Bookshelf Masking Tape

Pack stuff up in style and show your appreciation for reading with the bookshelf masking tape. It does beat the run of the mill tape, and does it with style. Available on Etsy for $6.78.


Cosy Makes a Snail out of Tea Kettle

Tea kettles get a cute snail makeover with tea cosy by Anke Klempner. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

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Superheroes in Glorious Iron Man Art Mashups

Superheroes and other comic book characters forsake their usual costumes for the sake of Iron Man themed armor… and the result is glorious. The illustrations are the work of artist BossLogic.

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$3.2 Million Custom Tailored Diamond Armor Suit Is Bulletproof, Waterproof, and Air Conditioned

Should you be willing to pay $3.2 million, this custom tailored suit will keep you in the lap of luxury and security. SuitArt has come up with Diamond Armor custom tailored suit so you can look as stylish and opulent as you would like to be, while being comfortable and protected.

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Heck of a Last Meal: Gourmet Mouse Traps

As a custom in most parts of the world, the condemned are allowed their choice of last meal. It was probably with a similar idea in mind that Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca decided to extend a similar courtesy to mice. While mice of course are incapable of articulating their choice of a last meal, the artists decided to take another approach and replace the conventional bits of food on mouse traps with gourmet foods.

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Obey Khaleesi

Inspired by Game of Thrones, this propaganda poster styled illustration lets you know the easiest thing to do: Obey Khaleesi. The illustration by Tom Trager is available as prints, tees, or phone cases on RedBubble.

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New Flash Drive Concept is a Post-It Cousin

Flash drives have grown very well over the last few years, and of course, technology continues to develop and make them better. dataSTICKIES concept is one that takes flash drives to a different direction, and with a different technology. The concept by New Delhi based designers Aditi Singh and Parag Anand envisions the use of graphene in data storage, and seamless transfer of data between devices.

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Repurposed Bike Seat Does Not Harbor Finest Intentions for the Rider

The whole demeanor of this bike seat says something, and it quite plainly is that you don’t put your ass anywhere near it. As a rule of thumb, it would be rather wise not to piss off your bike seat, be super nice to it, lest it decide that it has had enough and bite you in the ass. This bike seat based sculpture is the work of Vancouver-based artist Clem Chen. The sculpture was created by carving an opening into the seat, and filling up the space with plastic cast taxidermy mold.

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Famous Movie Moments and Comics Animated in 8-bit

Pulp Fiction

Ah 8-bit, the block ridden, barely conspicuous medium that probably nobody would care about if it didn’t bring us the sweet nostalgia. For that reason alone, we shall remain hooked to the magic of 8-bit for a long time to come. Slovekian artist Dusan Cezek has created a set of 8-bit images that present some of the well known movie moments, and a set of comic book characters in the glorious gif format.

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Street Wear Superheroines

Illustrator Mingjue Helen Chen imagines the appearance of several female comic characters, if their clothing was more street wear. The characters retain much of their original style and clothing, but receive touches and turns by the artist to get a more casual clothing/street wear look.

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