Iceland writing its constitution on Facebook

If you want to gauge the power of social networking, consider this: Iceland is writing its new constitution on Facebook. The draft of the crowdsourced constitution is being prepared by a 25-member council, and they are open to suggestions from civilians, even on Facebook. Interested citizens can give their suggestions, contribute to online debates, and contribute to their country’s constitution. Incidentally, 90% of households in Iceland have broadband connections.

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Steampunk insect sculptures can be scary

Scary spidery robot sculptures like the images above are exactly the type we never want to see. But if you can handle the scary, cold glances of these weird insect eyes, go ahead and visit Catherinette Rings store on Etsy to shop for the sculptures. The sculptures are made from watch parts, copper bits, brass wires, and eyes they apparently plucked off the devil’s minions in hell or they could have used taxidermy glass, but it doesn’t sound that awesome.

Chinese guy builds himself an Iron Man Mark I suit, mocks Tony Stark

Tony Stark started off by building a bulky Mark I suit from scratch, Wang Xiao Kang has started off by building a Mark I suit from scratch. From what we hear, Kang wanted to have a run straight form the Mark III, but couldn’t quite get it right. So he settled on building the Mark I suit, that weighs a 110 pounds and includes an LED light arc reactor. Kang apparently spend something around $460 to complete the suit, and is now all set to take his DIY skills in another attempt to create the Mark III suit. We assume he’ll also laugh in the face of Tony Stark after completing the second suit.

Metal robocop sculpture thinks it is Steampunk

Poor metal Robocop had a feeling of being Steampunk. No buddy, you look pretty damn cool in your attire made from recycled metal and scrap parts, but a few gears here and there don’t make Steampunk. Hell, you don’t even look Steampunk. BTW Robocop, you and Captain Jack Sparrow can be BFFs in all your metallic glory. And if you want to know what a Steampunk superhero really looks like, observe this Iron Man costume. Priced at $6400, the Robocop sculpture is available on Etsy with the likes of Optimus Prime, Jack Sparrow and Gundam.

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Be a breath of fresh air with the Catalytic Converter dress

You get to speak a lot on clean air if you happen to wear clothing that cleans the air wherever you go. Catalytic clothing is a collaboration between designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan, creating a dress that filters pollutants from the air. And when you have Erin O’Connor wearing it, the air seems to get so much more better. All that aside, this dress is probably going to be a b*tch to wash and care for.

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