World’s largest NES controller is nearly 12 feet wide

Students at a Dutch university claim to have built the largest NES controller there is. It is nearly 30 times bigger than the original controller, and has presumably been made for some giant. Humans wishing to play would have to stand on the controller to manipulate it, and we guess it would require at least two people to even try to play something.

Via: Tweakers, Kotaku

Say it with the ‘miss you’ card

Sending a card and having to write all those mushy mushy things can be quite difficult. You may have the feelings, but getting all mushy is well… difficult. That’s when it is time to take a different route, and get a card like this one. The front is a shooting target with several marks of missed bullets, and the interior simply says “Miss You.” Costs $3.50.

Via: CoolMaterial

It is the day of rapture, the world is ending today

In case you didn’t notice, it is May 21 already, better known as OMG! OMG! The day the world ends. The rapture is supposed to start with earthquakes, the dead will rise from their graves, and the unsaved will be tormented until October 21, when the universe finally ends. In case of the dead rising, you’ve hopefully already stocked up with supplies and weapons, and zombie proofed your cars and home. In case of an earthquake, things are pretty much f*cked. Do not be fooled into calm, thinking it’s already 6 pm in many time zones and there has not been any news of rapture, as we have no idea of what time zone the rapture thingy is following. In fact, we aren’t even sure if it has a watch, clock or whatever. And even if it misses today, there’s the entire 2012 to wrap things up.