Creative graffiti book covers everything you need to know

This creative and intelligently crafted design by London-based graphic designer Benoit Ollive. That truly is all you need to know about graffiti.

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The easy guide to history of the internet

The image above shows landmark years in the history of the internet, when some of the most popular websites came into being. Its almost surprising to see how far the internet has come in just 2 decades.

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Minecraft inspired grass cube

Minecraft fans, I need not say anything about this, but those haven’t yet had the chance to play the game, this is… well, a grass cube. The minecraft inspired cube has each side of 2.5 inches, and probably is perfect for bringing a touch of the game into real life. Costs $10.

Prom dress made from pop tabs

This prom dress really does look fantastic, take a closer look and you’ll find it has been made out of pop tabs. It took 4000 pop tabs, a hell lot of ribbon, and 100 hours to get this dress made.

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Nintendo ladies, when they’re not facing the camera

Showbiz changes people, completely. While you might find them cute and innocent in the games you play, this piece from agentscarlet shows what Nintendo ladies are up to, when not facing the video game camera.

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Sandwiches, the orderly and the tasty

Sandwiches by Charles Schiller. By the way, if you have a thing for food made to look deliciously good, checkout the photographs in the artist’s portfolio.

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Time lapse video goes through five cities, brings eye candy

Dominic Boudreault shot this video with the goal to show the duality between city and nature. He shot the montage from late 2010 to early 2011, covering the cities of Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Manhattan and Chicago in this video montage.

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Mike Bouchet’s shopping cart lounger for our world of consumerism

Created by artist/designer Mike Bouchet, this is almost like the second, much more lovable edition of the shopping cart. Its a shopping cart, its a lounger, and it is named Sun Lounger. It is just a bare-boned structure right now, but the artist does have plans for a few additions, like armrests and seats to really make a lounger out of this chair.

Via: designboom, OhGizmo

Pikachu Kitty, the second edition

Artist Pavel Lagutin shopped an image of an ordinary kitten, converting it into the electrifying Pikachu.

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Getting ribbons on the skin with Corset Piercing

Body Modification’s got new style. Okay, this corset piercing thing may not really be new, but it seems to be getting popular fast. Apparently, people love to have hoops going through there skin, and threading them with ribbons. You know, for the classy formal look.

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