GE ‘recreates’ the sun with exploding hydrogen balloons

To show off its ideas of “portraits of the sun,” General Electric pumped up 20 weather balloons with Hydrogen and Helium. The balloons were surrounded by 24 Canon DSLR cameras, and then shot, so the cameras could capture this rather interesting footage that gives a glance of the “power” of the sun.

Via: PetaPixel

Sri Lankan woman gets hit by train, shrugs it off and walks away

We have every reason in the world to suspect that this girl has superpowers, or is superman in woman’s clothing. After all, we’ve only heard of superheroes walking away after having an impact with a train. The Sri Lankan woman was knocked down by a train while she was walking along the tracks. As people ran to her aid, she promptly got up, and walked away, presumably in an attempt to keep her secret identity intact.

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Photographer wants to make gif images classy

For all that they are worth, the moving gif images are usually reserved for odd, funny affairs, without even a semblance of class and sometimes, decency. Photographer Jamie Beck intends to add some “class” to this poor image format with her series named “cinemagraphs.” Checkout the images, and see the idea work.

Via: Geekosystem

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An Audi made in papercraft

The papercraft Audi A7 isn’t built to scale, but when paper manages to mimic steel, it automatically becomes worthy of admiration. Artist Taras Lesko made use of 285 clean sheets to recreate the luxury car. He made use of a laser printer, two desktop cutting plotters, glue and an X-ACTO knife, and 245 hours of hard work to create this incredible replica.

Via: Colossal

Beer nutrition pint glass

Let there be no doubts or questions on the benefits of beer, this pint glass will be more than happy to provide you with nutritional facts on beer. The glasses have beer printed on one side, the Nutrition Facts on the other. Set of two costs $10.

Via: CoolMaterial

Coffee table modded with a train set

Jaxan from Sacramento, California made use of creative powers of his brain to add life to an Ikea “Liatorp” coffee table. The idea involved making slight modifications to the table, throwing in some money, but having a working train set in a coffee table, probably makes it all worth it.

Via: Ikea Hackers, Make, UberReview

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Sadness-Happyness and the broken heart

The dark, gloomy sadness and the warm, bright happiness, both show up together in this Sadness-Happyness print by Allan Aubry.

Via: Beautiful/Decay

Shopping in the sky: Korean Air will have stores in their A380s

Air travel could soon be more than a test of nerves, especially with amazing ideas like gaming seats and duty free shopping coming through. Korean Air is planning duty free shops for their upcoming Airbus A380 jumbo jets. Apparently, cosmetics company L’Oréal’s design department also had a role to play in designing these stores. Each bottle on display has a strong magnet at the bottom to keep them upright during turbulence. There aren’t much details, but the airlines does seem intent on getting shops in the air.

Via: FlightGlobal, Core77

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Chameleon attacks iPhone [video]

Chameleons and iPhones don’t mix. The chameleon takes a few seconds sizing up its opponent, then charges at it.

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Handcrafted porcelain eggs covered in luxury (and jewels)

German jeweler Peter Nebengaus handcrafts eggs out of porcelain and decks them out with jewelry. The eggs are designed in a mix of contemporary and ancient art, and are decked in precious metals like gold and platinum, and in gems and rubies. The gold egg is priced at $20,400 while the swarovski encrusted porcelain egg sells for $7000.

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