Plug it in headsets let you share your music

The joy of music shows its best when you get to share it with someone. That’s all fine if you’re playing music through speakers, but things get a bit difficult if headphones or earbuds are in the action. It is at these moments that “Plug it in” headsets by designer Dorien van Heijst show their magic. Basically, the headphones have gold plated audio jacks where an additional headset can connect and share the music, without going through all weird motion of sharing the same headphones. Made from leather, porcelain and wood, the headphones have been designed to have rich sound.

Circuits that can be drawn with a pen

Things would be remarkably easy if you could simply draw circuits and wires with a pen. That’s exactly what can possibly be done with this silver-inked rollerball pen. Developed by engineers Jennifer Lewis and Jennifer Bernhard at the University of Illinois, the ink of the pen is mostly silver, which can be used for circuits when dried, and allowing it to go through multiple bends and folds and still being functional. While this isn’t exactly a new idea, the handheld pen could significantly lower costs and make flexible and disposable circuits easier to create and use.

Edible chocolate record should play the most tempting tunes ever

Chocolate has a way of making things better, and its inventive use is just the icing on the cake. Chocolatier Ben Milne worked with Scottish band FOUND to make a record that would play on chocolate. The delicious-sounding idea was a pain to execute, but Ben finally managed to get it right using the template used to press actual vinyl, which was provided by the band’s studio. Only, in place of pressing vinyl, the template was working on a 7-inch record. It appears that the band has plans to release a limited edition run of these chocolate records for their next album.

Via OddityCentral

Miniature wooden motorcycles

Ukraine based artist Vyacheslav Voronovich’s miniature motorcycles could give the real deal a run for its money, at least where it comes to looks. Vyacheslav started making these 1:12 scale replicas about a year and a half ago, using tools like a common cutter and disposable blades to make this super impressive sculptures. It appears the artist didn’t have enough money to buy himself a bike of his choice when he started making these miniatures, but his passion drove him through creating these detailed motorcycle sculptures. We can only imagine the hard work that must have gone in creating parts like handlebars, disc brakes and pistons, with just those simple tools.

Via OddityCentral