Bugatti inspired desk costs less than the car

The Bugatti-inspired desk from Luzzo Bespoke has been lovingly titled “Bugatti Grand Prix racing car inspired desk,” and is of course, named after one of the most expensive and powerful beasts on the road. It has been made out of machined aircraft aluminum, taking some 3000 hours of machining. To hark back to the old Bugattis, the desk includes a honeycomb pattern like the Bugatti racer grills of yore.

Tron Lightcycle PC casemod

Having seen a lot of Tron-inspired stuff, we were sort of wondering when a casemod would show up. It’s late to the party, but it is well dressed. The best part of course is that it does look like a lightcycle, and not some weirdly fangled together collection slapped with the lightcycle name. It’s glossy, it’s got good lighting, and of course, badass computing power.

Via: Bods-Mods, SlashGear

Keep yourself and your pet happy in the rocking pet bed

We love the relaxed feeling of the rocking chair, and for obvious reasons, the pets love it too. But then it isn’t always possible to have the pet in the lap while we relax on the rocking chair. Paul Kweton has emerged as the savior for such situations with the Rocking-2-gether chair. For us humans, it is just a rocking chair, but its base includes something of a doghouse where the pet can conveniently sit and enjoy the music of the rocking chair.

Via: Shoebox Dwelling

Ealo concept car wants to live on, artificially

Designed by Sang-Jun Lee, Kyung-Kuk Kim and Seoung-Bin Lee, the EALO concept car is a futuristic vehicle created for the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design. Designers built the EALO on the thought and concept of what an organism might look like, if it was allowed to evolve in an urban environment. Well, turns out the organism will look quite much like a car, the EALO in this case. The car has been designed to be light, flexible and strong.

Via: YankoDesign

Man goes to lava-spitting volcanoes, asks them to ‘say cheese’

A lava-spitting volcano is generally considered by us humans as a safe cue to get our butts up and run. On the other hand, when you happen to be superhuman or photographer Skarphedinn Thrainsson, these lava spitting volcanoes are the place you want to be. The photographer captures images of these volcanoes, sometimes too close to the danger but as the images will tell you, they are a reward unto themselves. What we haven’t been able to figure out yet, is where he keeps the wheelbarrow holding his giant brass balls.

Via: DailyMail