Candle ashtray traps ash and cigarette butts

Vizio from FlussoCreativo is an ashtray that makes good of a candle. When you light up, light the candle as well. Molten wax liquid pool created by the candle will happily trap all the ash, and even cigarette butts. Basically, it would leave behind no mess and considerably reduce the stale cigarette smell coming out of ashtrays. Of course, the ashtray wouldn’t last very long, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a chain smoker.

Via: designboom

Shooting images with an egg pinhole camera

For Francesco Capponi’s egg pinhole camera, the camera ultimately becomes a photograph. It is so simple, yet so amazing. A common object like an egg used as both the camera, and then the photograph. Of course, getting the entire thing done requires delicate workings, but the results are well worth it. Just in case you’d want one for yourself, there’s a DIY guide to get things done.

Via: Booooooom

Amazingly detailed and enchanting art made using pencils

The amazing masterpiece you see here, didn’t just take talent to create, but also perseverance and patience. Artist Joe Fenton spent nearly 10 hours everyday, working his 0.5 mechanical pencil for a full 10 months. After all that work, he completed his work Solitude that stands 5 ft high and 8 ft across, and totally awesome. Solitude includes different religious references in its framework, and stands out as a masterpiece in the impressive line of works from the artist.

Photographer recreates his dreams for a shot

Some people have diaries near their beds to write down the dreams they had. Photographer Ronen Goldman we assume, has a camera. For his “The Surrealistic Pillow Project,” the photographer tries to recreate his dreams, exhilarating, bizarre or nightmarish as they may be. Of course, bringing dreams into reality may sometimes require a touch of image manipulation, but the Israel based photographer tries to use these tools as rarely as possible.