How good is having a yacht with an F1 track on top?

How cool is this? A yacht with enough space for a Formula 1 race track. Named “Streets of Monaco,” the 508-feet yacht design has been made to look like its namesake, and given a mini F-1 race track. The superyacht has room for 15 guests and 70 crew members. Yes people, that is cool. And you know what’s a hell lot cooler? Being able to afford a yacht like this. This one is just a design right now, and unless some F-1 loving billionaire feels like doling out some live, we suppose it is going to stay that way.

Via: Dvice

British soldiers may soon wear ‘custard’ to the battlefield

Even though the words may imply things going in that direction, the British army has no intention of going kinky on the battlefield. Actually, the word custard, or ‘bullet proof custard’ is the term lovingly given to the new liquid armor that could help save soldiers’ lives. The substance thickens immediately on impact, absorbing most of the force, thus keeping the soldier safe. It is placed between layers of kevlar, allowing the armor to be lightweight and more comfortable.

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Looking at common household objects under a microscope

Getting an opportunity to see everyday objects much closer, at microscopic levels is always intriguing. Perhaps it is because we get to see these things in an entirely new light or maybe it is just the surprize of finding how different they really look as opposed to what we perceive. These images were taken by scientists using Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).

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Designer recycles Christmas tree into winter sled

After being well decorated and centers of attractions, most Christmas trees end up being discarded. Designer Tom Hatfield decided to shake things a bit, and put those trees to work. Using discarded trees found around London, the designer created this super cool winter sledge. The seld was made using the old woodworking technique known as bodging where the wood is not dried or seasoned prior to use. Considering the huge number of Christmas trees that are bought (and discarded) each year, we hope someone puts in a little more work into the issue.

Via: Tom Hatfield, Dezeen, SpaceSinkhole

Watch how a water drop skitter on a pan at 3000 fps

We’ve all seen it, a water droplet touches a hot pan and skitters like crazy till it is gone. This time though, we’re going to watch it closely. Why? Because it looks great. Ask the people at Modernist Cuisine who made the video. They put a slight twist in the story. Rather than using plain water on a super hot pan, they put a drop of liquid nitrogen onto a room temperature surface, which has about the same effect as a water drop on a superhot pan. Oh, and for anyone who is interested, this is technically called the Leidenfrost effect.

Via: ModernistCuisine, PopSci

Oil drum recycled into seating

Recycling or upcycling, whatever you choose to call it, has this bench as a fine example. It is made from a 50 gallon drum, lined with recycled bike tubes, and has its base and seating made from recycled wood pallets. To add another sweet and convenient recycling touch; a drink holder made from bike chain rings and balanced by a bike pedal. We could see a whole lot of symbolic overtones while writing this, then we saw the ribs on the back of the bench and figured that would hurt a bit. Keep your cushions ready if you spend $450 on the Sweet Seat.

Old train engine reports back to duty as humungous vacuum cleaner

I may not be a genius, but I’m pretty sure a vacuum cleaner the size of a train engine can amply, and safely be described as friggin’ huge. With that taken care of, take a look at this old rail engine that engineers decided could be brought back to work as a vacuum cleaner. It runs between Kurla and Wadala, and CST and Masjid stations in Mumbai, India, and uses its suction pipes to clean up the track and surrounding areas.

Via: TheRecycleTimes, Inhabitat