Cupcakes seasoned with iPhone-style toppers

These iPhone cupcake toppers are fully edible and will go along well with your iPhone and cupcake addictions. The “apps” are handmade, hand-painted, and look sort of pretty while sitting atop cupcakes. Available at Etsy, a set of 12 costs $24.

Via: Gizmodiva, IT

Keyboard plays on our recognition of brand logos

We have been so fed with brands and their logos that most are easily recognizable at a glance. This keyboard from Ignacio Pilotto makes use of the same brand addiction, replacing keys by famous brand logos. As an example, the alphabet “f” has been replaced by the facebook logo, hitting the key along with the function key will take you to Facebook. Other alphabets have been replaced by corresponding logos as well.

Via: Inspire

Lights made luxurious with a touch of swarovski crystals

Industrial designer Stephen Burks collaborated with Swarovski to create these elegant and stylish lighting designs. Entitled “Inside Out”, the series features chandeliers decked with Swarovski crystals. Light from LEDs in the lamps is refracted through the crystals, creating a rich prismatic display.

Via: designboom

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Russian band uses iPads and iPhones as instruments

Russian teenage rock band Cooperative Style plays live music using iPads and iPhones in place of musical instruments. The band makes use of downloaded apps for musical instruments and mixing desk, and try to recreate music from legends like Nirvana. Of course, there are problems playing instruments on touch screens rather than on real, tangible surfaces, but people seem to like the style of the band.

Via: OddityCentral

What the backs of webpages ‘really’ look like

When we visit a website we get to see its front. But frankly, there’s got to be more. What has a front, must have a back and thanks to BackOfaWebPage, we now know what lurks in the hinds of some of the best known websites.

Via: swissmiss

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Land Peel floor can transform into furniture

Land Peel concept from Japanese designer Shin Yamashita is a modular floor mat that you can twist and turn into shapes according to your desires. You can play with the panels to create a table, a chair, or any other combination and set of furniture you might find yourself comfortable with. When not in use, the panels can be discreetly tucked away, leaving behind the flat surface of the rug.

Via: designboom, Toxel

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Ironman made in Lego

Alex Schranz created a 55cm tall Ironman totally out of Lego bricks. The super hero looks fairly detailed, even with plastic replacing the curves of his armor and muscles. Also, the tiny Lego arc reactor does look kind of cool.

Via: BrothersBrick

iPad dry erase board

There hardly anything to this UI stencil except it being in the shape of an iPad, and experience tells us that alone should be credentials enough for the stencil. And of course, there is the joy of whiteboarding and brain storming to come along. Costs $25.

Via: CoolMaterial

USB flash drives in 35 mm film package

Those who feel pangs of nostalgia for the old 35mm films can find some solace in these 4GB flash drives made to look like the film roll packaging. Of course, the role of the film ends with the package itself, but it is still cool to carry a piece of beautiful memories. The 4GB drives are priced at $24, and the 2GB version sells for $19 at Etsy shop newfocus.

Via: NewLaunches

Superb time lapse video shows the beauty of the Milky Way

Captured by Terje Sorgjerd, this time lapse video shows the majesty of our galaxy. The video was captured from Spain’s highest mountain El Taide, and the choice of location evidently worked very well for the shoot.

Via: PetaPixel