Firemen Make Hovercraft With Hoses [video]

It’s so meta. Firemen, water hose, and a hovercraft.

The Young Eagle Hunter of Mongolia [pics]

Photographs by Asher Svidensky show the badass eagle hunters of Mongolia. Just to be clear, these are people that hunt with the golden eagle to capture prey. As we already know, the golden eagle is one badass hunter, even more so when combined with the skill of these hunters.

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Sailor Moon and Sailor Scouts Dress Up as the Avengers

Sailor Moon and Sailor Scouts get to the job of being the Earth’s mightiest superheroes in these illustrations by Jei Shepard.

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Eight Million Flower Petals Showered on a Costa Rican Village

We are totally amazed, not just by the blast of colors that is visible here, but also by the imaginative presumption that someone counted eight million flower petals. Nevertheless, this tiny Costa Rican village did get showered with millions of flower petals.

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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Legends Black Bess Edition

With great power come inexplicably large names. The latest special edition Bugatti Veyron is the Black Bess. Belonging to the Bugatti Legends series, the new supercar pays homage to the Type 18 Black Bess. One of the fastest street legal cars of its age, the Type 18 made quite a mark in the pre World War I era.

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In Japanese Game Show, Celebrities Eat Random Objects That Might Be Chocolate

Chomp on an object that you see everyday around you, and it just might be a chocolate, or it might be what it looks like. Japanese sokkuri (‘look alike’) sweets are desserts that look like everyday objects. Recently on a game show, celebrities and participants were asked to bite everyday objects; some of which were desserts, and others were exactly what they looked like.

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The Many Masks of Spiderman

Everyone recognizes spidey by the conventional mask he wears. In the comic universe though, spidey is no different than the other superheroes and has seen quite a variety of masks over time; including a paper bag. Because that’s just how the amazing spider man rolls. This infographic by takes a look at the masks spider man has worn through the years.

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Photographing a Venice Frozen Over

Venice, the city of canals with canals for roads never faces a time where winters would freeze the waters. What if we could push the north-eastern Italian city a little further north? While we are messing geography up, let’s take it all the way to Russia. The pictures here show what a Venice taking on the Russian winter would look like.

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Children Getting Confused by Walkmans [video]

Once upon a time, the Walkman was the cool music device that everybody wanted, and carried with them. Now they are technological dinosaurs with people having no idea what they were good for. We haven’t seen a walkman in years, and most of the kids, have not seen one ever. To think, it has been four years since Sony officially pulled the plug on the Walkman. Of course, it had been dead long before it was laid to rest. The video here shows the reactions of children when they are handed the outlandish piece of technology that is the Walkman.


The World’s Toughest Job, and Billions Who Do It [video]

Candidates get interviewed for a job position advertised over the internet and newspapers. Twenty four candidates who applied for the “world’s toughest job” realized in the interview that they would be working 365 days a year, non stop, and without rests, breaks, or vacation. All for no pay. None of the applicants really wanted the job, and yet there are billions around the world who do the job, and excellent at it.

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