A notice you’ll have no trouble going along with [pic]

It is fairly common to run into (and ignore) notices asking you to stay away from your gadgets, or put them away for a while. Well, this is the one that will ask you to continue fiddling with your gadgets. I don’t think reverse psychology can work in things like this. Costs $25.

Via: Geekosystem

Real life angry bird photographed

Don’t make birds angry, you aren’t going to like them when they are angry. Case in point: this female Blue-grey Gnatcatcher. Photographer Gerard Girling managed to take a shot of this apparently super angry, 6.5-gram bird.

Via: Telegraph, TwistedSifter

The inevitable Angry Birds, Star Wars mashup happens

We aren’t even going to pretend we were surprised by this one, we always knew an Angry BirdsStar Wars mashup would show up sooner or later. And of course, it is here. Angry Rebel Birds simply can’t wait to get their hands on to the Imperial Pigs. Hell, the set up even looks contextual, when you spare a thought for the Imperial Pigs. Prints and tees for these images are available on RedBubble.

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I can almost taste them: Typographic sandwiches

Typo Sandwiches from David Schwen stir things up in the stomach. And right now if I could eat jpeg images, I’d chow on these, but no use biting at the poor monitor. More typographic deliciousness after the jump.

Via: Ignant.de

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Brain and microchip furniture will keep your processing power at full

The brain and the microchip, or a microchip augmented brain, you just have to imagine the possibilities of both these coming together. While the scientific mix might take some time to come along, the touch of design can make a lot of things possible, albeit not always in the way you’d suppose. Artist Daniel Rohr created this super cute and nerdy set of coffee table microchips accompanied with brain-shaped ottomans. There is no mistaking in the geeky awesomeness of this set.

Via: Notcot

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Artist recycles pipes into lighting sculptures

Austrian artist and designer Manfred Kielnhofer created this set of tables, lights and chairs for the ÖAKR recycling competition. As you’d guess from the name itself, the entire set is made out from a set of recycled pipes, put into a brand new life as this interesting installation.

Baseball bats given a twisty twist

Artist Peter Schuyff makes use of baseball bats, giving them spirals and converting them into artistic sculptural pieces. Designer baseball bats would be good to see in a game, not much playable though.

Via: CMYBacon

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Mad Hatter Mickey

Toymakers Mediacom have dressed up Mickey as the Mad Hatter, inspired by Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the character in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The figure is approximately 6-inches tall and is available for purchase at Slamjam.

Via: HighSnobeity

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Fiat 500 doing a full vertical loop [video]

A stunt driver at the AutoRAI show in the Netherlands pulled off quite a spectacle by taking a Fiat 500 through a complete 360 degrees vertical loop. The Fiat was specially prepared for the stunt and for the occasion, by Shell.

Via: Autoblog

Guy makes actual Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robot, gets punched in the face

Being an engineer (and actually knowing a few things about that) can go a long way towards fulfilling some of your vanities. You know, things like getting punched in the face by a robot. Australian structural engineer Kris Tressider built this Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robot doppleganger and can now enjoy a bout or two with the machine. It randomly throws jabs and hooks at different speeds and can also manage directions a bit. The robot runs on windshield wiper motors, and a third one can be used when you intend to make it real crazy. Tressider hopes to bring the robot to the market, priced at something like $1000.

Via: Geekologie, IEEE Spectrum