Morfojet Armchair Makes Thrones Look Sissy

Morfojet Armchair is about all cool as it gets. Designer Gianni Pedone displayed his jet turbine inspired armchair at the Milan Design Week, and he has added a bit of functions to go with the design. It has a built-in CD player with speakers and an AUX input to plug mp3 players. It’s only a concept for now, but with those looks, the chair is not going to be short of buyers if it is ever produced.


Nintendo Wii And DS To Get Video Downloads – With A Difference

Nintendo has plans to kick off a video on demand service for the Wii and DS. Company boss Satoru Iwata says will be able to download videos on the Wii, and transfer them to the DS as well. Nintendo, though plans to make the service more “Nintendo-like” rather than offering what’s already on offer. Sounds interesting, and hopefully, they will deliver on the promise.


Vending Machine Dispenses Bentley Arnage, Property

A Bentley Arnage dispensing vending machine isn’t even close to being the average-joe vendor. It’s probably the location at the luxury hotel Mondrian South Beach that makes it so much different than others of its species. The machine offers things ranging from a toothbrush to a Bentley Arnage, and even Real Estate. For objects like cars and real estate that the machine can’t actually dispense, the user is given a card that can be exchanged at the front desk.


Denon Turntable Converts Vinyls To MP3s

For many, vinyl records are prized possessions. But then there’s always a risk that these may get scratches. Denon’s time-traveling turn table offers to take care of that part by converting the vinyls to mp3s. You just need to put the 7in or 12in, 45 or 33.33rpm record onto the spindle and the turntable will digitize the collection and store it to a flash drive. The automated turntable looks for silent spaces between tracks and uses them to split the tracks, that’s the only where the $220 turntable could be a problem.


The "What On Earth" Video

The What On Earth animated film was made in 1967 by the National Film Board of Canada. The cool animation goes on with cars, showing the world in a way Martian observers would see. According to the video, cars would appear as the natural inhabitants of Earth, while humans driving them would seem like parasites to the alien observers.