Girl gets arms tattooed with profile pictures of Facebook friends

For obvious reasons, people generally dong consider the 352 people in their Facebook friends list as “real” friends. Probably because they have no freakin’ idea who a lot of these people are. But of course, there are people who take this social networking stuff a lot more seriously. Just like this girl who had profile pictures of 152 of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm. Obviously, she isn’t going to “unfriend” any of them soon. Thankfully, all this happens to be a very lame attempt by some fake tattoo studio.

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President block set uses American presidents as building blocks

If you put the blocks from the President Block Set together, you’ll have managed to create the American flag with the blocks. Each of the blocks has the facial renderings a US president, covering all 44 presidents. The cubes also include the name, nickname, lifespan, party affiliation, term and number. Costs $98.

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Hoverbike prototype

Australian mechanical engineer Chris Malloy is busy testing this magical vehicle he likes to call the Hoverbike. It is a two-wheeled thingy that floats on the surface, powered by a 1170 cc engine and two propellers. The total thrust generated is 295 kilos, and Malloy hopes the production version of the bike would be able to reach the height of 10,000 feet. Do you still call it a hoverbike if it goes that high?

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Things stay stacked and ordered with the Collect, Stack, Set stool

You stack things neatly for storage, they waste no time in going back to being an unruly mess. It isn’t pure genius, but the “Collect, Stack, Set” stool from Nju Studios could help keep those things in some level of decorum.

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Steve Jobs shows plans for futuristic Apple office

Steve Jobs showed off the design to the new proposed Apple office to the Cupertino City Council. To put it simply, it is a big, round structure shaped like a spaceship. At four stories tall, the building will have a courtyard in the middle, and from what it appears, not a single straight line. It is all going to be curves. The structure will be built at the 98 acre campus Apple bought from HP, in addition to 50 acres that Apple already owns in that area.

Via: MacRumors, TUAW

Kitchen cutlery clock

Kitchen cutlery clock makes obvious references to its name in its looks. It uses an alternate arrangement of forks and spoons to be present where numbers would usually go. The clock would be a lot more useful if the forks and spoons could actually be put to use. Costs $30.

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Watch a military airplane drop trucks to the ground [video]

Ever wondered how the military goes about dropping those massive trucks and vehicles into the war zone? Well, now you know.

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Aria concept so wants to be the Merc of the future

In his quest to create a timeless design, designer Slavche Tanevski made use of inspiration from the looks of violin, Coca Cola bottle and the female form (obviously) to create the minty fresh look of the Mercedes Benz Aria design study. Rather than being fixed to the exterior, the car’s interior has been “wired” to a copper skeleton, making it very easy to customize, and change, perhaps even replace. The concept makes lavish use of aluminum and copper in its construction. Apparently, the concept would be full of comfort and luxury, providing passengers the Mercedes Benz style of the future.

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Typographic movie posters

Patrik Svensson created these impressive, minimalist typography posters for some very well known movies. It is interesting how you kind of get the meaning of the poster once you read the name of the movie.

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Torch prototype for the 2012 London olympics

London Olympics Organizing committee has released a prototype of the torch that will be used in the games. Designed by Barber Osgerby, the torch is made out of 8000 circular holes, each representing the 8000 torch bearers that will take part in the torch relay. Weighing 800 grams, the torch has a height of 800mm.

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