The Adventures of Tintin [trailer]

Paramount Pictures and Colombia Pictures have released the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn”. It has been directed by Steven Spielberg, and stars Jamie Bell as Tintin and Daniel Craig as the nefarious Red Rackham.

American ninja and beer can nunchuks

Apparently, a true American ninja wouldn’t waste time with those lame ass plain nunchaku. They’d need beer nunchuks, and presumably swigs between the fight as well. The nunchuks are a collaborative project by Chen Chen and Kai Tsien-Williams.

Via: LikeCool

Light up and fight up: Brass knuckle lighter

We doubt this lighter’s been made for someone who’s always ready for some action, but someone’s bound to use the leather wrapped brass knuckles with the lighter one day or the other. It looks good, and keeps you ready for business. Costs $85.

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Star Wars propaganda posters

Artist Szoki gives us a look into the posters that (probably) were used by the galactic empire to get people to join its forces. Seeing how Stormtroopers went out by the dozen, we’d guess the empire would need a very strong recruitment side.

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Famous stories retold in rage toons

Rage toons are all the rage for best showing the FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU moments of life. Here are some famous tales told in rage toon format by Pleated-Jeans.

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Eco friendly lingerie made from recycled lobster shells

Recycling is good. And it can lead to sexy slash kinky brassieres made out of lobster shells. Which is good, except artist Laura Ann Jacobs should probably have removed those claws. But then it would have looked like just some random bra, not one made out of recycled lobster shells, which again, is good.

Via: Inhabitat, GreenDiary

Lego Pegasus automaton does the act of flying

It’s one thing to make a Pegasus out of Lego, and totally another to create a flying Pegasus automaton. That part is pure win.

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World’s largest NES controller is nearly 12 feet wide

Students at a Dutch university claim to have built the largest NES controller there is. It is nearly 30 times bigger than the original controller, and has presumably been made for some giant. Humans wishing to play would have to stand on the controller to manipulate it, and we guess it would require at least two people to even try to play something.

Via: Tweakers, Kotaku

Apple cores keep wires in control

Connecting wires, charging wires, and their brethren are usually long to allow the gadgets to be able to move some distance while connected, but if the gadget in question happens to be close to the point, the cables go wild and tangled. Not on the watch of these Apple Core Cable Tamers though, these heroes fight to keep the cables organized and clean.

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Say it with the ‘miss you’ card

Sending a card and having to write all those mushy mushy things can be quite difficult. You may have the feelings, but getting all mushy is well… difficult. That’s when it is time to take a different route, and get a card like this one. The front is a shooting target with several marks of missed bullets, and the interior simply says “Miss You.” Costs $3.50.

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