1000 Banknote Building

In lieu of some plain old design, this building in Lithuania opts for a very attractive exterior: a 1000 banknote. It uses a special enamel paint that changes to ceramic during the process, allowing the print to last forever. The architect of the building is Rimas Adomaitis of RA Studija. A massive effort must have gone into creating the building, and it looks totally worth the effort.

twfg, 1000lt and Notcot

Bizarre: UK Wine Sellers Say Lunar Cycle Affects Taste Of Wine

The taste of wine depends on a number of factors, and last time I checked, the lunar cycle wasn’t one of them. Not so anymore, at least according to some UK wine sellers. A bizarre superstition is gaining ground, a superstition that divides days into four categories: root, leaf, flower and fruit, according to the lunar cycle. Root and leaf aren’t the best days for wine, while flower and fruit go very well with the drink. The wine sellers keep track of these days, and only invite critics on favorable days. I’ll borrow a line from BoingBoing here “Horoscopes for wine — now that’s a whole new kind of dumb.”

BoingBoing and Guardian

The Eye-xpressive Robot

Understanding gestures and emotions is still a far cry for robots, but this robo created by Hirota Lab at the University Of Tokyo can pave the way. The robot is only a pair of eyes, but it can express itself amply with just those eyes. Ability of the robot to communicate with eyes will make it good at understanding non-verbal communication, and once researchers add the planned speech synthesis and recognition program, it will be able to communicate verbally as well.