Red Bull Superhero Cans

Red Bull gives you wings, but it adds superhero powers to those wings. Well, usually. Sometimes you don’t get the power to fly, and you could end up as Batman (which would be awesome), or Aquaman (which would suck). In the latter case, you just accept your destiny because fate is cruel. Redbull Superheroes from Diego Fonseca present minimalist superhero styling on the classic cans of RedBull. Well, they have no RedBull logo or insignia, but the shape of the cans is identification enough.

Gate to Hell Opens in Norway [video]

You could call it gate to hell, or Sauron opening his eye. But we can discuss nomenclature later, the appropriate thing to do at the moment would be to run.

The video shows a 132 kV power line with the current arcing over to nearby trees and down to the ground. After a long period of extensive fog, wind and wet snow much ice and snow had accumulated on the lines and the weight brought them too close to the trees.

Meh. I still like the gate to hell theory better.


It’s a Musical Life Wearing the Drum Pants

Wearable Drum Pants kit by Tyler Freeman will allow you to be a one man band, and perhaps create a musical interlude for naughty times. You put the programmable sensors under your pants or other clothing, and a touch to them can create the corresponding sound. They are compatible with Bluetooth and iOS/Android/Mac/Windows, so you could create melodies right on your smartphone or computer while banging your pants for music. To be shipped in May, Drum Pants are currently available for pre-order starting at $100.