Crazy video uses stock footage with music

Using stock images is one thing, but using stock videos for a music video is completely insane. The video was created by Carl Burgess, using stock footage from Getty, and to the tune of the latest song by NYC’s electronic music duo Ratatat. Stock footage as always, works no wonders, and the video looks plane weird. But oddly, still worth a watch.

Via: Today and Tomorrow, Gizmodo

Gross fashion: Eyelashes made of flies’ legs

Of the gazillion things fake eye lashes could be made of, Jessica Harrison chose legs of flies. Now that, is creepy. Granted, flylashes was just a sculptural video, but putting fly legs on your eyes is still gross. As Harrison puts it, “Flylashes was intended as a play on the format of the Chimera, highlighting the use of the fly in the investigation of genetics and its similarity to the structure of human DNA.” Also, she mentions that no flies were killed for the making of this video, so put your protest cards away, everyone. Video after the jump.

Via: Huffington Post

Street Fighter Condoms: Ryu tells Chun Li to make love, not war

Ryu and Chun Li have been fighting for decades now, and it is only natural that they stop for a break, and you know, do their thing. Apparently these condoms a real product and for sale in China, the package graphic shows Chun Li and Ryu doing it, while under an assortment of random flags. Obviously not a Capcom licensed product, but the manufacturer probably doesn’t give a f*ck.

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Hello Kitty stiletto phone

Stiletto fashion police probably won’t mind you having a pinkish Hello Kitty stiletto phone, but theres’s a lot of people who would. Why? Because it is pink, and it is Hello Kitty, doesn’t look ergonomic and wouldn’t make a decent spy gadget even for a lousy spy. The product page puts it the best way, “Just think about how people amazed when they saw you holding a high-heel shoe stick on your face.” Costs $29.

Via: Red Ferret

Using the iPad as a dish for food, iDish

For a gazillion uses that people could think of for the iPad, no one at Apple probably thought about it being used as a dish. A dish to eat food from. Leave that part to an iPad enthusiast “shiinaneko” who probably loves the device so much, he’d eat from it. Or hates it badly, depends on the way you look at it. Anyways, to make the iDish work, simply find an image of the dish you want to eat, select it, than proceed to place the real dish or food over the gadget and eat. Works on iPod and iPhone too! Ingenious!

Via: PinkTentacle

Subtle Butt: The butt of a ton of jokes

Subtle Butt is the new trend that’s sweeping the WTF world. These “Disposable gas neutralizers” are labeled as embarrassment saviors, and apparently are so popular that more than 90% people would recommend them to friends. Well, we can’t do a better job writing the description than the product page itself:

Sometimes you just con’t control a gassy stomach…and what may happen as a result. But relax—the pressure’s off when you’re protected with these antimicrobial pads. Just stick to your underwear (even thongs) and go about your day. If you make a slip, don’t worry—the odor is neutralized by the activated carbon layer, and you’re spared the embarrassment. Great for travel, office or anywhere you’re in close quarters!

Via: Design-Fetish

Who needs practical iPod speakers when you can get a 130pound log speaker

Clearly, the tiny, convenient speakers for iPods are inferior to this huge, 130 pound log of wood that also happens to be a speaker. There are no electronic speakers in the hollow log, it depends on wood’s resonance to get the quality voice through. Apparantly, customers can have their choice in the length of the log and the type of wood, but there is no word on pricing. The hollow tree-trunk speaker was created by Austrian design studio KMKG.

Via: technabob

Hands-free iPad stand is more crazy than it is complicated

Somethings make your life easier, and then there are those things you look at and wonder “What the hell was I thinking back then?” If you have forgotten that beautiful feeling, the PC Set Stand would be glad to bring back the sense of deja vu. Basically, this thing lets you use your iPad (or notebooks and portable DVD players) while you’re lying down. Now, it looks like these things sell, because the stand’s manufacturers have been in business for 40 years. The PC Set Stand is $170 worth of WTF.

Via: Resound [JP], CrunchGear, Ubergizmo

Vampire Fountain

Probably the weirdest decoration you could have, unless you are a vampire, or in a never-ending Halloween season. The resin-made vampire sits with his mouth open, with a recently decapitated head in his hands, and for effect blood flows down his mouth. Not real blood though, water mixed with a vegetable dye, this is a fountain after all. An internal motor keeps the water flowing out of the vampires mouth, down its shirt, and into a basin hidden in its lap. Costs $200.

Via: ThePresurfer

Spikey bench will take your money if you want to sit down

Thankfully, we’ve not come to a time where you’d have to pay money just to sit on a bench… yet. This bench, affectionately called “Pay & Sit: The Private Bench” by its creator Fabian Brunsing would need you to part with 0.50 Euros before it lets you rest your hinds on it. Put in the coin, and wait for the spikes to retract into the bench before you sit. But don’t get too relaxed, it also has a timer running, and will warn you with a sound sometime before the spikes come up again. God help us if the spike-mechanism malfunctions or someone fails to hear the warning sound. I’ll prefer sitting on the ground, thank you. Video after the jump.

Via: Geekosystem, Neatorama