The dreary truth: What happens to Mario after falling down a pit

When Mario falls down a pit, you just move on to the game without giving a second thought as to what troubles the poor plumber must be going through. Or what really happens in the pit leading to a lost life thanks to this graphic by Ryan Coleman, now you know. Full image after the jump.

Via: Kotaku

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JakPak is your jacket, tent and sleeping bag

Why would you ever carry a jacket, tent and sleeping bag separately when you could get hold of all that in one simple package. The waterproof but breathable fabric has numerous chambers that you can unfold and use as you find fit, taking it from a jacket to a full blown tent. It must be a bitch to deal with though. Costs $250.

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Log salt and pepper shakers

There isn’t much to these log salt and pepper shakers except the charming rough looks of wood. Made from acacia wood, they sell for $17.

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Before and after of vintage pinup girls photoshoots [pics]

It is common knowledge that most images and photographs you come across in magazines have been photoshopped into beauty. Without any photoshop, such lechery would not have happened in the good old days of natural beauty. Oh yeah? Checkout these pinups, original versus the final to see how they got things done without photoshop.

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UFO and Evomobile concepts for Citroen

The way we see it, Citroen is kind of struggling to keep its act together with cars, but its legacy and design do have interesting things to say and tell. French designer Ora-Ito has come up with two designs based on the language of Citroen, though these aren’t your conventional cars. The Evomobil concept looks something of a sledge-snow scooter combo, but put it together with its UFO concept sibling, and both designs look ready to take off and explore infinity and beyond.

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GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings

Designer Alp Germaner created these GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings as a look back to fighters from World War II. We totally dig the pinup near the cockpit.

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Mercedes shows the concept A-Class

Mercedes has dropped details on the A-Class concept scheduled for debut at the Auto Shanghai show. Mercedes defines its concept for the next generation A-Class as “Concentrated Dynamism” and shows off the idea with the curves and lines new to the A-Class. The concept is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and has 208bhp of power.

Via: WCF

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The majestic Opus Eleven watch

A look at the Opus Eleven and you know this watch isn’t going to simply point hands and show you time. No sir, the watch from Harry Winston explodes and reassembles the digits to show you the hours. The mechanism remains static for 59 minutes, and then jumps into action the last minute to create the digit. Minutes are displayed by the smaller circular section on the top right; the inner circle shows the tens while the outer circle shows the units.

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Ejecting from an F-35 at 600mph [video]

The video shows a test for the ejection seat of the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. It is a simulation of how things would work out if a pilot had to eject from the jet going at 600mph. It looks like the mannequin made through the ejection safe and sound.

Via: BAE Systems, BoingBoing, SlashGear

Jousting on Segways [video]

Knights jousting on Segways is just the medieval warrior touch we were hoping for. The video is a commercial for Washington lottery that helpfully asks, “What have you and your friends always wanted to do?”

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