Face sunglasses keep you protected from the sun

Sunscreens and shades are so passe when you can cover your face in glass that makes it look like you came from a hard day of arc welding. Made out of the same material as luxurious eyewear, the giant glasses almost cover the entire face. They keep the sun away, the face safe, and the wearer looking like a weirdo. Something tells me many people won’t have any problems with the weirdo part, as long as the product works as advertised.

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Handheld espresso machine keeps your caffeine fix close

Even walking to the coffee machine is a pain when you have something like a gazillion cups of coffee everyday. Ergo, this handheld espresso maker is a blessing that will bestow a cuppa upon you without forcing you to leave your seat. It has the appearance of an icecream scoop, has gas cartridges to fumble up 9 bars of pressure, and you can use a trigger to get it going. The cartridges cost $16 while the coffee maker itself clocks in at $190.

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The mighty crovel is a crowbar, a showel, a hammer and a machette

Yay for multifunction and multipurpose equipment. The crovel is basically a combination of a shovel and a crowbar but it really is more than that. It’s like the swiss army knife of tools. It can be a hammer, a saw, a machette and even a bottle opener when you need to show off. Also, it should be the default weapon in some upcoming video game, like the crowbar in Half Life. Costs $45.

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Gadget transmits kisses over the internet, tries to get the ‘sensual’ across

Rejoice, lovers separated by distance, and the pervy perversons wanting more out of internet sex chat. The device may sure be tacky, but then kisses sometimes manage to say a lot more than words could ever manage to get across. Besides, distance is the worst enemy of lovers. Japan’s Kajimoto Research Laboratory has come up with a straw like device that can apparently capture the essence of a kiss and transfer it over the internet to be repeated by a similar device at the other end. You have to “kiss” the gadget and it will apparently get the kiss across, together with the manner of breathing, tongue moistness and the gross feeling of kissing a writhing plastic straw.

Via: cnet

Apple refreshes the iMac

Apple has announced a refresh of the iMac line, while is isn’t otherworldly, they have made a few interesting and significant changes. Prices still start off at $1199 for the 21.5-inch version that comes with a new 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and 512MB of AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics. Top of the line 27-inch version costs $1999 and has 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU and 1GB of AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics to show off. Additionally, both models mentioned here will get a Thunderbolt jack, and FaceTime HD camera.

Via: Engadget

Flexible OLED screen lets concept laptop go into folds

Advent of flexible OLED screens holds the promise of revamping gadget design. Tiny miniaturization levels we can go to in circuitry will be able to go hand in hand with portability once we master the art of folding display screens. Feno folding notebook concept from designer Niels van Hoof plays around the tunes of folding OLEDs to create a super-portable laptop that has an extra hinge along the screen to fold the screen and fold the laptop into one tiny package.

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Fashion in grip of the King Kong hand [pic]

A creation of Korean fashion designer Kathleen Kye, this piece shows fashion can be a tight grip. What’s missing of course is the King Kong body, or the Halloween night. Somebody buy me one of these please.

Via: Korean Content, Copyranter, Neatorama

Dipr cookie spoon, we call thee a great invention

Everyone has an innate desire to dip cookies into milk, cookies or whatever hot beverage is available. Sadly, that also leaves the risk of the cookie breaking and falling into milk to give it a tacky taste. That is why we like the Dipr cookie spoon and had a “why didn’t anyone think of this earlier” moment. It does have the apparent disadvantage of not allowing you to nibble away at the cookie, but then the world is not a perfect place. It did have a successful Kicstarter campaign though.

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Simple and elegant wooden laptop stand

Russian designers at Dopludo Collective have created this simple and elegant laptop stand carved out of wood. It has a simple, tiled appearance at the top and the design leaves a tiny space for storing a few items while the laptop is in use. We just hope the stand is lightweight enough to be of any practical use.

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iPad controlled Robot makes us uncomfortable with its ball catching abilities

We’re not big on the robot-apocalypse thing, but perhaps as an afterthought of perverted imagination, this ball catching robot makes us uncomfortable. Justin is an iPad controlled robot that uses stereo cameras as eyes. As the video demonstrates, the robot can move and see quick enough to catch two balls thrown at it. Researchers add that the robot can do other tasks as well, like making coffee. Our thoughts may be totally unrelated and baseless, but we can’t ever be comfortable around a robot that loves to grab balls.

Via: Hizook, IEEE Spectrum, cnet