Trash Amps: Discarded boxes and cans converted into amplifiers

Displayed at the 2011 Maker Faire in San Francisco, Trash Amps are a very interesting idea. Trash Amps use discarded cans or takeout food containers as sleeves or boxes for self-contained speaker units. They basically are compact speakers placed inside cans. Priced at $50.

Via TreeHugger, OhGizmo

Amphibious ice cream van

The world’s first amphibious van recently set sail in the Thames, apparently to take the domination of ice cream vans from land to water. Named HMS Flake 99, the van will sail through the UK’s rivers, canals and shore to sell its ice cream.

Via Taylor Herring, Neatorama

Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars are what cigars would look like if they had some weird sort of arrested development thing. The previous line may not paint a rosy picture for the cigars, but they can be quite useful. If you have trouble handling a full-sized cigar, the nub may be for you. The Nicaraguan cigars are available in a variety of blends and shape, priced at $5-$8.

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Abandoned buildings used as a canvas for music video

The video here is the official version of Cold Mailman’s “Time is of the essence.” For filming of the video, André Chocron picked up a few abandoned buildings in Oslo and used them as canvas for an animated visual.

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Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft concept

An independent design concept from Yuhan Zhang, Volkswagen Aqua Curvy Hovercraft concept is a futuristic all-terrain hovercraft that can easily maneuver on lakes, rivers and coastal waters, to the roads, wetlands and snow and ice alike. Four electric fans/motors provide the necessary thrust to the vehicle, drawing power from a hydrogen fuel cell.

Via: LikeCool

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Accessory gives tangible camera button to the iPhone

Beep industries has come up with a tiny accessory that can be both a camera grip and button for the iPhone 4. The gadget has a 30-pin connector to work with the iPhone and connect to shutter control. Red Pop, as the accessory is called showed up at Kickstarter, and has already exceeded its initial investment goal.

Via: Gizmodo

Road has bouncy liquid bricks for surface [video]

Details are scant, but it appears for this installation of Benjamin Boré in Bourges, France, but it appears a section of a brick road was taken out and replaced with water filled mattresses. Creating a bouncy road for walkers.

Via: Neatorama

Meditation way of the geek

The easy way for geeks to understand meditation.

Via: JoyofTech, Geekosystem

Citroen goes ‘anti-retro,’ lays the Smack Down on old gadgets [videos]

Retro gadgets are generally considered pieces of beauty, as long as you aren’t using one that had been made some 50 years ago. Citroen apparently has no such love for the oldies. In its “anti-retro” marketing campaign, Citroen takes a shot at old gadgets. Yes, the videos can be mesmerizing, and we probably did catch a hint of glee in the exploding telephones, TVs and blenders.

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