Pit-in: A desk you can ride your bike to

PIT-IN is a funny/weird combo of a desk and chair. The table is of course a wooden desk, but the chair is a bicycle, or according to the designers, the saddle of the bicycle is the chair. You can rest your feet on the two raised platforms, while the wheel goes into the space on the desk. Intriguing as the concept is, you can only imagine what would happen to the back of the person who had to sit on this desk working all day long, day after day.

Via: bookofjoe, Wired

Oh look. It’s the Dogbrella!

Taking the dog out for a walk in the rain is trouble. Even if you somehow manage to stay dry, the dog wouldn’t and will promptly move to wet the whole place as soon as you reach home. The Dogbrella isn’t going to magically improve things, but al least it will keep the pooch relatively dry and more comfortable. Also, it kind of looks cool, in a very weird way. Costs $30.

Via: CrunchGear

You’ll need more than guts to eat the oven-baked tarantula

Continuing the line of weird edible products, ThinkGeek has put up oven baked Tarantula for a snack. Apparently a delicacy in Cambodia, where people seem to have super strong stomachs or are just too hungry, you’ll just need to remove the fangs before you set to chow the frightening eight-legged creature. They helpfully add that the tarantula is a “healthy” meal, because it is baked, not fried. Costs $25.

London parlor puts breast milk icecream on sale, calls it the Baby Gaga

An icecream parlor in London has found a great way to grab the attention of people, and make money while doing that. They’ve come up with a brand new ice cream, made from breast milk. Dubbed the Baby Gaga, the ice cream is available at a restaurant in Covent Garden. The icecream is priced at £14 ($22.5), but price would probably be the last thing on mind of people buying this flavor.

Via: Arbroath

Man deep fries PSP, tries to eat it

No matter how yummy you find your gaming console and the games, you’re not supposed to eat them. Well, we thought everyone in the whole wide world had that idea, but things like that don’t happen in our crazy world. This guy battered and fried his Play Station Portable (PSP) and then tried to eat it with chopsticks. That obviously didn’t work out too well, and the guy didn’t get to eat it, but … WTF!?

Via: Geekosystem, Neatorama