Watch This Kitty Pull Off Moves on the Skateboard

This kitty has it all sorted out. On skateboards at least. Watch Didga the cat do tricks on a remote controlled skateboard with finesse and skill.

Finding Nemo Remade With Cats in Costumes

Cute kittens play out Pixar’s Finding Nemo in costumes. Narrated by children.

Burning Hot Lava Helps Itself To a Couple Cans of Coke [video]

Advertising works. The moment this lava reaches the surface, you can see it jonesing for a Coca Cola. One can just won’t do, so this one has it going for two cans of Cola.

Are You Happy To See Me, Or Is It Just the Shoe?

I noticed the wide smile, and thought they were happy to see me. Turns out, they were just shoes. Also, they don’t have any pockets, so the shoes are just plain happy. The smiley shoes are the result of a project by POP.Postproduction studio, and damn those shoes do look pretty well suited for the job; even if they have really weird teeth that creep me out.

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Disney Princesses as Dudes

A series of illustrations by TT of Let There Be Doodles imagines what Disney Princesses would look like if they were male. The dude princesses/princes of Disney were inspired by another series named Gay Disney.

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If I Say ‘I Love You’ to Star Wars Rings, Do They Know?

A very detailed, very beautiful collection of rings based on the Star Wars universe. The very well detailed rings were created by Japan based JAP Studio to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Star Wars movie in 1997. Why are we talking about them now? Mostly because they’re awesome.

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Skull Toons Sculptures Don’t Want to Part With Cute

Under regular circumstances, if someone were to imagine Mickey Mouse with a skull, we would prepare ourselves to look at a scary version. That’s just a fair bet. As a rule, that part wouldn’t have anything to do with cute, unlike the sculptures we see here.

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Natural Products With Ingredient Labels Could Put You Off

What would things look like if natural products were to be marked with ingredient labels? Well, apart from ridiculous, the sheer number of chemicals you’ll read there would put you off. That is exactly the irrational behavior Australian chemistry teacher James Kennedy had in mind when he created this set of images.

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Video Is a Crash Course to Understanding Introverts Better

People have a lot of misconceptions about introverts. This video explains a few, and gives the viewer new glasses to see the introvert through.

Mugga Mug Ain’t Gonna Mug Ya

Meet mugga mug. Despite the Koozie he wears and his rugged looks, the dude really only wants your love. The mask will keep your hands warm and the mug will keep your beverage hot. Costs $14.