Dynamic lights can be modified into the shape of your choice

Guss modular lighting system from designer Santiago Sevillano can have a number of shapes, you just need to have enough creativity to put its units together in the shape you choose. The light is made out of numerous urvilinear components, which can be separated, recombined, and mixed and matched to create the lamp of your choice, in the look that works best for you.

Via: YankoDesign, ShoeboxDwelling

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PaperPhone is a paper thin smartphone

The super thin and super light PaperPhone has about the same thickness as a sheet of paper, but it also has the capabilities you expect from a smartphone. Display for the phone is a flexible e-ink, and users can interact with it by bending the device, flipping corners, or writing on it with a stylus. The prototype phone has memory storage, audio playback, texting, and can make phone calls. And you’ve probably noticed that it does not have a camera or a color display. PaperPhone is the invention of Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Ontario.

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MTV’s flip book animation with balloons [video]

MTV created this incredible animation using balloons on a railway track as a flip book. It is pretty interesting as each balloon bursts, making way to the next frame, a balloon.

Crazy roof dreams of making bicycles weatherproof

In some different dimension, this removable windshield and roof system would actually serve to protect the bicyclist from bad weather. In this world, the poor cyclist won’t stand a chance again gusts of wind, and will have to deal with the weird appendage limiting visibility.

Via: Toxel

Ninja game has a boobalicious Epic Nod advertisement [video]

The video seems to be a rather unusual style for promoting a ninja videogame, but boobies make everything better, so it’s all good. Don’t forget to nod along when you watch.

Via: TheRawFeed

Vintage style posters for Cars 2

If you haven’t been keeping track, know that Cars 2 is all geared up for release. To celebrate the release, Pixar designers created these retro-styled posters for the movie. The movie is about the adventure of Lightning McQueen and Mater, as they take off for the world’s first-ever Grand Prix.

Via: MMM

Transformers sculptures made from waste auto parts

We’ve come to expect a Chinese connection when we hear of DIY transformer sculptures, and we’re rarely disappointed. These sculptures were on display at the Nanjing International Auto Exhibition in China. These Transformers resembling pieces have been made waste pieces/ scraps from cars and bikes. No wonder some of them look so angry.

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Creative graffiti book covers everything you need to know

This creative and intelligently crafted design by London-based graphic designer Benoit Ollive. That truly is all you need to know about graffiti.

Via: CMYBacon

The easy guide to history of the internet

The image above shows landmark years in the history of the internet, when some of the most popular websites came into being. Its almost surprising to see how far the internet has come in just 2 decades.

Via: MMM

Minecraft inspired grass cube

Minecraft fans, I need not say anything about this, but those haven’t yet had the chance to play the game, this is… well, a grass cube. The minecraft inspired cube has each side of 2.5 inches, and probably is perfect for bringing a touch of the game into real life. Costs $10.