Evil doers beware, SuperM is here [videos]

Lithuanian film maker Arunas Eimulis took a leaf out of Turkish trash movies of the 70s and came up with this superhero series, the Adventures of SuperM. Vandals, car thiefs, army of barefoots, none of them stands a chance against this superhero.

Via: Beautiful/Decay

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Mario propaganda posters in World War II style

There’s always a raging war in the world of Mario, and with the unholy numbers of Goombas and Koopa troopers he stomps on, there ought to be a huge recruitment drive to keep the spots filled. These WW II style propaganda posters by Fernando Reza are available as a set of 4, or individually.

Via: LaughingSquid

Iconic photographs recreated with Star Wars clone troopers

David Eger kicked off a photography project titled 365 Days of Clones where Star Wars clone troopers form the material of photographs every day. An offshoot of this project was Cloned Photos, where David used Clone Trooper action figures to recreate some of the most iconic images in history. Prints for David’s photography can be purchased on RedBubble.

Via: PetaPixel

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Tattoed babies love brand endorsement

The way brand endorsement is going and showing up everywhere without any signs of stopping, you can expect brands to go where no brand has gone before. This series by artist Dietrich Wegner shows babies covered in (fake) full-body tattoos of corporate logos. The kids are going to be madly in love with brands when they grow up.

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Mercedes Benz logo meats Michael Jordan

A creation of artist Mike Ruiz, this Mercedes Benz jumpman logo replaces the star in the automaker’s logo with Air Jordan. The shape of the logo isn’t quite a departure from the basic Mercedes logo, and might actually work quite well.

Via: Beautiful/Decay

Miniature crossbow is fully functional, can be scary [video]

Hold on to conventional wisdom and don’t judge this crossbow by its size. This tiny sucker may be small, but it can be dangerous and especially impressing when you see it firing flaming arrows. Well, it can also shoot basic steel tipped arrows and ram arrows, but arrows on fire look a lot more interesting. The crossbow has been built by T. Shamir, the same guy who made the tiny cannon.

Via: LaughingSquid

Long exposure portraits with a dark theme

Portraits by Laurence Demaison have a hallmark of unreal appearances and may as easily be considered to have been digitally created. The photographer pre-visualizes the image, and then playing with film photography and creativity, allows most of these portraits to take on long exposure and ultimately reach this surreal style and looks.

Via: TrendHunter

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Cupcakes seasoned with iPhone-style toppers

These iPhone cupcake toppers are fully edible and will go along well with your iPhone and cupcake addictions. The “apps” are handmade, hand-painted, and look sort of pretty while sitting atop cupcakes. Available at Etsy, a set of 12 costs $24.

Via: Gizmodiva, IT

Keyboard plays on our recognition of brand logos

We have been so fed with brands and their logos that most are easily recognizable at a glance. This keyboard from Ignacio Pilotto makes use of the same brand addiction, replacing keys by famous brand logos. As an example, the alphabet “f” has been replaced by the facebook logo, hitting the key along with the function key will take you to Facebook. Other alphabets have been replaced by corresponding logos as well.

Via: Inspire

Lights made luxurious with a touch of swarovski crystals

Industrial designer Stephen Burks collaborated with Swarovski to create these elegant and stylish lighting designs. Entitled “Inside Out”, the series features chandeliers decked with Swarovski crystals. Light from LEDs in the lamps is refracted through the crystals, creating a rich prismatic display.

Via: designboom

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