Japan plans eco-friendly ‘smart’ towns to cut down CO2 by 70%

Panasonic and eight other companies have teamed up to create a super green township in Japan. To be built on 19 hectares of a former Panasonic plant, the city will include the best of modern green technology and town planning. Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% as compared to 1990 levels. The township will be home to nearly 3000 people, with about 1000 homes and other buildings relying chiefly on solar energy for power, possibly along with home fuel cells.

Beute lamps give cardboard a life

Packaging is one of the most wasteful practices of our time. No matter how you see it, perfectly good and only slightly used cardboard ends up in dumps. Which is why we like Beute lamps from Germany based designer Michael Wolke. The lamps are made from discarded cardboard, reusing a material that is good enough for use, but would end up in the landfill anyway.

Via: Contemporist

The awesomeness of the Star Wars empire [cluster]

Calling Star Wars just a movie series would be a mistake. The cult following and the sheer brand value it has clearly sets it all apart. And all that means we get to see a steady stream of Star Wars inspired artwork, products and accessories. Here’s a list of some Star Wars inspired things we have seen, in no particular order, but each with a good dose of the force.

MB&F creates special edition Thunderbolt watch for charity

MB&F teamed up with Chinese artist Huang Hankang to create a very special edition of the HM4 Thunderbolt watch. It has been created for the “Only Watch” charity auction, which is dedicated for research in combating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that gradually paralyzes children. Built with the dream to fly, the airplane-like watch has a white gold panda holding the twisted gold filament reins of the watch, flying towards the world of dreams. The watch will be auctioned at a special event in Monaco, on September 22.