Machine positions 441 water droplets, makes for an enchanting video

A mechanical sculpture from Pe Lang, this machine arranges droplets of water on an omniphobic surface. Believe me, it looks much better than what it sounds.

“Falling objects – positioning systems from 2009-2011 is an custom made machine that adds drops of water onto a special textured surface. Each drop forms into an almost perfect sphere through the surface tension of the water and the omniphopic Material. The electronically controlled pipette wanders through a square grid of 21 x 21 drops to form a micro-matrix and returns to the beginning. After approximately 300 minutes, and when the water drops have evaporated, the same process starts again.”

Via: Make

Implanted Nature: 50 tiny art ecosystems for Madrid city

Latest urban art intervention by Luzinterruptus created 50 small ecosystems that are “living in the harshest and greyest areas of Madrid city center.” Miffed at the lack of usable green spaces in Madrid, Luzinterruptus created these tiny installations as a symbolic intervention. These small greenhouses were protected from pollution by umbrella-like tops and the greenery within was accompanied by a flock of animals. Each of these “ecosystems” had its own lights to add to their presentation.

Giant life-sized slingshot controls Angry Birds

You could play Angry Birds in real life, and if that doesn’t quite cut ice, you could probably have the fun of using a real slingshot to hurl the birdies. It may sound like a very Wiimote-like accessory, but there is fun in having a giant slingshot as a controller. A project by students at the University of Queensland (Australia) the slingshot communicates with the game, albeit with a slight lag.

Via: Nowhere Else, Engadget

Chinese boy sells his kidney to buy an iPad

Reports say a 17-year old Chinese boy sold his kidney to raise money to buy an iPad for himself. The teen wanted an iPad 2, but couldn’t afford to buy one. While surfing the web, Zheng found an advertisement by an agent, claiming that they were willing to pay RMB20,000 for a kidney. He snuck out of his home, went to Chenzhou in Hunan Province and had his kidney removed at a local hospital there. After being hospitalized for three days, the kid managed to buy an iPad 2, iPhone and MacBook from the money he had received.