White Power Milk purified by girls gargling it

White Power Milk claims itself to be “the purest available.” We’ll refrain commenting on the “healthy and “culturally superior” milk but its purification process does deserve attention. Believing that there might be suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the milk, these guys use a wierd way of purifying milk instead. The process is simply “rich, beautiful, white girls gargle your milk to absolute perfection.” They have girls in different parts of the world, and the girls follow a guidelines for gargling the milk and giving you the purest milk possible. We’re just hoping it’s some elaborate spoof, though it seems more like a piece of Performance Art.

Via: Reddit

Renault-Nissan show a world where gas powers everything

Renault-Nissan have kicked off an advertising campaign promoting electric vehicles. The series of ads show what the world would be like if everything was operated by gas or other petroleum products. They put forward the point for electric cars quite efficiently, though we wouldn’t mind if a wee bit of Dieselpunk still existed.

Rise and Sigh imprints people with messages

Rise and Sigh from Martina Carpelan is a collection of bed linen embroidered with custom words or messages.

“Rise and Sigh is a collection of revealing bed linen that plays with incidents often taking place in hotels.
Different sleeping positions give different imprints on the sleepers’ body as the messages have been embroidered as a raised reverse image so they will appear properly when embossing your skin.”

Via: BlueStrawberry, DYT

Ostrich lets you take naps at work

For tired souls looking for a quick nap at work, sleeping doesn’t always come easy trying to hide from co-workers and supervisors. Well, if you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re sleeping at work, Kawamura Ganjavian‘s “Ostrich” would work quite well. Put your head up the ostrich, and you can have a cosy, comfortable environment for sleep. Of course, it isn’t nearly as comfortable as the real deal, but apparently it can work well for a quick nap.

Via: Gizmodo

Prank machine disturbs news on wireless networks

Newstweek is a tiny device that loves to play pranks with devices on wireless networks. As the user reaches the target site, Newstweek swings into action, changing the contents of a news site to the custom “news” put in by the prankster. The device uses ARP spoofing to change text on several news sites, though there is only a limited number of sites available currently.

Via: Hackaday

Astronomers create 3D map of the local universe

After more than a decade of work, astronomers have managed to create a massive 3D map of the universe. Named 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS), it is based on University of Massachusetts’ Two-Micron All-SkySurvey (2MASS). They scanned the entire sky through infrared wavelengths, peering through space dust and managing to look through the disturbance in observation caused by our own galaxy. The initially created image was 2-dimensional, which was converted into 3-dimensions by Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer John Huchra and his team, making use of the red-shift property. The map covers 380million light years, making it the most exhaustive map of the universe till date.

Via: Wired