Air from the royal wedding to be sold in bottles!

You know you have become a hardcore salesman when you can sell “air” to people. Either that, or idiocracy is right around the corner. A UK based company has announced that it will sell bottles of Royal Wedding Day Air. Apparently, trained professionals in London will go around collecting samples of the air, which will later be sold as souvenirs. James Watt, creator of the Royal wedding day air added “It’s an amazing honour to send our royal air around the world, who knows .. you might get a whiff of Kate.” Considering the air selling company doesn’t have its own website (they’re currently hosted on Wix), this might just be a hoax. We really, really, really want it to be a hoax.

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Five ton chocolate waterfall

This Easter, Bompas & Parr, London greeted patrons with a treat of a five ton chocolate waterfall in the Whiteleys Shopping Center. The waterfall had a flow rate of 12000 liters per hour, and was all about the delicious goodness of chocolate. As of last reports, Willy Wonka didn’t really give a shit about all this.

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Personal ATM for kids will ease them into money management

In a world where you can spend all your time thinking of how and where all your hard earnt money went, it is always a smart move to teach children effective money management, spendings and savings. Aiming to do exactly that, the Personal ATM is a parent controlled, password protected device that also works as a piggy bank. Parents can put in the allowance and set withdrawl limits and kids can use the machine to withdraw money or put in their own savings. Costs $45.

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Doctor Who chess set

Play chess with the Doctor and time in the format of one of the best strategy games ever. Traditional pieces of the board have been replaced by characters of series five, featuring cast members and the Tardis. Priced at £30 ($50)

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Need/Want water glass

Harping on the classic conundrum of human needs versus wants, this water glass divides the lines deeper. The glass is divided into two parts, and the end of the “need” section is followed by a hole. If you want more than what you need, you’ll have to work for it (plug the hole) or it will flow away. The philosophy toting glass is priced at $30.

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New Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon trailer

The second, full-length theatrical trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is out. The movie is scheduled for release on July 1.

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Keep calm, and don’t be a dick poster

This screenprint puts things rather straight. The screenprint is made out of heavy recycled card stock, and purchases will go to support open gyms on sundays. Costs $20.

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Kids tell the stories of our time In The Playroom

A project by Canadian artist and photographer Jonathan Hobin, “In The Playroom” is a set that has children reenact major events and happenings of our time in their very own playrooms. Relevant props are used to give the playroom a new suitable look, and children also slip into fancy clothes to play along.

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A life in miniature: Awe-inspiring scenes made with tiny figures

The work of French artist Vincent Bousserez shines big with these beautiful miniatures that could be a world amongst themselves. Or something more profound, or something like that.

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Star Trek goes boldly to old-time photographs

Okay, so what is this? A set of photoshopped images by Rabittooth that put heads of Star Trek characters onto some old images. You know, sepia-tone old. Aaaaaaand we’re done.

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