Praying Mantises Do Circus Tricks To Power A Smartphone

The world would be a much better place if we could train bugs to stop bugging us and actually do something useful. But they are bugs and that something useful ain’t ever going to happen, but we can have thoughts and enjoy their glory. The video was made as an advertisement by Snapdragon and the […]

5:46 am: Paris Under Three Feet of Water [video]

The CGI short takes us through a virtual tour of Paris, only this time, the city is swanked with 3 feet of water. A flooded, abandoned city that’s just a ghost of itself. The film is a creation of Olivier Campagne and Vivien Balzi. Via LikeCool

The Avengers [trailer]

Marvel has just released the first trailer for The Avengers movie. The movie is set to hit theaters in May next year.

Rap Shows Why Nanotech and Vampires Don’t Mix [video]

We already knew vampires and nanotech don’t have much in common, but a rap song always helps clear the concepts. The video from Coma Niddy (aka Mike Wilson), explains nanotechnology in Niddy’s own unique style. [Thanks, Michael]

Woman Gets A Harry Potter Inspired Cat House

A woman in Texas had a carpenter commissioned to make this Harry Potter inspired house for her cats. The cat house is modeled after The Burrow, home of the Weasleys in the movies. At 9 feet tall, the replica has plenty of space for the cats to move around and enjoy their time. Video after […]

Everything Is A Remix [video]

Stunts and fight sequences from The Matrix gained some applause, but would they really be “original”? This video by Rob G Wilson explores the action sequences of the Matrix and finds it really has inspiration from numerous movies that came earlier. Via Neatorama

He’s Got All Our Favorite Toys: The King Of Legoland [video]

This awesome/nostalgic/cool video runs through the past 80 years, giving us a glimpse at the toys that ruled the world as times changed. Oh, make no mistake, whatever the world thinks it is actually the toys that rule us all. This superb stop motion video is the work of artist Michael Reynaud. Via Fubiz

Car Jumps Rope [video]

A car jumping rope? Yeah, that sounds good. The video is a commercial for OriginalPenguin jacket, but we like the idea. Via DPF, BuzzFeed

Ninjas in Battle [video]

Even if you never knew it, in your heart you always wanted to watch Ninjas duel. But that obviously doesn’t happen easy with ninjas remaining in the shadows and away from cameras. Directed by Olivier Trudeau, this stop motion video shows an amazing tale of a duel between ninjas, and it does that pretty well. […]