Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars are what cigars would look like if they had some weird sort of arrested development thing. The previous line may not paint a rosy picture for the cigars, but they can be quite useful. If you have trouble handling a full-sized cigar, the nub may be for you. The Nicaraguan cigars are available in a variety of blends and shape, priced at $5-$8.

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Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft concept

An independent design concept from Yuhan Zhang, Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft concept is a futuristic all-terrain hovercraft that can easily maneuver on lakes, rivers and coastal waters, to the roads, wetlands and snow and ice alike. Four electric fans/motors provide the necessary thrust to the vehicle, drawing power from a hydrogen fuel cell.

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Citroen goes ‘anti-retro,’ lays the Smack Down on old gadgets [videos]

Retro gadgets are generally considered pieces of beauty, as long as you aren’t using one that had been made some 50 years ago. Citroen apparently has no such love for the oldies. In its “anti-retro” marketing campaign, Citroen takes a shot at old gadgets. Yes, the videos can be mesmerizing, and we probably did catch a hint of glee in the exploding telephones, TVs and blenders.

Machine positions 441 water droplets, makes for an enchanting video

A mechanical sculpture from Pe Lang, this machine arranges droplets of water on an omniphobic surface. Believe me, it looks much better than what it sounds.

“Falling objects – positioning systems from 2009-2011 is an custom made machine that adds drops of water onto a special textured surface. Each drop forms into an almost perfect sphere through the surface tension of the water and the omniphopic Material. The electronically controlled pipette wanders through a square grid of 21 x 21 drops to form a micro-matrix and returns to the beginning. After approximately 300 minutes, and when the water drops have evaporated, the same process starts again.”

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Implanted Nature: 50 tiny art ecosystems for Madrid city

Latest urban art intervention by Luzinterruptus created 50 small ecosystems that are “living in the harshest and greyest areas of Madrid city center.” Miffed at the lack of usable green spaces in Madrid, Luzinterruptus created these tiny installations as a symbolic intervention. These small greenhouses were protected from pollution by umbrella-like tops and the greenery within was accompanied by a flock of animals. Each of these “ecosystems” had its own lights to add to their presentation.