Denon Turntable Converts Vinyls To MP3s

For many, vinyl records are prized possessions. But then there’s always a risk that these may get scratches. Denon’s time-traveling turn table offers to take care of that part by converting the vinyls to mp3s. You just need to put the 7in or 12in, 45 or 33.33rpm record onto the spindle and the turntable will digitize the collection and store it to a flash drive. The automated turntable looks for silent spaces between tracks and uses them to split the tracks, that’s the only where the $220 turntable could be a problem.


The "What On Earth" Video

The What On Earth animated film was made in 1967 by the National Film Board of Canada. The cool animation goes on with cars, showing the world in a way Martian observers would see. According to the video, cars would appear as the natural inhabitants of Earth, while humans driving them would seem like parasites to the alien observers.


Bumptop Converts Your Desktop Into A 3D Space

Bumptop sounds like a great program that will turn your monotonous desktop into a 3D space with some beautiful options to go for. The screen shows 3D walls where you can drag and pin your pictures and files; you can arrange your files and folders, or simply stack them as you would on a real desk. It can work with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, just make sure you have 1GB of RAM and 1.8 Gigahertz processor. A simpler version is free, and the more powerful version costs $29. Download it here.


MOY Concept Car Is A Screen On Wheels

And by “screen” I mean it’s something very similar to your computer monitor. MOY’s body is built with “outer and inner polycarbonate layers, with layers of liquid crystals, LED diodes and electro chromic foil (film) in between.” The body allows this electric car to take on any color you like, similar to creating a wallpaper for your screen, or just download it from the net. It also allows you to play videos on the move. Cool!

The car designed by Elvis Tomljenovic is a winner of the auto(r) automotive design conference in Zagreb, Croatia.

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