Chinese Hairdresser Builds Landmarks From Hair

A Chinese hairdresser Huang Xin used hair collected in his shop to build a model of the Tian’anmen Gate Tower in Tian’anmen Square. A hairdresser for 10 years, the man prefered womens’ hair for his models because they are softer. The model used 11 kilos of hair. He seems to enjoy making these models, made of hair glued on to paper; to his credit is also a model of the Birds’ Nest stadium and some toys, all built of hair.


House on Table Converts Offices To Cities At The Cost Of Pragmatism

The “House on The Table” design by Soojin Hyun is innovative and intriguing. Four walls and a roof atop a table give it the appearance of a house, it also allows for some sort of privacy. If there are a number of these houses in an office, it will take on the appearance of a small city. Which is all cool, except that it comes at a huge cost, that of pragmatism. It is being manufactured by Michel dickhaut.


Donkey Kong Appears On App Store, Possibly Without Nintendo’s Approval

The classic Donkey Kong has found way to the iPhone and iPodTouch. Only, it’s called iDonkeyKong there. It appears that the app doesn’t have any approval from Nintendo, the creators of the original. Surprising that it passed through Apple’s screening. It costs $0.99 and chances are, it won’t stay at the store for long. Get one while you can!
Geeky Gadgets

‘About Time’ Clock Shows Time Roll By

Gone are the days when clocks were made for people to be on time because Sander Mulder has created a wonderful clock, with a very innovative design. This clock rolls around your desk and you have full spellings or rather a full sentence to read the hours. Though it doesn’t give you the accurate time (it doesn’t explicitly show minutes) you can make a pretty close assumption. Have it on your desk and see time simply roll around.


Airswitch Light Functions With A Swoosh Of Your Hands

The Airswitch from Mathmos, is a cool light and probable the first of lights that are fun to operate. You just have to move your hand to control the light, no clapping or touching. To switch on or off just move your hand horizontally and to dim or brighten the light bring your hand close or move it away from the light vertically – its as simple as that. Now invite your friends for a small light magical show.

Mathmos and Shiny Shiny