Reclaim Your Manliness With Stinky Candles

So this dude Jeff Bennett got really pissed at the sweet smelling useless feminine candle odors like vanilla, lavender, and other assorted smells. So the dude decided to fight back the wave of the “feminine” candles with more “masculine” versions. Enter, Stinky Candles.

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Batman and Superman

A fun gif showing the camaraderie between two great superheroes.

Via Phildesignart, Dorkly

Artist Paints Foods to Disguise Them as Other Foods

Artist Hikaru Cho can paint food into such camouflage that the food itself would have an identity crisis if it could look at itself. He paints the skins of fruits and vegetables to transform them into another eatable of similar dimensions.

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Robo Strippers Shake Their Metallic Booty in Germany [video]

Its the future folks, and the future don’t need no meatbags to be strippers. Robots can do all the pole dancing and gyrating strippers do, and perhaps do it better. German developer Tobit Software showed up with these pole dancing robots in tow at the CeBIT computer expo in Hanover. Movements and the LED colors of the robots can be controlled by users by means of a smartphone app. Apparently, you can even take one of these robots home for $39,500.

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Small Dogs Cosplay Sailor Moon Characters

People cosplay Sailor Moon characters all the time, but cute little dogs? Well, that’s a brand new thing. Mayama_ya on Instagram makes Sailor Moon outfits for small dogs and sees them cosplay in their custom clothing.

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Devilishly Evil Lego Prank [video]


So this man spent his entire day putting together the new 1200-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon. Unbeknownst to this man, his friends had been possessed by the devil, and they pulled a most excruciating prank on him once he was done building the falcon.


#YOLO (You Obviously Love Owls)

Having seen YOLO written and spoken approximately a gazillion times, I now understand what it means. I never knew people loved owls so much. The YOLO “You Obviously Love Owls” t-shirt sells for $20.

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Mind-blowing Pool Trickshots [video]

You can hit some trickshots in pool? That’s cute.

-This guy

Watch the video to see Florian Kohler hit some stunning, and quite unbelievable trick shots on a pool table.

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Grumpy Cat Now Rules Westeros


The battle of the five kings has come to a grinding halt as a new king now sits on the iron throne. Grumpy Cat has claimed the iron throne at the Game of Thrones exhibit at SXSW. Eat your heart out, mother of dragons.

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Clawz Are Crocs With Large Toenails

Crocs have such a negative connotation, let’s make it all better by adding claws for toenails. That way, we have Clawz, which are definitely not crocs because they got big toenails and they are spelled different. So now that this marketing hurdle has been solved with such ingenuity, what do we do next?

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