The fashion of dresses and accessories covered in nipples

For all the love breasts get, would there be something that could be considered excessive? Could we ever tire of nipples? “Profound” as these questions may be, the answer would probably come easy after you take a good look at Nicola Costantino‘s collection titled Human Furriery. On display at a museum in Zurich, the collection includes clothes, shoes and accessories, all made from faux human skin, and patterned with human-like nipples. In a way, we do stop finding nipples awesome (or sexual) when they are on shoes and on soccer balls.

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WOW-Keys full sized qwerty keyboard for iPhone and PC

We’ve always felt the need for a tactile keyboard to go along touchscreen devices; one that keeps our pudgy fingers happy as well. there is only one fitting solution to that problem, a full-sized keyboard. WOW-Keys keyboard has laptop-style soft keys, and a dedicated dock for iPhone and iPod Touch. It doesn’t exactly go well with the mobile devices, but can work pretty well when you’re sitting comfortably in the den. To be available on May 24, the keyboard is priced at $100.

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Super Mario Bros played in real life [video]

Dude strolls in the park, playing Mario in real life and eating ‘shrooms. Uh, that last word explains it all.

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Osama Bin Laden is dead

Finally, Osama Bin Laden is dead. US President Obama said in a late address to the nation, “Tonight I can announce to the American people, and to the world, the United States has conducted an operation that has killed bin Laden.” Laden was hiding deep inside Pakistan, in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Coverage: BoingBoing, CNN, Al Jazeera, TheWhiteHouse

Combopictures give classics a new meaning

It’s the delicious old recipe that never loses its charm, throw in a few modern/fictional characters into old, classic pictures and you’ve got something to revel.

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Gentlemen, the greatest fashion of the season: Monkey Tail beard

Gentlemen, look at that monkey tail beard and tell me you don’t want one. Everybody wants one, it’s that awesome. Also, that’s the way to get super manly. Hell, some kid could grow chest hair just looking at that beard.

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What Roastie Toaster lacks in looks, it makes up in toasting

The quest for the perfect toast is never-ending for many of us, but we do usually settle for a quick, edible toast. Especially when its about the morning rush and time is scarce. Designed by Mateusz Główka, the Roastie Toaster promises to quickly toast the bread to perfection in a comparatively shorter time. The orb shaped toaster is a concept right now, and sadly can only handle one slice at a time, which probably makes its claims of being “quicker” somewhat brittle.

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Illustrations on Etch-a-Sketch

Here at Randommization, we’ve always been proud of our artistic skills on an Etch-a-Sketch. Obviously, all that pride was before we came across the Etch-a-Sketch art of George Vlosich, and now we’re busy hiding and erasing all those stupid drawings we made. The artist started off simple, and then moved on to some real complex and classy artwork, all created on the children’s toy. You can imagine the hard work that goes into each of these pieces, considering the artist has to start over if there is a single mistake in the work.

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Finger-nose touch screen gadget for those who have real style

In a world ruled by touch screen devices and style, you’ve got to stand out of the pack. While people walk busy with their hands full, trying to access the device, you can walk like the king with hands free and your face doing the job. A hairy plaster nose with an embedded stylus, awww… that would look so cute. The finger nose is a fun project by Dominic Wilcox.

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