X-Ray sees dog slurping, understands the mechanics involved [video]

Exploiting the magic of X-Ray cameras and high frame rate, scientists evolutionary biologist Alfred Crompton and some Harvard colleagues have found the exact way a dog drinks. It is generally believed that dogs scoop liquids into their mouth from the underside of their tongues, but now it seems they are quite similar to cats, pulling columns of water into their mouth using neat fluid mechanic tricks. Basically, the tongue hits the liquid and snaps back, forcing water into the space behind it.

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Decommissioned AK-47 converted into a guitar

Colombian sculptor César López creates some of the most badass looking guitars that presumably make other guitars look woefully inadequate with their war stories. The sculptor noticed many armed guards carried their guns like they would a guitar, leading Lopez towards the idea of fashioning guitars from the scary AK-47s. Lopez does not sell his creations, but hopes that “in the end the gun dies and the guitar is born.”

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Easy Express Emotion bed is curved for lovers to show emotions

Designed by Hyun-Seok Kim, the Easy Express Emotion bed is made for lovers, for their emotions, and probably for uncomfortable sleep. Apart from leading to body aches, the curves of the bed can also be used by lovers to express their emotions. When the couple is all happy and in the mood, the bed (or mattresses) can come together in the shape of a smiley, putting the lovers close together. This, we assume, is represented by the heart on top of the bed in place. When the couple is sparring and decide that they need some space, the bed can go separate, a tale told by the broken heart.

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Pininfarina Coupe concept car

Pininfarina is well known for the majesty and beauty of its designs. Designer Peter Norris has attempted to follow the same line as the well known coachbuilders for his independent design. He started off with an idea to develop a luxury car that would carry the brand’s name, and created the Pininfarina coupe. The concept goes with the traditional front engine rear-wheel drive, but the point lies in the excellent looks of the concept, that could possibly hold up to Pininfarina standards.

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