Hands-free iPad stand is more crazy than it is complicated

Somethings make your life easier, and then there are those things you look at and wonder “What the hell was I thinking back then?” If you have forgotten that beautiful feeling, the PC Set Stand would be glad to bring back the sense of deja vu. Basically, this thing lets you use your iPad (or […]

Vampire Fountain

Probably the weirdest decoration you could have, unless you are a vampire, or in a never-ending Halloween season. The resin-made vampire sits with his mouth open, with a recently decapitated head in his hands, and for effect blood flows down his mouth. Not real blood though, water mixed with a vegetable dye, this is a […]

Spikey bench will take your money if you want to sit down

Thankfully, we’ve not come to a time where you’d have to pay money just to sit on a bench… yet. This bench, affectionately called “Pay & Sit: The Private Bench” by its creator Fabian Brunsing would need you to part with 0.50 Euros before it lets you rest your hinds on it. Put in the […]

Get eyes like those of Dr. Manhattan

These lenses are for the few people on the planet that liked Watchmen enough to not just buy merchandise inspired by the movie, but actually have eyes similar to those of Dr. Manhattan. To be blunt, there was nothing attractive about his eyes, because pale white eyes are just creepy. So that’s $60 worth of […]

Dandruff salt shaker, because there’s always someone with a weird fetish

With literally gazillions of salt shakers available, which are beautiful or just plain and simple, you’d have to have some kind of a weird thing for dandruff to actually buy this one. Want to let your guests know that they aren’t welcome? Or perhaps some weird fetish? Via: Inspire me Now, CraziestGadgets

Meat house will always keep its inhabitants wanting for more

The idea of living inside meat or some similar living structure comes out more as creepy than innovative, but Terreform’s Mitchell Joachim obviously has different views or he wouldn’t have created the In Vitro Meat Habitat. On the downside, the house will always smell and it won’t even look good. The upside though, is that […]

Is it vegetarian if the meat is knitted?

It isn’t edible for sure, but it isn’t meat. Stephanie Casper likes to knit meat in her spare time, and has knitted steak, sausage, fish head, ham and bone, and roast chicken on the menu. Oh, that also answers my question, acrylic yarn isn’t vegetarian. Not that I eat it, I just happen to know. […]

Weird Menstruation Machine lets everyone get an experience of menstruation

There are women that complain that men never understand the troubles caused by menstruation, and while most men would be happy to keep things that way, for the few who take this as a challenge, I introduce to you the Menstruation Machine.

Coffee in the toilet mug should take care of your caffeine addiction

Trying to get rid of the coffee love may get you nowhere, but trying this cup out might help. Drinking coffee in a toilet-shaped mug should probably help kill your thirst for caffeine, and well, if it all feels normal, there probably are greater problems than caffeine addiction. On the plus side, that may help […]

Artist makes painting from 200,000 dead ants

Self Portrait with Gun, as this painting is called, cost very dear to harvester ants. Artist Chris Trueman made the painting using 200,000 harvester ants. The painting depicts the artist’s brother standing with a gun, and has been given a yellow tinge to make the painting look old. Each batch of 40,000 ants took two […]