Fire and water create amazing fire drawings

Artist Paul Chojnowski‘s work impresses solely by the method the artist uses to create these amazing drawings. The artist works on wood, textiles and paper, and makes use of handheld torches and water to create these super amazing drawings. Paul dips watercolor paper in water, soaking each part to a different level of wetness. He then takes a torch to the wet paper so the paper gets slightly tinged or burnt.

Mini and Rolls Royce come together for a luxurious Mini Cooper Goodwood

Mini and Rolls Royce have joined hands in creating a Mini that is plush with signature Rolls Royce luxury. Apparently, taking a page out of the Cygnet experiment by Aston Martin and Toyota, the Mini Cooper Goodwood follows the line of luxury in a small package. The car is basically a Cooper S, with the Rolls Royce design team having a run at its interiors. Interiors get the luxury touch with leather and wood trim, the exteriors get a special “Mini Cooper Goodwood” plate and 17-inch wheels.

Booty Pillows come with the most awkward photography ever

Going by the images we’re seeing here, Ladies, get your man a booty pillow and he won’t bother wasting a look on you. Men will just cuddle up to the booty pillow, ignoring real booty/ women. If you were wondering how this thing ever managed to be manufactured, here’s the answer:
“The story of the Booty Pillow is quite simple. Lull was laying on a girl’s butt/small of her back. He thought to himself, “Man, this is really comfortable. I wish I could just take this and keep it. It feels so great!” The next day, he called Nic, told him the story, and then said, “We should make Booty Pillows!” Nic laughed and followed, “I’m down. Let’s do it!” The rest is history. The Booty Pillow is now ready to be enjoyed by the mAsses. Get yours today!”

Researchers create holograms that can be touched

Researchers in Japan have managed to give the sense of touch to holograms. Generally visible as only 3-dimensional images, the holograms were given a touch of ultrasonic waves by the researchers. Pressure created by these ultrasonic waves can give the sense of touch to the user. Currently, researchers are making use of Nintendo Wiimotes to keep track of the hand, and the resulting interaction with the hologram.

Via: NTDTV, Geek

Girl gets arms tattooed with profile pictures of Facebook friends

For obvious reasons, people generally dong consider the 352 people in their Facebook friends list as “real” friends. Probably because they have no freakin’ idea who a lot of these people are. But of course, there are people who take this social networking stuff a lot more seriously. Just like this girl who had profile pictures of 152 of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm. Obviously, she isn’t going to “unfriend” any of them soon. Thankfully, all this happens to be a very lame attempt by some fake tattoo studio.

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Hoverbike prototype

Australian mechanical engineer Chris Malloy is busy testing this magical vehicle he likes to call the Hoverbike. It is a two-wheeled thingy that floats on the surface, powered by a 1170 cc engine and two propellers. The total thrust generated is 295 kilos, and Malloy hopes the production version of the bike would be able to reach the height of 10,000 feet. Do you still call it a hoverbike if it goes that high?

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