Flynano brings the fun of flying in a small package

We’ve long since given up hopes of seeing flying cars in the near future; the logistics simply don’t add up. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing to live in the classic vision of the future(flying cars, space travel, robots, sex with hottest women on the planet). Flynano isn’t a flying car, but the tiny aircraft does bring the idea of the fun of flight. Available in versions that may be powered by petrol or electricity, Flynano has a lightweight construction that makes liberal use of carbon fiber composites, and a top speed that may reach 140 kph. Displayed at the Aero 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, designers hope to take the flyer into commercial production soon, with a price tag of €25,000 to €27,000 ($36.7k to $39.7k).

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AlessiLux ‘reinvents’ light bulbs into different shapes

There’s only a little scope of playing with the design of conventional incandescent light bulb, without messing with the light. Design company AlessiLux got on to the job of reinventing the light bulb, using three young designers to recreate the bulbs in various shapes and sizes. The result comes in the shape of these creatively shaped bulbs, though we cannot exactly be sure if they are quite as good for actual lighting purposes, or just showy glowing pieces.

Via: designboom

Bread spoons are the tasty utensils to go along your food

Bread Spoons from designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen play the concept of spoon, making the cutlery itself edible. They do look really interesting, and I can already think of a long list of food items this cutlery will go exceptionally well with.

Via: Inhabitat

Color cupboard: Shiny, unusual and bright

Color cupboard keeps your selection of books in a color coded circular shelves, much like a color wheel. Yeah, cool stuff, but nowhere near as good as the walking bookshelf.

Via: BasKamp, DesignSpotter

Beeracuda is your vicious storage for beer

Available in styles like the Samurai Sword and Wise Wizard, this shoulder strapped weapon will keep you filled with the most important of all necessities: beer. The insulated sling can hold five cans, while a place in the shoulder strap offers room for another, taking the total to six cans. Yep, that should work good enough. Costs $20.

Via: Uncrate

Untitled custom motorcycles

Untitled Motorcycles is a group of three guys in London making custom motorcycles. Each of the designs is elegant, done with classy styling and quality mechanics. Untitled says the idea isn’t about power, but about motorcycles that speak the soul. They start off with old motorcycles and bring them back to life with classic looks.

Via: BlessThisStuff

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UNICEF’s landmine sticker awareness campaign

Landmines are responsible for scarring thousands of lives across war torn countries, and they still continue to wreak havoc. To get people’s attention to the plight of landmine victims, UNICEF orchestrated a creative campaign. They placed “landmine stickers” with self-adhesive tops in front of booths, and when people unwittingly stepped on these stickers, they saw the sticker’s reverse side drawn in the shape of a landmine. The action reminded people that such simple strolls could prove deadly to thousands in many countries. UNICEF says the campaign turned out successful, with increased donations and visits.

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Face sunglasses keep you protected from the sun

Sunscreens and shades are so passe when you can cover your face in glass that makes it look like you came from a hard day of arc welding. Made out of the same material as luxurious eyewear, the giant glasses almost cover the entire face. They keep the sun away, the face safe, and the wearer looking like a weirdo. Something tells me many people won’t have any problems with the weirdo part, as long as the product works as advertised.

Via: NewLaunches

Handheld espresso machine keeps your caffeine fix close

Even walking to the coffee machine is a pain when you have something like a gazillion cups of coffee everyday. Ergo, this handheld espresso maker is a blessing that will bestow a cuppa upon you without forcing you to leave your seat. It has the appearance of an icecream scoop, has gas cartridges to fumble up 9 bars of pressure, and you can use a trigger to get it going. The cartridges cost $16 while the coffee maker itself clocks in at $190.

Via: RedFerret

The mighty crovel is a crowbar, a showel, a hammer and a machette

Yay for multifunction and multipurpose equipment. The crovel is basically a combination of a shovel and a crowbar but it really is more than that. It’s like the swiss army knife of tools. It can be a hammer, a saw, a machette and even a bottle opener when you need to show off. Also, it should be the default weapon in some upcoming video game, like the crowbar in Half Life. Costs $45.

Via: Uncrate, CrunchGear