Technology shows its true power, pours beer at breakneck speed

No matter how you look at it, technology is our way of making things easier and better. And what can be better than a system that pours beer at a super high speed. Developed by Josh Springer, GrinOn, the system makes use of a cup with a small hole at the bottom. This particular hole is covered by a magnet. Pressurized beer lifts up the magnet, filling the cup, until the weight of the beer pushes the circular magnet back down, sealing the bottom.

Architect creates apartment using recycled parts from NYC subway

Architect Adam Kushner‘s NYC apartment is a treat in the way of design and the materials used. The architect salvaged pieces from the NYC subway, got cutting boards from local delis and pieced it all together in the form of this one beautiful penthouse. Entrance into the house is through old subway car doors, and various closets inside have received the same treatment. Interestingly enough, all these pieces cost the architect somewhere around $200. That sounds like a sweet deal, even more so considering Sotheby’s Homes is selling the penthouse for $2 million.

Via: Kushner Studios, Inhabitat

Hammerhead HMR989 PC has some flair

Talk about pretty PCs, and we’re very sure the Hammerhead HMR989 will now occupy some corner of your mind. Designed by Matthew Kim for DARWINmachine, the system takes an inside-out approach. Innards of the computer are clearly visible on the outside, while the panels and case seem to have moved towards the interiors. The effect is further accentuated by the bright blue LEDs on the system. The PC has a 40GB SSD supported by a 640GB front load hot-swap hard drive, 2.8Ghz Core i7-860 CPU, and an nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card. Priced at $2900.

Via: DARWINmachine, technabob

Sneaker customization kit lets you play God (to sneakers)

As humans, we are superior to sneakers. Though we can be slaves to our habits, but we can play God to sneakers; which, I just realized, is a very sad thing to brag about. That aside, the sneaker customization kit will let you change the colors and style of your sneakers. The kit contains five jars of waterproof mixing paint, a mixing jar, paintbrush, preparation wipes, canvas carrying case, and a set of instruction to let you do things right while you play god. Costs $45.

Via: Uncrate