3D printer loves to play with chocolate

Scientists and researchers at the University of Exeter have been doing what researchers really should do; coming up with new, delicious ways of making chocolate. The new chocolate 3D printer can come up with delicious novelties, creating gorgeous designs, patterns and perhaps even chocolates for consumers. With the growth in 3D printing technology, we could very well expect them to be commercially available in a few years.

Via Geeky-Gadgets

Retractable steering wheel keeps a low profile, makes driving easy

For someone of large build, the steering wheel can be quite a problem to negotiate while getting in and out of a regular car, trucks of course can be an exception. The concept “foldable” steering wheel from TRW can take a minimal profile and retract into the dashboard when require, making getting in and out of a vehicle quite easy.


Impoz Speed Racer

Impoz Speed Racer has its roots in the famed Triumph Speed Triple. French graphic designer Benjamin Blanchard modernized the Triumph with carbon fiber and LED lights for a contemporary look, to come up with the Impoz. Its Triumph guts mean that the motorcycle still has the 1050cc DOHC, three-cylinder, fuel injected engine and the bug-eyed twin headlamps.

Via BikeExif, TheAwesomer