Pikachu Kitty, the second edition

Artist Pavel Lagutin shopped an image of an ordinary kitten, converting it into the electrifying Pikachu.

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Getting ribbons on the skin with Corset Piercing

Body Modification’s got new style. Okay, this corset piercing thing may not really be new, but it seems to be getting popular fast. Apparently, people love to have hoops going through there skin, and threading them with ribbons. You know, for the classy formal look.

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Magic chair stands despite cut-off legs

This chair right in front of you, ladies and gentlemen, is magic. It stands strong, so you could sit on it, and wonder how in the world does a chair without legs manage to be useful. Elementary, my dear Watson, the answer is concealed as a thick plate in the carpet. The steel plate helps the cantilever chair to stay in place, while the stubs give the appearance of the chair having been cut off at the legs. Designed by Peter Bristol.

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Portal 2 presented as a 70s style movie poster

Nothing much to say here, except Whoa! Look how amazing that is!

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Hydromax wearable hydration systems for football players

For a fast paced and action packed game like football, amongst the thousands injuries you might get, you also run the risk of dehydration. While minor injuries are a part of the game, dehydration and heatstroke can probably be avoided with some inventive use of water. Hydromax system is designed to provide water supply to players in a wearable, armor protected supply. The system incorporates a plastic water bladder and a flexible silicon tube that ends in a bite valve. How useful players find the water supply and the extra weight, probably depends on individual tastes.

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Designer chainsaws for the truly fashionable lumberjack

Lumberjacks are badass dudes bringing down trees with their badass chainsaws. But who said badassery couldn’t go with a dose of smooth edges and fashion. The Nok Gear chainsaw is a sleek, slightly contemporary design that takes the edge off those ugly conventional chainsaws. Designers of the chainsaw also claim that the Nok is lightweight, and they’ve drenched it with designer cues to make it look cute. Wait… cute? I thought we were talking badass here; there goes the entire premise of a superhuman lumberjack.

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Researchers find ‘No Smoking’ signs make smokers want to light up

Apparently with nothing better to do, researchers at Oxford University studied the effect of No Smoking signs on smokers and came back to say the signs don’t work. In fact, the signs make smokers crave for a cigarette. It would seem the sign reminds smoker of cigarettes, and the sheer number of signs a smoker might come across increases their desire for the stick. According to our very own researchers [citation needed], another factor that makes smokers want to light up is blogging about smoking. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a cigarette to smoke.

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Angry looking Cectek King Cobra ATV

Perhaps the Cectek King Cobra ATV didn’t quite have an enjoyable trip while coming from Taiwan. That would explain its super angry face. Or maybe it just wants to pretend being macho. It has a liquid cooled, four-stroke 500EFI Engine, a V-belt automatic CVT transmission with knob shift, to go along its 2WD and 4WD modes. There’s no price tag yet, and you better not ask the angry King Cobra about it.

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Google Chrome and ‘It Gets Better’

Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project is aimed at helping LGBT teens, uplifting their spirits through videos and giving hope to these kids who may be confused and tormented.

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Rosario yacht concept developed especially for Chinese sensibilities

Designer David Panarella, in collaboration with designer Liyu Zhao and Italian company Feddy International, created this yacht concept targeted specifically towards Chinese sensibilities. The concept was displayed at the China International Boat Show (CIBSE), one of Asia’s most important shows for the recreational boating industry. Named Rosario, the concept brings together the best of European and Chinese design, with plush interiors and sensible exteriors.

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