3,118 Coins Balanced on a Single Dime [video]

Apparently, balancing coins in a single dime is a big deal. And one that will get your name in the record books. Record setting website RecordSetter holds the record for balancing most coins on a single dime. As in, the winner Tai Star managed to arrange some 3,118 coins on a single dime. He made use of 600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickles, 1,699 pennies, and five foreign coins to create a tornado like shape hollow at the center and sturdy enough to be stable on the tiny dime.

Via Hungeree, Flavorwire

A Dam Explodes, Nature Reclaims Its Territory [video]

On October 26th, a hole was blasted in the base of 125′ tall Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington. In less than 2 hours, the reservoir behind the dam drained completely and the White Salmon flowed unimpeded by a dam for the first time in 100 years.

This short clip is a combination of video and timelapse photography captured throughout the day.

Via Andy Maser, io9

Chevrolet Sonic Goes Skydiving, Bungee Jumping [video]

To advertise the new Chevrolet Sonic, the automaker sent the car where no car has gone before, and where even the Sonic is unlikely to go again. In one of the adverts Sonic jumps out an airplane and skydives above the Arizona Desert in Phoenix, USA. In the second advertisement, you can see the Sonic bungee jumping off a stack of freight containers. That car ought to be cool, although we’re not entirely sure about how we’ll react if your car decided to go bungee jumping; unless pooping pants is a viable response.