Keep your cool in summers with the USB air conditioning shirt

It’s summer, and like it or not sometimes you just can’t help sweating like a pig, or a dog, or any animal of your choice for that matter. But fret not folks, as long as you’ve got a USB port nearby and this shirt on your person, you’ll be like a knight ready to take on the heat. Hyperbole aside, this shirt has a USB powered fan built in, which probably can come in handy for the hot hot summers. Costs $258.

Microsoft creates wireless mouse series with artists

Microsoft teamed up with artists to launch the creatively titled series “Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition.” The super creative name aside, the series had participation of six artists, each making a mouse the work of art with different patterns and striking uniqueness. Each of the mice have the artists signature at the bottom and are proclaimed to have a battery life of 8-months on a single AA battery. The mice are priced at $30.

Via: ChipChick

Artist makes religious sites out of ammunitions

Human history is fraught with wars based on one premise or the other, but nothing quite awakes the same passions as religion. San Francisco artist Al Farrow creates religious sites, Mosques, Churches and Synagogues out of ammunitions and firearms. Interesting stuff, and it is almost surprising how the artist makes weapons into such “sacred” religious places.

Via: MyLoveForYou, Colossal

Sci-fi helmets make you the superhero of your choice

For superheroes, it is their headgear that makes them so easily recognizable, apart from the fact that they wear underwears over pants. Anyways, YouTube user Tigerpause444 created these awesome set of helmets that can be had in the choice of numerous superheroes. You could be Iron Man, Master Chief or the War Machine, among others. None of these helmets are road legal though, because they have screws and Department of Transportation doesn’t want any of that on helmets.

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