Strap-on condoms are the saviors of the drunk

Developed by Beau Thompson, strap-on condoms are buddies of the drunk guy looking to score. Being drunk doesn’t quite help men put on a condom, and all the fumbling can be quite a mood killer. It was one such experience and a frustrating night that led Thompson to the path of this invention. And it has been a success, selling millions of units in the USA, the condoms are now headed for Europe.

Via: Metro, WeInterrupt

BMW gives a nod to its past with the 328 Homage Concept

Celebrating its 75th birthday, Bavarian automaker BMW has come up with the 328 Homage concept, a nod to the car that the brand produced in the late ’30s. Displayed at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, the concept gives off a retro look while keeping up with the best of contemporary manufacturing technologies. The concept makes elaborate use of carbon fiber, aluminum and leather in its construction, and is powered by a 3.0-l V6 engine.

World’s largest camera can comfortably hold an airplane

The world’s largest camera is big enough to comfortably hold an airplane. Hell, it used to be an abandoned airplane hangar in Irvine, California before it was converted into a humongous pinhole camera. The camera itself measured 45x160x80 feet, and was made fit for the purpose with 24,000 square feet of plastic, 1,300 gallons of foam filler, 1.52 miles of tape, and 40 cans of spray paint. Image was formed on a film that measured 31 ft 7 in x 111 ft and weighed 1200 pounds. An image was captured using a 6mm hole in the side of the hangar, and exposed to film for 35 minutes. This continues to be the largest photo ever made.

Via: PetaPixel