Space Invaders watch

Having a Space Invaders inspired screen on a high-end luxury watch doesn’t quite inspire confidence. But Romain Jerome has done exactly that with a new range of watches. Available as monochromatic or colored screens for the dial, the watch is a homage to the extremely successful arcade game of the ’70s. The watch has a mechanical self-winding movement, and lugs fitted with safety screws and integrated ball-and-socket joints to provide ergonomic wrist adjustments. Production run for both versions of the watch is limited to 78 pieces.

Via ABlogtoRead, GeekyGadgets

Britain’s new missile is super-fast, very deadly, probably outdated

I’ll start with a disclaimer here, my knowledge on missiles and current weapon systems is by no means extensive, or maybe even accurate. But from what I read, Britain’s “futuristic” missile looks obsolete. Being developed by defense company MBDA, the Perseus missile will have a top speed of Mach 3 (~2000mph), be deadly accurate, and be loaded with numerous systems. The Perseus will be able do deploy to baby missiles mid-flight to hit the target at several points or to confuse defensive maneuvers by the target.

New technology makes diesel out of junk plastic

Our planet is nearly covered in huge swathes of plastic, and then there’s the looming shortage of fuel. It seems we could hit the two proverbial birds with one stone, using a new process that creates diesel out of plastic waste. Estimates say the USA recycles just 7% of its 48 billion tons of plastic waste annually. On the other hand, a process called pyrolysis can apparently make use of this junk plastic to harness diesel. According to Ireland based tech firm Cynar, each ton of plastic can give 175 gallons of diesel, 50 gallons of gasoline and 25 gallons of kerosene.