Black Milk Clothing’s Batman Inspired Line

We’ve had a glimpse of Black Milk Clothing’s Batman inspired lineup, and now the full set is out. It’s quite a collection. Check it out.

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Disney Princesses Dressed & Illustrated as Fashion Models

Russian design student Sasha has illustrated Disney Princesses as fashion sketches that look ripe for the runway. Of course, turning the characters into conventional fashion illustrations changes the look, but the artist has made an excellent effort in keeping close to the original.

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Renault Off Roader Concept Packs Its Very Own Companion Drone

Renault’s offering at the New Delhi Auto Show was the KWID off-roader concept, which apart from the features it offers shall always be better known for including a companion drone. The quadcopter drone lays hidden in a rear pivoting roof section, and flies off on command from an integrated console manager in the car.

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Fighter Jet Takes Off From a Highway [video]

Roads and highways can often make good makeshift or temporary landing strips. While the practice is not common, armed forces still do train for the exercise. The video here shows a F-18 Hornet taking off from a highway outside Joroinen in Sweden. Shot in 2011, the video shows the highway was closed off for traffic while the Swedish armed forces carried out the training exercise.


The Human Type

French artist JC Debroize‘s typographic series “The Human Type” shows a font with a human touch. The alphabets all possess human skin, and are decorated with human features like hair and eyes.

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Bulldog iPhone Speakers

If the iPhone’s going to bark, it is going to do it in style through a glasses wearing hipster bulldog. That is what the AeroBull does, it is a sweet speaker forged into the shape of a glass wearing bull dog that hums the tunes from your iPhone.

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Pininfarina’s Sleek Metal Pen Writes Forever

Known well for their skills in car design, Pininfarina has now taken time to create a Pen. Named 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambriano the inkless metal pen was made in collaboration with Napkin. The pen writes like a pencil, however the writing cannot be erased by a rubber.

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The Reason Happy Couples are Happy [infographic]

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, here’s an infographic that tries to break into the mystery of how “happy couples” function, and the same for their unhappy counterparts. A big part of happiness is sharing a good conversation, and it seems, reacting very well to the triumphs of your SO, with compliments, enthusiasm, and interest.

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New Illustrations by Randyotter

Here’s a selection of new illustrations full of with and humor by artist Randyotter (previously). You can get the illustrations as prints, t-shirts, phone cases, and other accessories at the artist’s page on RedBubble.

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Thor: The Dark World [Honest Trailer]

You probably have seen Thor: The Dark World by now, which makes it ripe to be presented in the form of the honest trailers we all so love and admire. “Get ready to revisit Thor: The Dark World! Prepare for another perfectly passable Thor movie while we all wait for The Avengers 2.”