Scientists find superbrands and religion have nearly the same effect on brain

Loyalty people show towards brands can be amazing. And it seems their religious devotion to brands may be a lot more literal. In a BBC documentary Secrets of the Superbrands, scientists worked to find the effects of brands on the brain. Alex Brooks, an Apple superfan, underwent an MRI scan so scientists could see his brain’s reaction to photographs of Apple products.

Lady, you must have all guys bee-lining for you

Contrary to what you may think, the dress you see above is not known as batshit insane. In fact, it is a part of a line of wearable artwork / couture artwork from UK based company The_Rodnik_Band. Nobody wants drab conventional clothes, people are going to be so very happy in urinal clothing. By the way, is it just me or the model above does look like she’s questioning every life decision she’s ever made?

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Star Wars Episode VII: Brand Wars

Working on a Star Wars theme, artist Barn Bocock created this series entitled “Brand Wars.” Brands battling it out like the empire and the rebels? Yes, please. Interestingly, I can’t help noticing that the artist seems to have skipped the Microsoft-Apple / PC-Mac rivalry. Now that, would have been a war, and the Apple logo would probably lend itself well for a Death Star illustration. The artwork is available at RedBubble and Society6.

Hair dresser makes heels and shoe soles out of human hair

Taiwanese hairdresser Tsai Shiou-ying has plenty of raw material, i.e. hair at her disposal to actually be able to use it for art. The hairdresser has created a number of sculptures out of hair, but calls these high heel hair shoes her favorite. Tsai says she uses only human hair for her creations, and the heels might employ hair from three humans; mostly her friends and neighbors.

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Concept looks at iPod Nano as a B&R styled watch

There have been a number of concepts and products wanting to convert the iPod Nano into a watch. The latest in line comes form schellDsign, a concept that imagines what things may look like if the Apple gadget came in a watch package like B&R. In the spirit of the union of brands, the concept has been named M&T -01 (music and time).

Case makes it way easier to find your iPhone

It is very easy to sit, relax and realize you have no idea where you put your phone. Then commences the search under couches and sheets and wherever you can think of. That ain’t happening on the watch of Glossy iPhone 4 Safe Case. It may look ugly, but the jeweled case has a matching jeweled remote control that can help you find your phone. You can switch the remote to search mode and it will buzz when its near the phone. Or keep it in alarm mode and it will shoot off whenever you go far from your phone. Costs $98.