Song Writer Duets With Siri [video]

A lot has been said about the iPhone’s new personal assistant, Siri. The magic of course is that Siri can understand the user’s voice and communicate with the user. The creative mind that he is, Jonathan Mann decided to sing a love duet with Siri, while the virtual assistant quietly informs him that she can’t […]

Mother Of All Hot Wheels Track Is So Cool, It May Not Be Real At All [video]

We can never help loving somethings so completely amazing as this Hot Wheels track. Creators of the track call it “The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks” and we believe calling it anything else could promptly amount to heresy. According to the video’s description, the track is 2000 feet long and runs through 14 rooms […]

Landscapes: Volume Two [video]

There isn’t a beauty that could compare with the vast expanse of nature and its amazing wonders. We have seen quite a few time-lapse videos of natural sights, and this one by Dustin Farrell could easily find home with the best of them. Via TheAwesomer

Microsoft’s New System Turns Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

For a while now, we have been seeing concepts that use projection technology to virtually turn any surface into a touchscreen. Desirable as these systems are, they have always been something out of reach, not quite ready for production. Things for such systems now seem to be looking up with the entry of Microsoft into […]

The Assumption Song Is Dirty Only If You Are [video]

The Assumption Song created by animator Chris O’Neil is… as clean if you have a clean, open mind. However, if there is filth in your mind, this song is very dirty. Via LaughingSquid

Danse(s) Brings Different Dance Forms Together [video]

This video by Sosh was made as a tribute to dance, bringing in different and seemingly unrelated dance forms onto one video. They got together different dancers from various styles and countries, and of a different age group, all into one video. The dancers were selected through social networks, and the video was shot at […]

High Speed Video Shows the Complexity of a Falling Water Droplet

As observers, all we see when a falling droplet hits water, is a slight disturbance at the point of impact. The reality is a bit more complex with more physics involved. It’s fluid dynamics to the rescue in explaining situations like these. As the slow moving droplet hits the water surface, a tiny layer of […]

Las Vegas of 1962 [video]

Having a window into the past can be a treat, especially when you get to see and compare. Vegas was never known for its modesty, but the difference between the sin city now and in 1962 is obviously very visible, and interesting to behold. Jeff Altman made this video by transferring footage from a 16mm […]

Cat Takes On Hair Dryer [video]

Not one to be frightened of some invisible foe, Oskar the cat is all ready to beat the crap out of this hair dryer. And he would have succeeded, if it wasn’t for Oskar’s human holding him back.

Dude Eats a Live Giant Scorpion [video]

A YouTube channel is dedicated to this dude eating all sorts of gross things most of us wouldn’t even dare to touch. In this one here, he’s eating a live, giant scorpion. Via Geekosystem