Photographing romance in the ‘Lust For Love’

Photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina makes her work full of bright colors. Each image is shot as if it was a scene from some movie, and if the location were the set. All this comes out beautifully in this series by the photographer, “Lust for Love.”

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Ahem… this gadget can be your personal brewery

Nothing like brewing your own beer and swigging it all up. The only problem is brewing takes time, patience and lots of complicated steps that you can’t afford to get wrong. WilliamsWarn personal brewery takes care of most of these things by keeping the entire brewing process in a single unit. The machine carbonates the beer, keeps it at the correct temperature, sediments, purifies and pressurizes it so you get chilled bear when you tug at the built-in tap. Obviously, such luxury comes at a price, which will be $4500 for this one.

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Stop motion SF to Paris flight in two minutes

Nate Bolt documented his 11 hour trip from San Francisco to Paris in this 2 minute stop-motion video. The take off and landing photos are rendered, but the others were all taken by Nate’s SLR clicking away after every 2 to 30 seconds to capture images.

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Kuru Toga pencils sharpen themselves

With a wee bit of mechanical ingenuity, Kuru Toga pencil makes use of gears inside the body to keep its tip sharp. The pencil lead rotates as you write, leading to an ever-sharp tip. Costs $6.50.

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String and nails installation salutes computer loadscreens of the ancient age

Danish design studio Dark Matters has created this installation that takes viewers back to loadscreens that you might have seen a decade or two ago on your computers. The videos come across as screensavers, and this type used to be very popular during that time, because nobody wanted to see the flying windows.

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Taurus concept obviously got the wrong end of the Segway

Taurus concept unmistakably looks like a Segway, with something of a bike attachment on top. You don’t stand up on this self balancing vehicle, you sit down and while that may soothe your legs, you’ll still look weird. The rider can control the speed of the vehicle by leaning forward or backwards, and turns can be negotiated by moving sideways. Designed by Erik Lanuza.

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Photographing bureaucrats around the world

Behind all those colors, cultures, races and regions, there is one man who just refuses to change. No matter what part of the world you are in, you will run into this person. Even if it is a different race, color or region, bureaucrats are all the same, perhaps a result of their close proximity to politicians. Dutch photographer Jan Banning traveled the world, going through numerous countries, and photographing bureaucrats their. The photographer visited eight countries; Bolivia, China, France, India, Liberia, Russia, the United States, and Yemen. Showing unannounced at the doors, the photographer never gave the bureaucrats a chance to tidy up the offices or change appearances. Some of these images are surprising and eye openers, to say the least.

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Miniature books collection

Hungary’s Jozsef Tari has spent almost 35 years collecting miniature books. His collection now has more than 4500 books, none of which is more than 3 inches long. The smallest in the collection is a booklet measuring 2.9 mm x 3.2mm. Some of these books are almost 100 years old.

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Call of Duty screenshots used to depict the horrors of modern warfare

Photographs of wars and soldiers on missions have been around, probably ever since the camera met the printing paper. War photographs from Thibault Brunet however, do not include the photographer venturing into dangerous war zones, or for that matter, even soldiers don’t need to be at the front for these photographs. Brunet has chosen a very unique medium for his photographs, which basically are screenshots from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Skeletal hands of skeletor belt grab you by the waist

An accessory for women, the Skeletor Belt by designer Delfina Delettrez includes skeletal hands fixed on a wide leather band. Sterling silver fingers of the belt interlock to create the desired effect. The knot tie can be fastened at the front or back, to get the appearance of hands grabbing the waist, or the butts, and as the images show, those bony hands won’t mind grabbing breasts either. Lets be honest, what hand doesn’t want to do that? Costs $3953.

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