250,000 Lego bricks create the impressive ‘Garrison of Moriah’

A super creative Lego fan Gerry Burrows has created a huge world with Lego bricks. Sitting in a 540-square-foot room that Burrows especially kept aside for his creation, the “Garrison of Moriah” has buildings inspired by Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the creator’s own imagination. Gerry spent a lot of time doing preparations to pave way for his huge work that currently stands at 28 feet long and occupies nearly one-third of the room, which means the creation is still growing, with a lot more work to be added to the impressive Garrison.

Via: Wired

Mercedes and Lego co-create the largest Technic model

Lego and Mercedes have come together to create the largest Technic model till date. Based on the multi-purpose Unimog U 400 truck, the 1:12.5 scale set will include 2048 parts and be ready for Unimog’s various applications. The extremely detailed model also features pneumatically operated crane gripper arm capable of rotating almost 360 degrees via an electrically controlled turntable, and a front winch that can be converted into a snow plow. To be available in August, the model will be priced around $260.

Via: Gizmag

Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars are what cigars would look like if they had some weird sort of arrested development thing. The previous line may not paint a rosy picture for the cigars, but they can be quite useful. If you have trouble handling a full-sized cigar, the nub may be for you. The Nicaraguan cigars are available in a variety of blends and shape, priced at $5-$8.

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