Hubble captures the Centaurus A galaxy, a galactic collision

The image here is the Centaurus A, a.k.a. NGC 5128 galaxy some 11 million light years from Earth. While a favorite of amateur astronomers, the galaxy has never been photographed in such detail. Hubble has managed to capture this well detailed image of the galaxy in the visible spectrum, the UV spectrum, and in near-infrared. The image suggests that Centaurus A merged with another galaxy at some point in the past, showing the marks of those collisions in intense clouds of Hydrogen gas.

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Mobile gaming environment lets you carry your favorite case along

When you have to travel, or be out on a holiday, taking the console along can be tough choice. That never really works well, unless you be super-duper careful with the packaging and the console itself afterwards. The G155 mobile gaming environment does the console-packing for you and keeps it protected with its sufficiently padded interiors and tough exteriors. A built-in 15.5-inch LED display on the lid can let you play on the move. The case is more expensive than most consoles, and is priced at ~$500.

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i-FlashDrive lets you transfer data between iOS devices without a computer

It is kind of lame that if you have to transfer data between iOS devices, you inadvertently end up using a computer to get the job done. To be honest, that seems like a totally unnecessary step. The i-Flash drive will reduce the problems a bit, but connecting to the iOS devices by means of a dock connector, and using an app to store the data. The device has a USB connector on the other end to allow it to function as a regular flash drive as well. Available in various data capacities, the price of the gadget varies from ~$99 up to ~$192.

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Rotary smartphone concept

On some level, we’ve always been smitten with the elegance of retro-tech. Now that modern technology has made most of those things obsolete, we still find nostalgia in the wonders of old technology. Created by Richard Clarkson, the rotary smartphone concept combines the wonders of modern digital technology of the day with the wonders of physical mechanical systems of the past.

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Xploderz Water Pellet Guns

Xploderz water pellet guns are your path to paintball, without the paint. These guns shoot bullets made of a super-absorbent polymer that you put in water to let them “grow.” All that needs to be done then is to fill ’em up in your weapon of choice, and take over the world, or your friends. Weapons available are pistol-like XBlaster 200, a mid-sized Uzi-like XStormer 1000, or the sniper-style XRanger 2000.

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Heart turbine keeps the blood pumping without a pulse

Popular culture tells us those walking without a pulse are undead; zombies, vampires and the like. Apparently, humans too would get to walk around without a pulse. Researchers are working on heart implants that use a pair of turbines to pump the blood. This means constant whirring, and none of the beats. The heart basically beats to nourish and rest its muscles, but turbines don’t need to do either. They would just keep pumping blood, minus the heartbeat. The pump has been developed by doctors at the Texas Heart Institute, and has been successfully tested on animals and one human. Though the design isn’t yet said to be perfected, so it may take longer for these turbines to be commercially available.

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That tastes weird… researchers make burgers from poop

From the department of because why not? researchers in Japan have made hamburger patties from poop. In a project lead by Mitsyuki Ikeda, the scientists extracted the protein from poop, added some soya and steak sauce for taste, and introduced the world to poop hamburger patties. Ikeda was trying to make use of the omnipotent human poop, recycling it into something that may be “more useful.” Ikeda thinks some people might have a psychological aversion from eating the fake meat made of poop, we’ll say he’d be hard pressed to find a handful who wouldn’t be grossed out by this meat, especially when the bag he’s holding creatively calls it “shit burger.”

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