Photographing the ‘best Korea’ North Korea

North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world, and it prefers to stay that way, away from the eye of the rest of the world. Well it does get the world’s attention for being the “best Korea” and being rather strong, as a country and as an official website. And obviously, it isn’t a great tourist spot, or a place to whip out the camera and capture images. For photographer Charlie Crane, it took a year to get a permission to visit the country with a camera, and then he could photograph only what they wanted him to, while constantly accompanied by two tourist guides. Looking at the photographs, it is quite obvious that they are somewhat “staged” but they do offer a rare look into North Korea.

Artist uses photo-manipulation for Paris street art

Street art usually means the artistic work you’d like run into while walking on a street, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Well, conventional wisdom does not quite apply to the work of artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet who uses digital photo manipulation for the job. The artist photographs objects and streets, and transforms them into the artistic objects as desired.

iKeyboard for iPad lets you touch-type on a virtual keyboard

A perennial grouch with virtual keyboards is that users have to go the way of hunt-and-peck typing and end up making typos, mistakes, and worse, falling victims of auto-correct. The iKeyboard probably won’t save you from auto correct, but it will allow users to have touch-type on a virtual keyboard. It sits atop the virtual keyboard in a lightweight package and allows users to use the virtual keyboard as a touch-type one, increasing speed and productivity. iKeyboard showed up on Kickstarter, and has already gone past thrice its set target with plenty of days to go.

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Democratic chess gives the old game a twist

The game of chess has been played for centuries in one form or the other, and is probably one of the longest running and popular board game ever. Now Swiss designer Florian Hauswirth has added a new twist to the game with the designer’s new iteration called Democratic Chess. You can play it like the traditional game, or by Florian’s rules, where when a player takes out a piece, rather than taking the piece off the board you can stack them to create pieces with combined abilities.

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Coca Cola makes rush hour bearable with cinema [video]

Commuters in Bogota, Colombia have to spend an average of four hours everyday stuck in traffic. Being stuck in rush hour traffic is kind of a sure fire way to get tempers high, and people frustrated. As part of its 125th anniversary celebrations, Coca Cola teamed up with Oglivy cinema to convert the traffic jam into a drive-in cinema. They put up a gigantic screen that displayed “Filminutes” and commuters were asked to tune their FM radios to the local FM station so they could hear the audio. To add to the effect, Cinema ushers walked up and down the rows of cars offering 250ml bottles of Coke, popcorn, and other goodies.


Star Wars propaganda posters

With all the war going on between the galactic empire and the rebels, you’d expect some action was going on in the streets to spread the “cause” of either side among common citizens. The movie never touched on that theme, but Monkey Minion press gives us a glimpse at what things may be like with these posters. Interestingly, the Etsy shop’s page proclaims it features “Full-frontal Nerdity,” which we believe is the best kind, right after full frontal nudity, of course.

Keep your cool in summers with the USB air conditioning shirt

It’s summer, and like it or not sometimes you just can’t help sweating like a pig, or a dog, or any animal of your choice for that matter. But fret not folks, as long as you’ve got a USB port nearby and this shirt on your person, you’ll be like a knight ready to take on the heat. Hyperbole aside, this shirt has a USB powered fan built in, which probably can come in handy for the hot hot summers. Costs $258.