Google Chrome and ‘It Gets Better’

Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project is aimed at helping LGBT teens, uplifting their spirits through videos and giving hope to these kids who may be confused and tormented.

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Rosario yacht concept developed especially for Chinese sensibilities

Designer David Panarella, in collaboration with designer Liyu Zhao and Italian company Feddy International, created this yacht concept targeted specifically towards Chinese sensibilities. The concept was displayed at the China International Boat Show (CIBSE), one of Asia’s most important shows for the recreational boating industry. Named Rosario, the concept brings together the best of European and Chinese design, with plush interiors and sensible exteriors.

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Miniature and awesome paper musical instruments made as replicas

We stand in awe of these mini paper replicas of musical instruments. The impressively detailed models have been created using the craft of Pepakura.

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Revive Smartphone concept can upgrade its hardware

In this world riddled with tech, the thing that happens most often is gadgets going obsolete. We can have all the software updates we want, but the hardware does sooner or later give way to more modern hardware, and that is when many of us chuck the cellphones and move to buy new ones. PCs can still go the upgrade way longer, but there is little choice when things come to mobile phones. Ergo, we find the Revive Smartphone concept especially interesting with its quality and ability to go for hardware upgrades as easy as a PC does.

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Siesta bench promises relaxed times

I feel the need to relax just looking at the Siesta bench designed by Emanuele Magini.

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Rooftop Living Roof pod can be self sustained, look good doing it

Designed by Nau Architects, the luxurious pod home they call “Living Roof” is a concept that could theoretically keep you in luxury anywhere in the world. The pod could be placed at the top of a hotel, it could be placed deep inside a rainforest, and it would provide the same level of comfort and service. It is capable of generating the required electricity by itself, using photovoltaic cells on its body for solar energy and tiny wind turbines that can also capture rain water. Living Roof could be a lounge, sleeping quarters or an office, a perfect mobile home, if you will.

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Post Chocolate deliciously packed for snail mail

Hungarian designer Lilla Toth created this simple, yet attractive packaging for a chocolate. It’s a dark chocolate in an envelope similar to that used in the good old snail mail. Simple, attractive and sure to cheer someone up if they find this in the mail.

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Jello jumping over a surface caught at 6200 fps [video]

Here’s a video of Jello, let free to wobble, and move and whatever it likes to do. Only, all its movements have been captured quick by a camera rolling at 6200 fps. Watch the video and be mesmerized. Jello, all your secrets are belong to us. And your yummy taste.

Via: Gizmodo, Geekologie

Celebrate love with heart knuckle rings

Ah, the beauty of love and the threat of a knuckle ring with hearts. Honey, don’t make me beat the shit out of you again. Costs $90.

Optimus Prime made out of random junk and scrap

An Optimus Prime sculpture made out of recycled scrap metal. It does not have any transformation capabilities, but manages to look like the prime, which is achievement enough.

Via: RainPacket on Flickr, Walyou