Maldives Beach Glows in Bioluminescence

glowing beach in maldives

Taiwanese photographer Will Ho ran into a beach covered in bright, luminescent plankton while on a trip to Maldives. The photographer did what would be best expected from him in a situation like this: take stunning images.

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Animals Illustrated With a Touch of Human Personalities

Animals are human, well, they’re not but if you put them in clothes and have good finishing touches, they might as well be. Illustrations by artist Kim Nguyen put animals in human clothing, with expressions and style similar to humans.

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Polar Bears in Glowing Sunsets [pics]

Polar Bears are an excellent subject of photography, and there often are photographs of the white bears in the white arctic. For this particular set, French photographer Sylvain Cordier visited Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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Old Paintings Get an Animated Life

BEAUTY short video directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro shows some classic works of art. Only, they have been animated to add some life, movement and sound to the scenes depicted, in a very tasteful way.

Via Ignant

Macrophotographs of Spiders Staring Right Into Your Soul

Photographer Jimmy Kong has this wonderful collection of macrophotographs of spiders, where they seem to have focused all their beady eyes right at the camera, apparently with the motive of stealing your soul. Or making it shit bricks, or whatever it is that souls do. His work also involves several other insects, but spideys are by far, the creepiest.

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Music Video Progresses As Girl’s Face Is Transformed in Photoshop

The best makeup you can get these days is a trip to photoshop land. It is good enough to transform you completely into the looks you would like to have. This creative music video takes a jab at the same sentiment, and of the excessive use of photoshop in retouching images to nearly unrealistic levels.

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An Instagram Account Dedicated to ‘Miserable Men’ Out Shopping

Shopping with their spouse isn’t exactly a fun time for several men. Miserable Men on Instagram focuses on these poor souls, the men who went shopping with their SO, and now wait for their return with a blank, sometimes miserable expression.

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Watch This Kitty Pull Off Moves on the Skateboard

This kitty has it all sorted out. On skateboards at least. Watch Didga the cat do tricks on a remote controlled skateboard with finesse and skill.

Finding Nemo Remade With Cats in Costumes

Cute kittens play out Pixar’s Finding Nemo in costumes. Narrated by children.

Burning Hot Lava Helps Itself To a Couple Cans of Coke [video]

Advertising works. The moment this lava reaches the surface, you can see it jonesing for a Coca Cola. One can just won’t do, so this one has it going for two cans of Cola.