Cartoon Characters Re-imagined as Music Stars

Germany based graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang imagines a “collaboration”, a mashup if you will, of famous pop culture icons represented by music stars, with cartoon characters. As the artist says, the attempt was to match the stars and characters in a way that both would have some similar qualities and be as close to their counterparts as a subject like this would allow.

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Octopus Avengers Plushies

Octopus Avengers are here to save the day. They are soft, they are cute, and they are the non-scary kind of octopedes. Available on Etsy.

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Woman Receives a 3D Printed Skull Implant [video]

[Note: The video shows a part of the surgery. If you don't have the stomach for it, do not watch beyond the 50 second mark.]

3D Printing is well on its way to changing the way we live. From making toys, art, food, cars, and medicine, the technology is making its impact felt in nearly every aspect of modern life. For a 22 year old Dutch woman, the technology has been especially helpful in helping her battle a medical condition.

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Comics Coasters

For the love of superheroes you really do need to jazz up those coasters. These superhero inspired comic coasters make quite a useful set. Comics coasters are made of 3/16 inch thick stainless steel and fashioned after logos and symbols of comic book characters. They have quite a collection so you can take your pick. Available at Etsy shop ApocalypseFab.

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Burned Paper Fingernails

Now that’s a funky nail coat. Go ahead and get your own with this tutorial.


Getting a New Game is Like Hooking Up

This hilarious comic explains how getting a new game is similar to hooking up. Full comic after the jump.

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If you have seen BatDad, know that he has a nemesis. Truth be told, BaneCat would kick ass.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [trailer]

The first trailer shows up for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The movie will be in theaters on August 8.

Celebrities as Disney Characters

Photographer Annie Leibovitz has an ongoing series titled Disney Dream Portraits. For the series, the photographer chooses a scene and character from Disney movies, and recreates the scene in a photograph, with a celebrity playing the role of the Disney character.

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Crochet Unicorn Mask For Dogs

They may not fart rainbows, but dogs are still way better companions than unicorns. The mask is the creation of Flickr user roko20.

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