A stickler for time? World’s smallest atomic clock is on sale

Being punctual is a virtue that goes undervalued, because no one is on time to appreciate it. That however, does not deter many from staying true to the clock, right down to the second. These saintly souls can indulge their passion further, by getting hold of an atomic clock to ensure that even seconds don’t slip through. Atomic clocks have been used as the best timekeepers ever since they were created, but the large size was prohibition enough for personal use. The portable Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) does away with that issue in a package that has a sides of 1.5 inches and a depth of half an inch. Of course, it may not be easy to do away with the table clock in favor of this one, but an atomic clock on this scale is achievement enough. Costs $1500.

Via: Physorg

Eternal roses refuse to wilt

Everyone loves the fragrance and looks of fresh flowers, but they have the nasty habit of wilting and turning to dust in a few days, and synthetic flowers don’t really have the same charm. Which is why eternal roses from Olivier Giugni would find some real use. Long Lasting Floral Spheres, flower arrangements in a bouquet are so made that they don’t loose their charm and bloom, for at least a year.

Amazing 3D Starcraft models made in papercraft

These amazing Starcraft figures look like they might have been created with a dose of computer graphics. Well, they are not. All of these happen to be 1:1 scale papercraft models of the units you would see in Starcraft. They were created by a Korean fan (should have guessed that) going by the name of Constable.

Via: GeekyGadgets, UnrealityMag

Ah, to be rich: Maldives plans 18-hole floating golf course

Maldives has plans to build a floating golf course in the Indian Ocean. The 18-hole golf course will be built across three artificial islands, all inter connected by a series of underwater tunnels. The idea of this golf course may sound like one entrenched in needless luxury, but for Maldives, it is more of a necessity. The island nation is a series of coral reefs, with the highest point at just 2.3 meters above sea level, making the country an easy prey for rising sea levels. Maldives hopes to buy land from nearby countries to settle its population there, and hopes its primary source of income, tourism will help through the finances.

Chess set made out of bullets

A boardgame that employs bullets in play should sound outlandish, but somehow, this chess set seems perfectly normal. After all, chess is a game of strategic warfare, so bullets could find place there easily. Etsy shop OldeWorldCC has a couple of interesting chess sets at its disposal. The board is made out of steel or wood, but the interest here obviously lies with the pieces that are made with bullets. No, you don’t get to shoot the other player after they loose.

Via: BBC Icecream