Impressively Detailed Animation Is Just 64 kilobytes

When it comes to detailed animation, we expect it to occupy a good amount of storage. Generally speaking, that rule holds true for most circumstances, and so it is quite a pleasant surprise to realize someone made an animation as detailed as this, using only a fraction of storage that would be expected; or to be exact, it only requires an extremely low 64 kilobytes.

Sweet 3D Milled Ice Cube Sculptures

3D on the Rocks as they are called, are 3D milled ice cube sculptures designed to go right into your drink. Ice cubes in your drink are good, they’re useful, but these sculptures are way better, even if they might not be as practical as the simple ice cube. The sculpture ice cubes look superb, and that alone is enough to sway my (shallow) opinion in their favor.

Korean Plastic Surgeons Are So Extreme, They Issue Certificates of Identity After Procedures

South Korea is one of the biggest destinations for cosmetic surgery. People from neighboring countries like China and Japan often visit South Korea to get surgeries. Apparently, they have a good reason to make such trips. While generally surgeries like these make small, localized changes, the South Koreans pull off an entirely new look where the patients are “enhanced” versions of themselves.

Landscapes in Mirrors by Cody William Smith

A Moment of Reflection by American photographer Cody William Smith is a project that deals with landscapes reflected in mirrors. It is landscape photography, with the exception that the mirror and the landscape it reflects becomes the center of attention. Mainly perhaps, because of the way the mirror presents an abrupt change to the landscape that the photograph is showing.

Palcohol Lets You Carry Around Your Alcohol As a Powder

Palcohol is a product that has reduced alcohol from its usual liquid state into a powdered form. All you have to do is sprinkle the powder in a drink, they even recommend putting it on your food, and you are good to go. It is an interesting idea, and while you might see the vast number of uses you could put it to, you could as easily see the vast number of abuses powdered alcohol could be put to.

Honda’s New ASIMO Robot Can Dance and Play Soccer

Honda recently showed the new and improved ASIMO robot, and all the things the humanoid bot can do. The new Asimo stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, a name that it earns by being able to accomplish complex movements, and even a bit of dance. Asimo can walk around on its legs, assess its surroundings, and make intelligent decisions based on input from its sensors.

Cute Marshmallow Cat Floats On Your Coffee

Say hello to CafeCat, the cute marshmallow cat that goes into your coffee cup and floats adorably at the surface. Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, the cats will eventually dissolve in the coffee, but not before making a cute appearance and impression. The feline treats are available in a variety, that includes the cat face, and kitty paws so you could comfortably take your pick. Available here.