Man deep fries PSP, tries to eat it

No matter how yummy you find your gaming console and the games, you’re not supposed to eat them. Well, we thought everyone in the whole wide world had that idea, but things like that don’t happen in our crazy world. This guy battered and fried his Play Station Portable (PSP) and then tried to eat […]

Wear you addiction: Cigarette socks

Don’t ask what the logic is, but if someone is really hooked to cigarettes, I don’t think they’d mind wearing these socks, weird as they may be. Made by sock company Ashi Dashi, the socks cost $12. Via: LikeCool

Guy gets arms tattoed with 3D pokeballs, looks gross

Call it fan art or something, we’ll just call this crazy. This guy got six 3-D pokemon tattoos in his arm, which basically means they cut his arm open to insert subdermal implants that make those tattoos look 3D. Pokemon fan or not, this is plain weird, and that arm looks gross. Via: GoNintendo, Kotaku, […]

Coco nose straightener says there’s no need for a nose job

We’re guessing a lot of people have tried their hand at a nose job, and while a lucky few got through, most others have been left with botched noses. Apparently, Cleopatra used a similar contraption, only this one’s better because it’s got the modern world’s vibrating tech. Coco nose straighteners may not have the same […]

Where’s that sound coming from? It’s the Asspeaker!

As weird gadget designs go, this Asspeaker is very likely to be pumping out super weird farty sounds. It doesn’t just end at the weird shape, you’d be tapping and rubbing the butts to get this thing working. Tapping on the subwoofer will turn it on/off, and rubbing it with your hand will get the […]

Control freak’s got boyfriends in a bottle

What sort of a woman confines her boyfriend? A control freak at best, a crazy “collector” at worst. Each boyfriend sits inside the tiny bottle home secured by a screw and a string and eyepin to carry that thing around. I’m not sure the genie boyfriend is going to be happy, even if you rub […]

My First Dictionary: A book for adults

It’s contrast, plain and simple. You’d expect something like “My First Dictionary” to be a book for kids, and you couldn’t be further away from truth. Make no mistake, this very much is a book for adults, and it is kind of a groovy, crazy thing you wouldn’t want your children to get their hands […]

Oooh giant toasted ants for breakfast! My favorite!

Just in case you had any doubts, the heading does not truly indicate my feelings about having giant toasted ants in breakfast. That’s just friggin’ gross. Anyways, if you have a taste for these grilled giant Colombian ants, go right ahead my ant-eating friend. Cost $20 at ThinkGeek.

The emperor’s got a new jacket

According to the old tale, the emperor was fooled to go naked, thinking he was wearing the best clothes. This jacket on the other hand, will make it appear that you’re naked. I’m still grappling to get the logic for this thing. Via: DesignFetish

African country makes farting illegal

The little known African country of Malawi has come up with an ingenious law that makes farting illegal. The government sees this as a way to ‘mould responsible and disciplined citizens,’ and repeat offenders will face punishment. Locals of course are against the ridiculous law, asking how the law-enforcers will even manage to identify the […]