Star Wars propaganda posters

With all the war going on between the galactic empire and the rebels, you’d expect some action was going on in the streets to spread the “cause” of either side among common citizens. The movie never touched on that theme, but Monkey Minion press gives us a glimpse at what things may be like with these posters. Interestingly, the Etsy shop’s page proclaims it features “Full-frontal Nerdity,” which we believe is the best kind, right after full frontal nudity, of course.

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Plastic balls have the magic of anti-gravity [video]

This film was made by Physalia Studio for this year’s F5 Re:Play Fest. Considering the challenge ahead, the team came up with this rather unique video, and the “happiest machine” they’ve ever built.

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Keep your cool in summers with the USB air conditioning shirt

It’s summer, and like it or not sometimes you just can’t help sweating like a pig, or a dog, or any animal of your choice for that matter. But fret not folks, as long as you’ve got a USB port nearby and this shirt on your person, you’ll be like a knight ready to take on the heat. Hyperbole aside, this shirt has a USB powered fan built in, which probably can come in handy for the hot hot summers. Costs $258.

If IKEA made manuals for sci-fi movies [pics]

Here’s a look at how objects and movies would appear, had manuals for their use been made by IKEA.

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Cyborg mannequins are nude seductive war machines

Cyborgs are at war, and they’re sexy, nude female figures. At least in the imagination of artist Fan Xiaoyan. The artist says her work symbolizes the next plateau of human evolution, where we’ll all probably be sexy war machines. More images (some NSFW) at Look in Art.

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Knitted food

Common sense dictates I should not eat these knitted food pieces created by artist Ed Bing Lee. No matter how delicious they look, and the wide choice of cuisines on offer.

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Robots try a hand lightsaber dueling [video]

Yaskawa equipped its Motoman industrial robots with lightsabers and had them take a go at each other in a choreographed sequence. The choreographed part is sort of a bummer, but lightsaber wielding robots do look good.

Via: IEEE Spectrum

Microsoft creates wireless mouse series with artists

Microsoft teamed up with artists to launch the creatively titled series “Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition.” The super creative name aside, the series had participation of six artists, each making a mouse the work of art with different patterns and striking uniqueness. Each of the mice have the artists signature at the bottom and are proclaimed to have a battery life of 8-months on a single AA battery. The mice are priced at $30.

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Thou shall not anger the most useless machine [video]

The thing the most useless machine does best, is to switch itself off as soon as you switch it on. That’s all a day’s work for the machine. But continue disturbing its slumber, and the machine will eventually have had enough. Let me say it again, these machines do not like being switched on.

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Dude can turn his head 180 degrees [video]

Yes its freaky and quite similar to head movement of ghosts in poorly made horror movies. For Alexander though, it is his super flexible spinal column that does the trick.

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