F1-racing car styled electric Go-Kart

Designed by Beau Reid, these electric Go-Karts have been built in the likeness of Formula-1 cars and weigh a meager 65pounds. The low weight is due to the extensive use of carbon fiber in the chassis and in the body, plus the use of lithium ion batteries for powering the car. These Go-Karts can reach a top speed of 60mph and can be disassembled into a tiny package measuring just 30x30x15 inches.

Via YankoDesign

Lucid dreams let you play Inception in sleep

If we could somehow be aware and control the outcome of our dreams, things could be a lot different and dreams a lot more enjoyable. Turns out, this may be possible with something called lucid dreaming. Basically, you could control your actions in a dream, travel, or get some work done, quite like the movie Inception. A book titled Oneironautics: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming has shown up at Kickstarter, promising to be your guide to lucid dreaming, and using that awareness to make dreams a hell lot more enjoyable. And who wouldn’t like to take a shot at that. All that shows in the pledges for the project, which have far surpassed their goal on Kickstarter.

Netherlands getting coins with QR codes

QR codes have made their way to currency as well. As commemoration of the Royal Dutch Mint’s 100th anniversary, the Netherlands will produce silver and gold coins with QR codes. To be available starting June 22, the silver coins will have a denomination of 5€, while the golden ones will be for 10€ . The QR codes will point to this website, which apparently will have a “surprise” for those who reach there.

Via Dvice