Pontiac Solstice II concept car

Pontiac Solstice II concept car from designer Dejan Hristov is a design study that envisions a futuristic Solstice. The concept has strong lines, edges, and creases. We’ll go on to say it seems to have more creases than an unpressed shirt, but that’s a different story. At the front, the concept has vertical headlights, and the same creased hood as the rear. Just to make matters a bit more spicy, the designer has included a targa top for the car.

Scientists plan to harvest fuel from Uranus to power space missions, earth

Scientists working on Project Icarus are looking into the possibilities of harvesting gas from another planet. Uranus may have the most unfortunate name in the solar system, but the planet has a good supply of Helium-3, a great source of energy if used as a fuel. Harvesting gas from Uranus could possibly fuel probe missions to nearby stars, and if harvested for Earth, it could eventually power our planet as well. It is estimated that only 14,000 tonnes of Helium-3 would be enough to power the Earth for a year.

Beautiful lamps crafted from re-purposed materials

There is an inherent beauty in the Steampunk-ish old timey lamps from artist Cory Barkman. He has just sent us images of the latest batch of lamps. Like their predecessors, these lamps are made mostly from repurposed materials. Cory starts off work with a design and idea, foraging for exact parts that would blend, work well with the lamps. If the artist is unable to find parts for the meticulously designed lamps, he gets to work forging them by himself.

Imaginary smartphone interface works better than the emperor’s new clothes

Students at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany have created a new concept for smartphones they call the “imaginary phone” concept. The premise of the idea is to allow users to be able to do micro interactions with their phones, without actually having to interact with their phone. Working with the phone on a daily basis gives us a fair idea of the buttons and operations that could be done without even looking at the phone.