Don’t worry, there’s plenty more fish in the sea… oh wait!

It seems nobody ever cared about what over fishing could do to the seas. Dr Villy Christensen at the University of British Columbia used ecosystem models, underwater terrain maps, fish catch records and statistical analysis to create this shocking map. The map shows the biomass of popularly eaten fish in the North Atlantic. Over the last century, the change has been simply huge.

Via Guardian, Kottke

Fire and water create amazing fire drawings

Artist Paul Chojnowski‘s work impresses solely by the method the artist uses to create these amazing drawings. The artist works on wood, textiles and paper, and makes use of handheld torches and water to create these super amazing drawings. Paul dips watercolor paper in water, soaking each part to a different level of wetness. He then takes a torch to the wet paper so the paper gets slightly tinged or burnt.

Mini and Rolls Royce come together for a luxurious Mini Cooper Goodwood

Mini and Rolls Royce have joined hands in creating a Mini that is plush with signature Rolls Royce luxury. Apparently, taking a page out of the Cygnet experiment by Aston Martin and Toyota, the Mini Cooper Goodwood follows the line of luxury in a small package. The car is basically a Cooper S, with the Rolls Royce design team having a run at its interiors. Interiors get the luxury touch with leather and wood trim, the exteriors get a special “Mini Cooper Goodwood” plate and 17-inch wheels.