‘My Cloud Pal’ Woman Copies Selfies From Her Lost iPhone

MyCloudPal Reenacted selfies by Danielle Bruckman

Danielle Bruckman lost her cell phone amid new year celebrations on January 1, 2013. The phone ended up in the hands of some dude who, like several people who own phones, delights in taking selfies. Unknown to the new owner of the phone, it was connected to Bruckman’s cloud service.

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Video Shows Working of an Impact Driver

We’ve seen impact drivers in action, and the video here shows what is exactly going on inside the driver that makes it tick.


Pikachu Zip-Up Hoodie

Get a Pikachu look on your hoodie, and a tail to go with. The zip-up hoodie has ear extensions for Pikachu, though the same courtesy hasn’t been offered to the tail, which (thankfully) stays on as a print. Available on Amazon.

Canadian Company Makes a Truck Out of Ice, Takes It For a Spin

Ice Truck in Canada

Once you get over the fear of freezing your butt off, there’s plenty of things you can do with all the snow and ice in Canada. Make a friggin’ truck out of it, for example. Out to show the world how rugged their car batteries are, a Canadian company sculpted 11,000 lbs of ice into the body of a truck.

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My Little Pony Meets Cthulhu

Say hello to Little Maddie, a mashup of My Little Pony and Cthulhu. Created by Bigshot Toyworks, the Cthulhoid is first in line from a series of toys and animation shorts for the new toy line Friendship is Maddness.

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Please Do Not Feed the Fears

please do not feed the fears

Now that’s solid advice.


Crowdfunded Veronica Mars Movie Shows First Trailer

Veronica Mars movie project showed up on Kickstarter with a funding requirement of $2 million, but it soared well past the goal to reach $5.7 million. The movie has been progressing well, and now has its first trailer to show. It is scheduled to reach theaters in March this year.

Answering the Age old Question of Why Superheroes Wear Underwear on the Outside

We have often wondered why Superheroes prefer to wear underwear over their clothes, unlike the more sensible choice of wearing it under their clothes. This video explains the reasons for that choice, and you realize most of our superheroes are from a different age. Plus, there’s a short history of Superman’s beginnings, which is pretty cool by itself.

Magic Flying Carpet Coffee Table

Living in a fairytale and embarking upon adventures is easy when you have access to the flying carpet. Made by Duffy London, the flying carpet is a coffee table made out of mild steel, with a brilliantly designed base that mimics the shadow of the carpet.

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Watch This Man Light Tap Water On Fire

Water on fire? That can’t be happening, right? Apparently, it does happen in North Dakota. All it takes for tap water to rush into a fire is that a flame be near it. As with something this weird and unnatural, people are speculating all around on what could be causing the water to turn flammable, with several people pointing towards fracking as the likely culprit.