Don’t get all cocky, Steampunk Iron Man

Imagining what things would be like if Tony Stark got down to business a century ago, Steampunk Iron Man shows off its style in steel, copper and brass. The arc reactor has been replaced by a furnace that burns coal to generate steam for the suit to function. So how does Tony manage to get into a suit that has a furnace raging? Apparently by making it super-sized. The figure though, is about a foot tall.

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The art of money: Currency origami by Won Park

Using dollar bills for origami, artist Won Park created this set as an effort for re-branding parent systems group. Money speaks, and it gets attention, no wonder the re-branding exercise is getting eyeballs.

Via: Colossal

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Greeting card with a dose of swearing

A bit of humor never goes amiss, even if you heap it with abuses and swear words. Uh, who cares anyway. Checkout these greeting cards from Etsy shop sweetperversion.

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Fujitsu replacing optical drives with pico projectors

A long time ago, every computer used to have floppy disk drives, but they disappeared as the medium became obsolete. It would appear that optical drives are about to go down the same road. Fujitsu has announced that it will replace optical drives in its Lifebook laptops with pico projectors. Fujitsu hasn’t really spilled details on the projectors, but I don’t see any tears dropping for the loss of optical drives in a few models.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

Volvo shows off luxury with the Concept Universe

Volvo has always been better known as a workhorse rather than for lavish cars throwing out luxury. It would seem that the marque intends to change that perception, with the unveiling of the Concept Universe car. Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, the luxury car according to Volvo is a “sneak preview of what people can expect from our next top-of-the-line sedan.”

Via: Carscoop

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Suitcase recycled into liquor cabinet

Giving life back to an old suitcase, this liquor cabinet can hold five 17oz glass flasks, four glasses, four shot glasses and a bottle opener. You can still carry it around, but the cabinet would much prefer hanging from a wall with a 45lb hanging wire. Costs $200.

Via: TheAwesomer

Space Invaders chair

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing seating inspired by Space Invaders, but the idea never fails to capture our interest. Space Invaders chairs are a compact foam seating visualized by the Dorothy design collective. There isn’t a visibly radical departure from the basic looks of the Invaders, except of course, this one gets a 3-dimensional touch as compared to the 2-dimensional invaders of the classic arcade game.

Via: Albotas

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GE ‘recreates’ the sun with exploding hydrogen balloons

To show off its ideas of “portraits of the sun,” General Electric pumped up 20 weather balloons with Hydrogen and Helium. The balloons were surrounded by 24 Canon DSLR cameras, and then shot, so the cameras could capture this rather interesting footage that gives a glance of the “power” of the sun.

Via: PetaPixel

Sri Lankan woman gets hit by train, shrugs it off and walks away

We have every reason in the world to suspect that this girl has superpowers, or is superman in woman’s clothing. After all, we’ve only heard of superheroes walking away after having an impact with a train. The Sri Lankan woman was knocked down by a train while she was walking along the tracks. As people ran to her aid, she promptly got up, and walked away, presumably in an attempt to keep her secret identity intact.

Via: Arbroath

Photographer wants to make gif images classy

For all that they are worth, the moving gif images are usually reserved for odd, funny affairs, without even a semblance of class and sometimes, decency. Photographer Jamie Beck intends to add some “class” to this poor image format with her series named “cinemagraphs.” Checkout the images, and see the idea work.

Via: Geekosystem

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