Be mesmerized by the beauty of the Black Falcon

Falcon Motorcycles has come out with its latest creation, the Black Falcon, which you see here in all its magnificence and glory. The motorcycle commands 75hp, to go all the way to the top speed of 140mph. Falcon ensured the motorcycle would be built close to perfection, re-engineering and making every piece. They even made two fuel tanks for the motorcycle; one for the road, and a smaller one gallon tank for racing.

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40 mini books placed inside a book for a Kindle doppleganger

What would the Kindle have been if something like that existed in the time of Charles Dickens? Well, a book carved to hold 40 mini books, of course. Rachel Walsh created this book for the hypothetical situation where someone had to explain a Kindle to Charles Dickens. The project took 35 hours over five days, and includes some of Dickens novels, his favorite books, and some favorites of Rachel.

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House made from deconstructed Boeing 747

David Hertz Architects Inc made use of deconstructed wings from a Boeing 747 to create this unique wing house on the Malibu beach. The residence makes use of both main wings and two stabilizers from the tail section, while the art studio building makes use of a 50-foot long section of upper fuselage as the roof. Front of the fuselage and the upper first class cabin deck have found a job as the roof of the guest house.

‘Invention’ lets three play at chess

We best know chess for the two player strategy game that it is. There hardly seems to be room for another person in this game. That’s why we have a brand new chess game, with the circular board having enough room for three player to match their wits. Inventors of 3 Man Chess have tried to stick to the basics of the game, though a few changes obviously had to be made to make room fro the third player.

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Since the world is ending anyway: Apocamix shows disaster end time scenes

Hollywood is abundant with disaster movies, apocalypse movies, and Robin Williams movies. Since we already know that the world is ending on May 21, we might as well have a look at the possibilities of the upcoming apocalypse. Apocamix from Eclectic Method is a selection of some of the best disaster end times scenes, probably made so we can choose the preferred method of the apocalypse.

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Green switch plates take every opportunity to remind you of conservation

Green switch plates, or Growth Plates look rather cute with their mask of foliage, and at the same time they intend to remind users of reducing their power consumption and do their bit for the planet. Designed by Andrew Harmon, the plates couple their good looks with sensible thinking to actually make a brilliant product, provided the plant foliage stays alive indoors and there’s a super safe way to water them which preferably does not involve someone getting electrocuted.

Via: Inhabitat