Soundless Karaoke With Mute Karaoke Mic

As soon as I open my mouth to sing, my “melodious” voice makes people request (or threaten) me to shut up. That is the case with a lot of people, and Japan Trust Technology apparently has a solution in the Mute Mic for the Nintendo Wii. The soundproof cup with the microphone makes it soundproof, so no matter how loud you sing, it’s only the mic that catches your voice, the surroundings remain perfectly calm. It costs $35 and is available only in Japan.


Canon Mixed Reality Aquarium Is An Aquatic Wonderland

What makes the Canon Mixed Reality Aquarium awesome is that it beautifully combines the real world with a virtual undersea experience. Just put on the gadget, and the place gets filled with CG fish swimming around. Canon has not decided if it will make a product out of this gadget, but I can think of a number of games that would absolutely rock with this thing. Hell, any game will get better with the Mixed Reality thing.

DigInfo and OhGizmo!

Tweed iPod Helmet From Atelier Ruby

Who doesn’t like listening to music while cruising down the road? It probably isn’t such a good idea if you’re on a motorcycle, but if you are going to do it, the Tweed iPod Helmet should be your weapon of choice. Granted, the iPod doesn’t look very comfortable on that helmet, but it’s likely a better fit than it appears.


Micromuscle’s Microbots Can Do Amazing Things For Medical Science

Microbots created by Micromuscle are small enough to live inside a human body. Under the effect of a small voltage, they can morph into complex structures, change shape and volume. All this holds great potential application for medical science, but they are currently concentrating on “catheters that can steer themselves through the bloodstream, drug delivery mechanisms that can deploy multiple substances on command, and even microscopic robots that can pick up tiny things and move them tiny distances.”


The Power of Prayers: Prayer Wheel Energy Generator

Taikkun Lin has designed a way to generate power in a perfect eco friendly way. By using old bicycle parts and fan motors combined with prayer wheels, LED’s could be used for lighting the streets. So the next time you are visiting a Buddhist monastery and spinning a prayer wheel you could be helping in lighting up a street. What a way to pray and at the same time help the planet go green.