Human Ivory: Jewelry from stuff you wouldn’t want to wear

Oh hey it’s jewelry, and it’s made from “Human Ivory” so it’s gotta be exquisite, right? Wrong. Human Ivory is perhaps marketing-speak or maybe a polite way to say finger and toenail clippings. Enjoy showing off jewelry and sculptures made from nails. If nail clippings aren’t your style, there’s always belly button lint for you. You can get hold of these from the seller’s Etsy shop, which boldly states “That Woman Makes Crazy Art.”

Via: Geekologie

French village of Bugarach will survive the 2012 apocalypse

It is impossible to stay away from the 2012 apocalypse theories. Handed to us courtesy of the Mayan calendar, which ends the same year, and is for some reason blown way out of proportion. Anyways, if you do have any belief in these stories, the French village of Bugarach holds promise as a place that will survive the 2012 destruction. According to Bugarach’s mayor, there are “sacred mountains” in the village with an “alien garage” where aliens wait underground for the world to end. So those in the village will get a shot at survival. And here we thought aliens had better things to do, you know, like abducting cows or something. Maybe they’re doing all that to kill time.

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Six months into marriage, woman discovers the ‘husband’ is female

Six months into marriage, Minati Khatua, from Orissa, India found out that her “husband” was actually a woman. The husband had been avoiding consummating the marriage on some weird religious grounds, which somehow made Minati think that the “husband” was devout and respectful. Then one fine day, the woman walked in while the husband was bathing, and probably found something amiss… or whatever. It appears the woman was posing as a man to get hands on the dowry Minati was bringing along.

Via: Metro

Popping 24-karat gold capsules will make you poop gold

If you have money to throw around, you can go with excessive bling like getting your car plated with gold and crystals, buy ridiculously overpriced yo-yos or other millions of crazy things. Nothing however, comes close to pooping gold in a golden throne. Designer Tobias Wong and artist Ken Courtney have taken care of that part, with the creation of these capsules that made of, and filled with 24 karat gold. Apparantly, the capsules are edible, and are priced at $425.

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DickiLeaks condoms scare people with leaks

Obviously, if WikiLeaks can inspire sanitary napkin ads, it can also give way to condoms. Put Julian Assange’s face on something that has the word “leaks” and people will give you attention. People intending to use these should probably be worried, as the slogan reads We leak more than the truth, leaks aren’t exactly the thing you’d want with these. Pack of 12 costs $8.37.

Via: Gawker, TrendHunter