Devolution [pic]

Humans lost their tails somewhere in the evolution cycle. Still, most human embryos have tails that are mostly gone by the time of birth. But what if we never lost the tail? Seems weird thinking what we would actually do with it, but this image by lessthanhuman shows what the tail might really look like, in a bit of reptilian style.

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Call of Duty zombies reach real life, meet their fate anyway [video]

Logan Fulton and his friends used the Call of Duty zombie playing mode as an inspiration (or excuse) to go on a rampage, killing zombies in this live action fan film. Even though humans play the part, the film is quite a recreation of the game complete with on-screen prompts and weapon pop-ups.

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Life-sized Portal turret replica

A life-sized representation of the Portal turret, this replica has a red-laser eye, motion sensing sound bytes, and thankfully, no bullets. Made by Ryan Palser, the turret is a replica of the one found in the first Portal game, and looks quite faithful a representation.

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Lego structures pop up in vacant neighborhoods in Valencia, Spain

Spanish studio Espai MGR created these conceptual images showing impossible Lego structures filling up vacant neighborhoods in the city of Valencia. The idea behind the project (and the super neat images) is to draw attention to the fact that a lot of space is left unused or underused in otherwise space-starved cities. Nothing like giant Lego bricks to fill up those space though.

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Toyota makes a roller coaster with the 2011 Prius

Toyota teamed up with engineering crew Deeplocal to create a small roller coaster from the 2011 Prius. Engineers modified the Prius to create a coaster car, and bestowed it with a 70-feet track made out of steel. The coaster car is dropped from a 10 feet high platform, where it reaches a speed of 15mph. Braking system from the car generates current at 30amps for 200 Volts, giving a total power reading of 6000 Watts. This energy is enough to light real amusement park lights and signs, and the LEDs along the track.

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Shark fin lamp adds thrills, takes out jaws

Designer Aleksandr Mukomelov‘s Shark Lamp could find as many uses as you could think of a shark fin. In fact, you could even get creative to play along with the lamp. Of course, remember not to take your own jaws out with it. Also, I make poor jokes and bad puns; but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop.

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Cube home has dimensions of 10ft, includes most necessities

How much space could someone need to live comfortably? We don’t know the answer, but we’d never have guessed that it could ever be a cube with 10 feet sides. This tiny cube house has a table, two chairs, full-size shower, kitchen and a 4-ft wide double bed, all in a pint-sized package. Solar panels on the roof can provide enough energy to run the cube, and apparently even generate excess energy to sell back to the grid, raking in about £1,000 (~$1600) for owners annually. Cube Project is an initiative of Dr Mike Page at the University of Hertfordshire, and focuses on having a minimum impact on the environment.

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Temporary, stylish tattoos for your lips

I’m no fashion expert even by a long shot, but lip tattoos and lip art sure seem to be getting popular with every single passing day. In place of wrestling around with gloss or lipstick, you could just put on a temporary tattoo, with stylish looks and interesting designs. I can’t really decide if they are good or bad, but the sheer choice of patterns Violent Lips have probably means something could work just fine.

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Microsoft hourglass salt and pepper shaker

Microsoft have long changed the hourglass pointer, but most of us do very well remember the the hourglass pointer that used to appear when the computer went “busy” with a task. This salt and pepper shaker is inspired from the very same pointer, and will be called Salty Pixels when it hits the market. For some reason we fail to understand, the vendors have no pricing details on this one.

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Drinking out of the arse: Butt mug

As weird products go, the butt mug stands right with some of the kinkiest things around. Nothing can say good morning better than drinking out of an ass-shaped mug. There’s one way they could have made this thing worse (or better, depending on how you look at it), which is by shifting the drinking point towards the a-hole. Pervert! Costs $13.

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