Gadget lets the iPhone record 360-degrees video

A new accessory for the iPhone, the Dot promises users the ability to shoot 360-degree videos without having to move or rotate their phones. The relatively unobtrusive accessory snaps on to the iPhone 4 camera, and makes use of the phone’s built-in camera and video software for its advantage. Theoretically, users could carry the phone around while shooting panoramic videos, but manufacturer Kogeto recommends user put the phone on a flat surface and let it do its job. Dot made an appearance on Kickstarter (obviously) and has raised money nearly twice of its initial goal of $20,000.

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Thor’s hammer for us mortals

While the Thor movie is having a run at the box office, us mortals can make ourselves feel better with replica Thor hammer. The hammer measures about 20-inches in length and includes a high gloss polymer finish. Costs $75.

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Joulies keep your coffee at drinkable temperature

Coffee Joulies are the magical beans that fight to keep the temperature of your coffee just right. Made out of non-toxic material and covered in stainless steel, the Joulies cool down the coffee when it is too hot, and then give out the absorbed heat as the coffee starts to go cold. Ultimately, this ensures the coffee remains at a drinkable temperature for a longer time duration. The idea first saw success at Kickstarter, and has since gone into manufacturing mode.

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Russian pilot shaves a volunteer with helicopter blades [video]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the badass way of shaving. The pilot apparently got bored of the daily flying routine, and decided to shake up things a bit, and did that gloriously, as these stunts show.

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A taste of edible animation [video]

This foody animation is a short film titled Alimation, created by Alexandre Dubosc.

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Scientists find superbrands and religion have nearly the same effect on brain

Loyalty people show towards brands can be amazing. And it seems their religious devotion to brands may be a lot more literal. In a BBC documentary Secrets of the Superbrands, scientists worked to find the effects of brands on the brain. Alex Brooks, an Apple superfan, underwent an MRI scan so scientists could see his brain’s reaction to photographs of Apple products.

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Advertising agency gets itself a stunning cardboard office

First impressions are important, even more so if you’re into the business of creativity. Amsterdam based advertising agency Nothing has sweet cardboard interiors, that makes it all look utterly impressive, and also says volumes about the creativity involved.

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Lady, you must have all guys bee-lining for you

Contrary to what you may think, the dress you see above is not known as batshit insane. In fact, it is a part of a line of wearable artwork / couture artwork from UK based company The_Rodnik_Band. Nobody wants drab conventional clothes, people are going to be so very happy in urinal clothing. By the way, is it just me or the model above does look like she’s questioning every life decision she’s ever made?

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Star Wars Episode VII: Brand Wars

Working on a Star Wars theme, artist Barn Bocock created this series entitled “Brand Wars.” Brands battling it out like the empire and the rebels? Yes, please. Interestingly, I can’t help noticing that the artist seems to have skipped the Microsoft-Apple / PC-Mac rivalry. Now that, would have been a war, and the Apple logo would probably lend itself well for a Death Star illustration. The artwork is available at RedBubble and Society6.

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Hair dresser makes heels and shoe soles out of human hair

Taiwanese hairdresser Tsai Shiou-ying has plenty of raw material, i.e. hair at her disposal to actually be able to use it for art. The hairdresser has created a number of sculptures out of hair, but calls these high heel hair shoes her favorite. Tsai says she uses only human hair for her creations, and the heels might employ hair from three humans; mostly her friends and neighbors.

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