Finger-nose touch screen gadget for those who have real style

In a world ruled by touch screen devices and style, you’ve got to stand out of the pack. While people walk busy with their hands full, trying to access the device, you can walk like the king with hands free and your face doing the job. A hairy plaster nose with an embedded stylus, awww… that would look so cute. The finger nose is a fun project by Dominic Wilcox.

Via: DYT

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R/c Starcraft 2 tank made from Lego

This Starcraft themed siege tank was built by Marky Mark’s Lego Creations. The lego tank is remote controlled, has four separate motors, two actuators, can drive forward, reverse and turn corners, plus it also can change modes at the touch of a button. Yep, a pretty detailed construction. The crown jewel is of course the transformation from tank mode to artillery mode and back.

Via: TeamLiquid, Geek

Go the F*ck to Sleep: The book for tired parents

Tired parents struggling to get their kids to sleep, this is the book for you. In a perfect world, kids sleep on time, or after you’ve told them some story or rhyme. In the real world, that almost never happens, and the tired parent struggles to get the kids to sleep. Written by Adam Mansbach, the book obviously isn’t for kids, but for parents whose feeling it does bring out with heaps of profanities. Costs $9. Here’s a simple verse from the book:
The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear
Please go the fuck to sleep.

Pothole art: Decorating potholes as planters

We can have our differences, but everyone stands united in the hatred of potholes. Those ugly ruins of urban decay take the fun out of driving and spoil the car. Artist Pete Dungey sees a chance of expression in these dismal potholes, using potholes around London as planters. The artist plants flowers and grasses to highlight the problems and plights of the road, creating an interesting setting to go along. This also reminds us of artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera’s repairing of Parisian streets with knitted yarn.

Via: DesignMilk

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Sebastian’s Voodoo: The sad life of a Voodoo doll [short]

For all the sinister work that they are used for, voodoo dolls must also endure being pinned and pricked. A doll must save its friends from being pinned to death, in this brilliant short from Joaquin Baldwin.

Incredible wildlife shots

UK based photographer Ben Hall travels across the world, capturing the beauty of the wildlife. Coupled with the photographers keen eye for natural setting and its visual representation, the photographs mostly come out as these wonderful captures, like they were always intended to be. Capturing the perfect shot can take weeks or even months, and Hall often haunts the location until the perfect shot is captured.

Via: MyModernMet

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The horrifically realistic baby cake, that inevitably has to be cut

It is entirely possible we cry out at the sheer weirdness of this cake. Created by designer and cake hobbyist Dan Gentle, the cake bears an uncomfortably close relation to a real baby. Not happy with leaving things at that, he went the next step, cutting the cake. We don’t judge, but we’re really scared right now.

Via: LaughingSquid

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Paris landmarks re-created with brand logos

Artist Risto-Jussi Isopahkala‘s project Logo Tourist goes through cityscapes and famous Parisian landmarks, re-creating these well known places in brand logos. The way branding is going, this may not be that far fetched a vision. But the Eiffel Tower would really suck, with its heavy dependence on the Xerox logo. But hey, there’s always the Arc de Triomphe to look at.

Via: Kottke

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Viagra laced beer, for getting high and staying there

Scotland based brewery BrewDog has come up with Viagra-laced beer to commemorate the Prince Wiliam – Kate Middleton wedding. Royal Virility Performance beer has been laced with Viagra and a series of known aphrodisiacs, and the company claims that drinking this beer will have the same effect as downing a Viagra pill. The company has sent a few bottles to Prince William via Royal Mail, claiming that the bottle is for “consummation, not commemoration.” Initially, a batch of 40 bottles will be produced, each priced at £10 (~$17). Finally, a drink that gets you high, and keeps you there.

Via: OddityCentral

Go, go, go! Ride the Sperm Bullitt bike

Streets of Copenhagen can often bear witness to a sperm running wild on a motor. The Sperm Bullitt is very much a real deal and is employed by the Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank) to carry sperm samples to Copenhagen fertility clinics. Ostensibly, the plan was hatched out as part of a green initiative to get rid of less efficient means of transportation, but we suspect someone in the boardroom joyfully rubs his hands in glee every time this giant sperm makes way for the streets.

Via: Dvice, Copenhagenize