Contorting bodies, photographing them as food

Photographer Bill Durgin originally shot this series for Sleek magazine’s Food/Feed issue combining elements of figures, fashion and food. It is quite interesting to see how the photographer manages to make human form look so much like veggies. Also, some of the images are missing heads, which makes them look very creepy.

Via: Bill Durgin [some nudity], MyModernMet

Artistic pyramid made with 72000 beer bottles

In a truly intoxicating installation, French artist Cyprien Gaillard constructed a pyramid using 72000 beer bottles in cardboard boxes. Participants need to sign a waiver after which they are free to go on the pyramid, sit on it and have their fill of “Efes” beer from the boxes. As for the idea behind the installation, the pyramid was supposed to be a monument, which ultimately demonstrated the hyper destruction of architectural relics. As participants moved on to the pyramid and consumed beer, half broken bottles and smashed glass changed its face, even though the general form remained visible.

Via: Colossal

Strap-on condoms are the saviors of the drunk

Developed by Beau Thompson, strap-on condoms are buddies of the drunk guy looking to score. Being drunk doesn’t quite help men put on a condom, and all the fumbling can be quite a mood killer. It was one such experience and a frustrating night that led Thompson to the path of this invention. And it has been a success, selling millions of units in the USA, the condoms are now headed for Europe.

Via: Metro, WeInterrupt