Witty Illustrations by Eduardo Sales

Artist and illustrator Eduardo Sales takes a shot at our obsession with modern technology, and a few other points of life with his series Cinismo Ilustrado (Cynicism Illustrated). The witty series sees simple illustrations accompanied by a bit of text to drive the point home.

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Artist Turns Co-passengers on the Train Into Funny Characters

Making good use of his daily commute, artist October Jones keeps himself occupied by drawing small doodles that transform his co-passengers.

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Human Horse Hooves

The horse head mask has been quite popular for a while, but lets face it, the effect can never be complete if the wearer does not have hooves to match. Well, that can be easily taken care of now, and the human horse can rise in glory. Costs $35.

Marty McFly’s Costume on a T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a print of Marty McFly’s costume from the Back to the Future movie. And as far as the image shows, it seems to have been done pretty well. Available on Amazon.

Monday You Bastard

This sweatshirt sufficiently describes my feelings every morning on Monday. Available on Giventhree.

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Realistic Popeye 3D Printed Sculpture

Years have passed and Popeye is now an old sailor. While the image you see here has been around for a while, the artist has now crafted it into a sculpture with 3D printing. Everything on the sculpture was printed except the collar and the pipe stem.

Via zbrushcentral, Nerdcore

Silver and 14k Gold Humping Dinosaur Chain

Necklaces by Onch Movement have a very special pendant. Dinosaurs knew love, and they knew humping, and that’s exactly what they are doing in these pendant necklaces. Lucky Bones necklace has a chain topped by a pendant of humping dinosaurs. The necklaces are hand cast and plated in either 14k gold or silver. The gold version is priced at $230, or exactly the amount I’m willing to pay to tie an image of humping dinosaurs around my neck.

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Prescription Coffee Mug

Your dose of coffee is important, let it reflect its importance with the prescription coffee mug. Costs $10.


Starfleet TOS Panties

Available in gold, red, and blue, the pack of three starfleet TOS panties has the Starfleet insignia on the left hip. Costs $30.