iPod finds a dock in toilet roll dispenser

There are almost a gazillion iPod docks out there, in numerous shapes and sizes. But never have we seen a toilet roll dispenser become an iPod dock, and we see no reason for a dock like that either. Well, unless you want a bit of music to accompany the poo poo. It has four high performance moisture free speakers that apparently play such good music that the dock currently is sold out.

Via: ShinyShiny

NTT DoCoMo launches phone capable of recording HD 3-D video

NTT DoCoMo has announced a new smartphone, and well, this one is quite a handful. It is equipped with two cameras, making it capable of capturing high-def 3D video at 720p. The Docomo Smartphone Aquos Phone SH-12C was developed by Sharp and will be available for purchase in Japan from May 20 onwards. Each of the cameras is capable of shooting 8 megapixel videos, while a 1.4GHz Qualcomm chip gets the entire work done.

Via: TechOn, cnet

Inspired by Facebook, Israeli parents name their daughter ‘Like’

Facebook’s popularity and the love of Lior Adler and his wife Vardit for Facebook, led to their daughter getting named after a Facebook feature. The newborn has been named “Like” after the famous Facebook like feature and button. Incidentally, the other daughter of the couple is named Pie after the food, and another is called Vash (Jewish word for honey). Lior says, “When I posted her picture and name on Facebook I got 40 likes. Considering that I have only a little more than 100 friends on the network that’s a lot.”

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Photographing the ‘best Korea’ North Korea

North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world, and it prefers to stay that way, away from the eye of the rest of the world. Well it does get the world’s attention for being the “best Korea” and being rather strong, as a country and as an official website. And obviously, it isn’t a great tourist spot, or a place to whip out the camera and capture images. For photographer Charlie Crane, it took a year to get a permission to visit the country with a camera, and then he could photograph only what they wanted him to, while constantly accompanied by two tourist guides. Looking at the photographs, it is quite obvious that they are somewhat “staged” but they do offer a rare look into North Korea.

Artist uses photo-manipulation for Paris street art

Street art usually means the artistic work you’d like run into while walking on a street, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Well, conventional wisdom does not quite apply to the work of artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet who uses digital photo manipulation for the job. The artist photographs objects and streets, and transforms them into the artistic objects as desired.