World’s most pierced woman gets married

Officially the world’s most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson recently married a man named Douglas Watson, who in sharp contrast does not seem to happen any visible piercings. For the wedding, Elaine wore a classic white wedding dress that covered most of her body, except her face which was painted green and has 192 piercings. Davidson created the record for most piercings in the year 2000, when Guinness officials found 462 piercings on her body. But that’s way into the past now, Elaine now has 6,925 piercings weighing about 3 kilos on her body.

Via DailyMail, OddityCentral

Sofa bike lets you pedal in relative comfort

Yeah, this is another piece of automotive furniture. But this one is somewhat as good as a dining table with a motor squished inside. A creation of Jacek Holubowicz, the sofa has two separate 8-gear hubs, hydraulic brakes operated by the front handlebar, and dynamic chain steering. Put into simple language, you sit with a pal on the sofa, and push the pedals. Oh, and if it is too hot and sunny, you could always pull up the convertible roof. For good measure, the sofa bike is also packed with a 17 mAh battery and a stereo.

The Living Light loves it when people socialize

Modern way of life gives us little time to socialize, mostly keeping us all busy in our own lives. Living Light is something that encourages people to socialize. Designed by Joon&Jung, the lamp manages its brightness considering the number of people around it. As the group of people close to the lamp increases in numbers, the lamp “blossoms like a flower” steadily increasing the amount of light and even spreading its own petals. The maximum brightness this lamp can reach is 1750 Lumen (equivalent to 220V 120W incandescent light bulb), while consuming just 15W of power.

A 268-Megapixel image of our night sky

For most of the part, the images of space we see come from radio or IR telescopes, it is very rare to actually come across an image that was captured with a visible light telescope. ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope (VST) has a visible-light telescope at its heart. And the 268-megapixel camera OmegaCAM has captured some of the most intriguing images of the universe. You kind of expect great quality when your camera weighs 1700 lb.

Via Physorg, PetaPixel

Graffiti of War Project looks at graffiti by soldiers in the mideast

Graffiti of War is a project started by Iraq war veteran Jason Parsons who found interest in graffiti by US soldiers in the mideast. When he returned to US and faced bouts of PTSD, Jason decided to create a book documenting the graffiti he had seen. Jason now uses the platform to support the troops and tell their stories, by means of graffiti.

Via Beautiful/Decay