USB flash drives in 35 mm film package

Those who feel pangs of nostalgia for the old 35mm films can find some solace in these 4GB flash drives made to look like the film roll packaging. Of course, the role of the film ends with the package itself, but it is still cool to carry a piece of beautiful memories. The 4GB drives are priced at $24, and the 2GB version sells for $19 at Etsy shop newfocus.

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Superb time lapse video shows the beauty of the Milky Way

Captured by Terje Sorgjerd, this time lapse video shows the majesty of our galaxy. The video was captured from Spain’s highest mountain El Taide, and the choice of location evidently worked very well for the shoot.

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Shoes made out of cheese

A fashion student at Bath Spa University has designed a set of shoes made from cheese and stale bread. Lisa Dillon made the footwear by carving out West Country cheddar to make the heels and using stale cheese sandwich as platform for the sole. The shoes were created for an event that intends to promote the region’s tasty cheese, and probably stinky feet as well.

Via: SWNS, OddityCentral

Man pissed at Tornado for ‘stealing’ his burger [video]

The video shows a man standing in front of battered cars complaining that a tornado “stole” his burger, drink and fries. Friggin’ tornadoes.

Via: BuzzFeed

Neo Geo MVS gets packed in walnut

Analogue Interactive have put their Neo Geo console into a more “luxurious” packing. The new CMVS comes wrapped in walnut wood rather than plastic, plays MVS cartridges, works with component, S-video, composite and RGB video formats, and includes a rechargeable battery for internal memory. The system will begin shipping early May with a price tag of $649.

Via: Joystiq, NintendoLife

Samurai Terrorist stop motion Lego animation

A greedy company owner gets on the wrong end of a “Samurai Terrorist” Ninja. When you hear someone being called Samurai and Ninja at the same time, you know never to mess with them.

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Pipe lights from MESH architectures

Pipe Lights from Brooklyn based studio MESH Architectures is a series of lamps that bring together plumbing and lighting mixed into an attractive combination. Lamps can be bought from the studio’s Etsy shop.

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Wonders of the rocking hot dog

Designed by Nienke Klunder in 2009, this rocking hot dog is getting ready to satiate your appetite. Albeit only in a limited edition run of 8 units.

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Amigo dog wheelchair

Amigo dog wheelchair aims to provide greater mobility to dogs with disabled rear legs. Still in the prototype stage, the wheelchair designed by Nir Shalom attaches to the hips of dogs and promises more mobility with its independent moving supports. An elastic knee joint is set backwards to allow dogs to negotiate stairs, lay down, sit, and get up on their own.

Via: designboom

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Foldable Origami Mobile Phone concept

Origami phone concept from designer Chengyuan Wei is somewhat of an minimalist, artistic design. Considering that the basic electronic components of a mobile phone have been miniaturized enough, creating a phone like this won’t pose much of a problem, the unusual design and minimalist approach however, do make it more of a niche product. When not in use, the phone generally lays flat as paper, but when you need to make or receive a call, the body of the phone changes into a tri-dimensional structure that goes easy on the hands.

Via: YankoDesign

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