This chair is perfectly ripped, better than you will ever be

Hit the gym, workout, spend time and money, and return only to find that a chair already beat you to getting a perfect body. As a result, Mr. Chair by designers Soojin Hyun and Sangho Park gets all the girls it wants, while you desperately try working out at the gym. If you’re wondering how a chair gets the girls, the images here should sort it all out for you.

Designer imagines futuristic MacBook for 2020

Imagining what the future holds can be interesting, and has mesmerized humans ever since we’ve had the ability to think. We may have no idea on how events will look like nearly a decade into the future and it seems rather impossible to even predict the gadgets and technology that will be available that time. Well, that ain’t going to stop us from trying though. These renderings are a take by designer Tommaso Gecchelin on what Apple MacBooks may look like in 2020, and what technology and features they might have to offer.

Indoor post lamps bring street lights inside your home

In the spirit of fairness, if table lamps can go out on the street, post lamps should be allowed in homes. Thankfully, La Lumiere lamps by Gallery Vetri D’Arte aren’t like the modern lifeless cylinders you see on streets, but slightly ornate like the endangered species of beautiful old-timey lamp posts. The floor lamp is about 83 inches tall, weighs about a 100 pounds, and is available in glossy black and white.

Via: Trendir

A century of war casualties, an infographic in blood

Conflict and war have marred the history of the human race, and the last century alone has seen two world wars and numerous conflicts. A total of 38 million deaths have been caused by 25 conflicts, many of which are still continuing. Clara Kayser-Bril, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Marion Kotlarski made this infographic with blood, using a liter of blood to represent a million deaths. The image titled 100 Years of World Cuisine does not use real blood, but fake and similar to the stuff used in slasher movies.

Via: FastCo Design

Man paints every room of his house as the Sistine Chapel

Bored by painting people’s houses in pastel colors, Robert Burns of East Sussex, UK decided his own place could get a life. With that in mind, the man set off on a mission to recreate the Sistine Chapel in every room of his house, probably laying claim to Michelangelo’s fame. This masterpiece Sistine Chapel home took eight years to complete, and interestingly enough, Burns has never seen the original Sistine Chapel in all its glory. Unable to afford a trip to Italy, the man relied on pictures in coffee table books to get hold of the effect and dimensions to work on the striking piece. He did make a few changes though, like having Russell Brand with a crown of thorns depicted as Jesus.

Via: DailyMail, Geekosystem