings from Cthulhu Santa

It is a bit too late for Christmas greetings, but it’s never too late for Cthulhu Santa.

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Artist creates endangered species from Legos to spread awareness

Lego artist Sean Kenney created an exhibit entitled ”Creatures of Habitat: A Gazillion-Piece Animal Adventure,” for the Philadelphia zoo. The exhibit highlights the ever-dwindling numbers of animals and how many species stand at the brink of extinction. Kenney created 34 animals for the zoo, spending over a year to get the Lego pieces done right.

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Lego Mario made using 3D scanners

This Lego Mario is about as precise a Mario figure as you can get with Legos. It started off with using a NextEngine 3D scanner to scan Mario action figure. The wireframe of this scanned image was then used to Mario mesh with Lego sized cubes. And finally, the complete, 75cm tall Mario Lego was built.

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Tentacle pot pie

Not the tentacles you’d expect to run into on the internet, but the Tentacle Pot Pie is cute and scary at the same time.

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Cool mountain bike edits: Framed [Video]

The video has been created by Andi Wittmann and Felix Urbauer. Andi’s working the bike, and Felix has handled the movie. Check it out, it’s quite worth the time.

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French village of Bugarach will survive the 2012 apocalypse

It is impossible to stay away from the 2012 apocalypse theories. Handed to us courtesy of the Mayan calendar, which ends the same year, and is for some reason blown way out of proportion. Anyways, if you do have any belief in these stories, the French village of Bugarach holds promise as a place that will survive the 2012 destruction. According to Bugarach’s mayor, there are “sacred mountains” in the village with an “alien garage” where aliens wait underground for the world to end. So those in the village will get a shot at survival. And here we thought aliens had better things to do, you know, like abducting cows or something. Maybe they’re doing all that to kill time.

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A closer look at snowflakes

Here we are again, taking a closer look at snowflakes and snow crystals, there’s something about these tiny little crystals that’s fun to see.


Not everything’s in a book

The poster designed for Ghent University says a lot.

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Six months into marriage, woman discovers the ‘husband’ is female

Six months into marriage, Minati Khatua, from Orissa, India found out that her “husband” was actually a woman. The husband had been avoiding consummating the marriage on some weird religious grounds, which somehow made Minati think that the “husband” was devout and respectful. Then one fine day, the woman walked in while the husband was bathing, and probably found something amiss… or whatever. It appears the woman was posing as a man to get hands on the dowry Minati was bringing along.

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Reloaded: Clay animation video

There was a time when most stories started with “Once upon a time…” or with “If elected I promise…” the times are changing now, and while the latter shows no sign of letting up, the former has been making way for “A scientific experiment goes terribly wrong..” Checkout this video to see how wrong the experiment goes, and how cute clay figures can be monsters.

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