Photoshop for Real World

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi (previously) takes a humor filled look at the little things you could do in life if photoshop tools existed beyond the virtual world. Her series Photoshop in Real Life delves on the things you could do, if you had the magic of photoshop to command. Interestingly unlike similar concepts, this series is not all about improving looks, but mostly includes a certain sense of humor that the virtual tools would bring to the real world.

See These Pics, Get Flipped-off By People From All Over the World

French photographer Jolipunk traveled to several places around the world, and came back with a photo series that shows locals flipping the bird. The inspiration for the series came from a desire to do the opposite of what his contemporaries do. So while others try to portray the lands they visit as exotic, Jolipunk decided to go the opposite way, and call the series Fucking Tourists.