High five this lamp to switch it on/off

Having fun and high-fiving a lamp is quite a pathetic way to celebrate, but better a lamp than nothing. Bye-5 lamp by designer Da Deng harps on the theme of positive feedback, by asking users to interact with it by high fives. Seems like fun, except of the, you know.. high fiving the lamp part.

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Inspired by Facebook, Israeli parents name their daughter ‘Like’

Facebook’s popularity and the love of Lior Adler and his wife Vardit for Facebook, led to their daughter getting named after a Facebook feature. The newborn has been named “Like” after the famous Facebook like feature and button. Incidentally, the other daughter of the couple is named Pie after the food, and another is called Vash (Jewish word for honey). Lior says, “When I posted her picture and name on Facebook I got 40 likes. Considering that I have only a little more than 100 friends on the network that’s a lot.”

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Old VW bus sits on WWII tank treads

We don’t think this VW bus is aging gracefully, it is going badass with age. Perhaps a desperate attempt by the old timer to stay relevant long past its time. The bus sits atop tank treads that would trace their origin to World War II, and is currently on sale at Vehicle Liquidation.

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Cats in tanks [video]

When cats commandeer tanks, you should run for cover. Puny human.

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Hot chocolate cupcakes

What could be more delicious to the tastebuds and the eyes, than cupcakes made to look like hot chocolate?

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Photographing the ‘best Korea’ North Korea

North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world, and it prefers to stay that way, away from the eye of the rest of the world. Well it does get the world’s attention for being the “best Korea” and being rather strong, as a country and as an official website. And obviously, it isn’t a great tourist spot, or a place to whip out the camera and capture images. For photographer Charlie Crane, it took a year to get a permission to visit the country with a camera, and then he could photograph only what they wanted him to, while constantly accompanied by two tourist guides. Looking at the photographs, it is quite obvious that they are somewhat “staged” but they do offer a rare look into North Korea.

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Artist uses photo-manipulation for Paris street art

Street art usually means the artistic work you’d like run into while walking on a street, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Well, conventional wisdom does not quite apply to the work of artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet who uses digital photo manipulation for the job. The artist photographs objects and streets, and transforms them into the artistic objects as desired.

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iKeyboard for iPad lets you touch-type on a virtual keyboard

A perennial grouch with virtual keyboards is that users have to go the way of hunt-and-peck typing and end up making typos, mistakes, and worse, falling victims of auto-correct. The iKeyboard probably won’t save you from auto correct, but it will allow users to have touch-type on a virtual keyboard. It sits atop the virtual keyboard in a lightweight package and allows users to use the virtual keyboard as a touch-type one, increasing speed and productivity. iKeyboard showed up on Kickstarter, and has already gone past thrice its set target with plenty of days to go.

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Wall-E mobile PC moves around, looks cute

This Wall-E doesn’t do any robot collection, but it does have a mini PC inside, and an RC unit that allows you to control the PC and move it around. An arduino and a few servo motors control the system, and help the cute robot-PC to move around.

Via: bit-tech, Make, technabob

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Celebrity portraits done renaissance style

Celebrities do get into renaissance style clothes for one shot or the other, but imagining a number of them in renaissance-style portraits could be an interesting take as well. These images are from Worth1000, the home of some the most interesting images on the web, and a boatload of those you tend to see in thousands of those forwarded emails.

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