Subsonic Teenage Subwoofer Chair

Created by Canadian designer John Greg Ball, the subsonic chair was created to go along the loud-music playing habits of youth. The chair has two 16-inch subwoofers and can connect to iPods, mp3 players and gaming systems to deliver loud and thundering sounds, while the user sits on it and enjoys the music. The chair is still in the prototype phase.

Via: designboom

Android robot gets a teardown, spills its guts

This image puts the Android robot on the dissection table, spinning its guts out, showing off its anatomy. No sir, the robot is not flesh and bone, like some gadgets turned out to be. It is mostly electronic, though it does have a few organic parts.

Via: SlipperyBrick

Action figures put Star Wars characters in a medieval fantasy

Continuing with his style of reworking Star Wars characters, artist Sillof has now placed them in a medieval fantasy. It is a land ruled by Deth Valkor, carrying a blade turned red with blood. Valkor’s Sturm Infantry helps keeps the realm under the tight grip of the dictator. But the tyrant king does face opposition, with the highlight being on Lukos Swordbearer, who was trained by Obiwoth Kindorn. Other figures in the list include Princess Lilani, Khan Solon, Charothku, Boran Fayne, Randor Deeptomb and Cadpollo Gildenrod.

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Concept merges iPhone with a Leica

Most of us use phones for the casual shot, and that works quite well. But if quality be desired, the iPhone cannot ever hope to match the finesse of a Leica, at least unless somehow both gadgets merge into one. And that’s where we head to the Leica i9 concept. Intended to function as an iPhone 4 accessory, the concept from Black Design Associates wraps up the phone like a case. Along with that, it brings the goodness of Leica in the form of a CMOS image sensor and lens, with effective 12.1 MP lens, 8× optical zoom, 35 equivalent focal lengths and ready-to-shoot operation. Shared battery capability for both devices makes the pot sweeter. The only hindrance of course is that it is a concept, a dream far from reality right now.

Via: Core77

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Stay classy, Snow White

We’ve known for quite a while that the innocent Disney Princesses aren’t really that innocent. While she was singing and doing all that fairy tale stuff, we’d say Snow White quietly move to corners for a quick snort. The cocaine snorting Snow White made an appearance at the Buenos Aires Graffiti Tour.

Via: RGS

Book shaped charging docks for iPhone and iPod

Wisdom never goes amiss, especially if it has enough juice to charge gadgets. Etsy shop inbooks has these impressive charging docks for the iPhone and iPod. Bound and shaped like some of the best known classics, the charging docks are nearly inconspicuous.

Via: 7Gadgets

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Slingshot gatling gun [video]

This guy absolutely loves slingshots, or converting them into lethal weapons. We’ve already seen the machete slingshot, and now it is time for the gatling gun slingshot. This one can shoot eight 20mm balls in less than half a second, giving it a theoretical speed of 960 rounds per minute.

Via: Geekologie

Marvel parodies Volkswagen’s Little Darth with Little Thor [video]

VW’s Little Vader has become a legend in himself, and the cute Sith Lord has inspired quite a few videos. Now Marvel has come up with a parody featuring Little Thor, for the upcoming Thor movie. See what happens when a mortal wields the mighty hammer of Thor.

PC people and Mac people [infographic]

The lines between Mac and PC have always been drawn, and this infographic from Hunch takes them to the people. Researchers put data from about 700,000 people from its website visitors and created a graphic showing just how different these people really are. It would appear the differences really are noteworthy, going around the platform of choice. Full image after the jump.

Via: Mashable

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Candy chair made with lollipops is edible

Like your candy? You’re gonna love this chair. To put it blunt, this chair is 60 pounds worth of confectioners sugar. Created by designer Pieter Brenner, the chair can be more than a piece of display. You could technically sit on it, though it is not recommended, but you can customize the appearance of the chair to your liking. All you need to do for customizing the chair is to lick at the candy, the way you like it, wherever you like it. The sugarchair is for sale, each priced at $11000.

Via: FastCo Design

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