Metal robocop sculpture thinks it is Steampunk

Poor metal Robocop had a feeling of being Steampunk. No buddy, you look pretty damn cool in your attire made from recycled metal and scrap parts, but a few gears here and there don’t make Steampunk. Hell, you don’t even look Steampunk. BTW Robocop, you and Captain Jack Sparrow can be BFFs in all your metallic glory. And if you want to know what a Steampunk superhero really looks like, observe this Iron Man costume. Priced at $6400, the Robocop sculpture is available on Etsy with the likes of Optimus Prime, Jack Sparrow and Gundam.

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Be a breath of fresh air with the Catalytic Converter dress

You get to speak a lot on clean air if you happen to wear clothing that cleans the air wherever you go. Catalytic clothing is a collaboration between designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan, creating a dress that filters pollutants from the air. And when you have Erin O’Connor wearing it, the air seems to get so much more better. All that aside, this dress is probably going to be a b*tch to wash and care for.

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Bamboo speakers for iPhone: The iBamboo, obviously

Passive speakers and amplifiers for i-gadgets have their own special appeal, mostly because we can say things like look ma, no wires, or something like that. The fast growing bamboo has long been considered as the relatively eco-friendly material for products. iBamboo speakers are passive, and well, made of bamboo and claim to emphasize the full spectrum of music, giving a better sound. iBamboo is on Kickstarter, for those interested in the project.

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Karakuri: Traditional Japanese automata art [video]

Karakuri ningyo are automata / mechanized puppets that have been in Japan since the 17th century. Pulleys and weights are used to make the automata perform numerous tasks. From the video’s description, “Its roots can be traced back 200-300 years during the Edo period when skilled craftsmen created automata (self-operating machines). Using nothing more than pulleys and weights they were able to make the Karakuri (Japanese automata) perform amazing tasks.”

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Wonderful sculptures made squarely out of discarded objects

Italian artist Dario Tironi makes these impressive sculptures almost exclusively out of discarded objects. Thankfully, these sculptures are not made from random objects slapped together in some weird shape. Thought and finesse have gone into each sculpture, and it shows itself in somewhat smooth curves make themselves apparent, even though they’re just old barbies, plastic bottles, calculators, and whatnot glued together.