LG Versa Transformers Phone Has A Bit Of Transformers

The limited edition “Transformers” LG Versa phone has been released for promotion of the upcoming Transformers movie. The touchscreen phone isn’t anywhere near being a Transformer, but it gets an awesome skin, and a few additions for “transformation;” that is, additional modules like a QWERTY keyboard, gamepad, external speakers and a few more additions will be available for the phone. No word on pricing yet.

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INCHworm Shoes Change Size For A Perfect Fit

Now this is something I always wanted as a kid… shoes that grow to fit your feet. Here’s the premise: kids outgrow their shoes quick, way too quick, INCHworm shoes can increase in size to accomodate the feet. A press of a putton and a pull to the shoe can increase the shoe-size by maximum 3-inches, in increments of half-size. A counter on the shoe lets you know the current shoe size. They are priced at $39.99.


Stealth: Canon 5D Mark II Holds A Flash Drive

The Canon 5D Mark II DSLR is a cool camera, and a flash drive in stealth mode. This replica was on eBay, and it’s just a flashy flash drive. The lens holds a 4 GB USB flash drive, and it sure has a huge cap. The camera sold for $96.50.


Gigantic Lighter Will Blow You Up

Smokers who like “to keep it big” can keep it real huge with this lighter. The oversized lighter measures 6.5”x4.5” and costs $19.89. Just make sure you carry a fire extinguisher with you.

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