Pininfarina Coupe concept car

Pininfarina is well known for the majesty and beauty of its designs. Designer Peter Norris has attempted to follow the same line as the well known coachbuilders for his independent design. He started off with an idea to develop a luxury car that would carry the brand’s name, and created the Pininfarina coupe. The concept goes with the traditional front engine rear-wheel drive, but the point lies in the excellent looks of the concept, that could possibly hold up to Pininfarina standards.

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Stylish and interesting lighting designs by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer‘s unique lighting designs are an easy catch for the eyes. They do not seem extravagant, but they have been so well executed you can’t help admiring them.

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‘Natural Speakers’ sit on a bunch of twigs

Natural Speakers have punctuated ceramic cubes sitting atop a stack of twigs. According to Korean designers Joon&Jung, this combination lends an echo to the speakers, and gives them a more natural and solid sound.

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RC Superheroes fly to your will

Why would anyone want to fly those plain radio controlled airplanes when you can fly airplanes decked out as superheroes. They are available in two models: 75 inch and 57-inches. We’re not sure how good any of them are, but you could have some laughs if you fly them at the right height.

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Periodic table of cupcakes [pic]

That’s the tastiest looking periodic table I’ve ever seen.

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Gramophone iPod Station

Gramaphone iPod station faithfully copies the look of the old timey gramophones, providing a slight antique touch. We’d expect the gramophone itself to be the voice output, but apparently there’s a speaker in the base to handle that stuff.

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Captain Jack Sparrow’s metal statue is 9 feet tall, weighs a thousand pounds

The latest Pirates of the Caribbeans movie is sitting comfortably at the top of the box office right now, and Captain Jack Sparrow has come out as a 9-feet tall metallic sculpture that weighs about 1000 pounds. The sculpture was made by Thailand’s Kreatworks Studio using scrap metal from cars and machines. Some gears and cogs are visible on the Captain’s person, but we’re not quite sure if they do qualify this sculpture to be a Steampunk Jack Sparrow. You can buy the sculpture from Etsy for a price of $7700, pirates don’t come cheap.

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Another Icelandic volcano erupts, makes the ground go alien

Last year, when the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, it brought air traffic in Europe to a grinding halt. This year, another Icelandic volcano, Grimsvotn erupted, sending out a 7 mile high plume of ash. It won’t ground air traffic, but its falling ash offered near-zero visibility to those on the ground, as visible in these images captured by Vilhelm Gunnarsson of the Icelandic news agency Visir.

Via: io9

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The world’s last handwritten newspaper still going strong

In today’s age of technology, it is quite surprising to know that there still exists a newspaper that is written by hand. But it is passion, not necessity that drives the unique newspaper, The Musalman. Probably the world’s last written newspaper, The Musalman is transcribed in calligraphy, and four scribes work to get it all done in time. Published in Urdu, the newspaper has been functioning in India since 1927, and claims it has never had an employee quit. They stay on till their last breath. Quite impressive.

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Chocoshots deliver the tastiest medicine ever

They may come in a scary syringe package, but Chocoshots stay true to their name and are loaded with the goodness of chocolates. We wouldn’t mind having chocolate run through are veins, but this one is supposed to be taken orally.

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