Breaking The Barrier [video]

An important step for any relationship… Farting in front of each other. Maybe that’s one path you don’t want to go down. Via Stuff

Stop Motion Video Shows Google Doodle Being Carved on Pumpkins

The video here shows giant pumpkins being carved out at Google’s Mountain View, CA campus. They spent about 8 hours carving these pumpkins, and made them shine.

Pumpkins Smashed at 1000 fps

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all enjoyed looking at some very impressive pumpkin carvings in the build up to Halloween, and now we wouldn’t mind seeing a video that captures pumpkins being smashed. Here is two minutes of pumpkin smashing captured at 1000 fps so every detail is alive and visible. Via Geekologie

Man Juggles Two Rubik’s Cubes, Solves The Third [video]

Ladies and gentlemen, if you didn’t know already, let me tell you that this is the stuff superheroes are made of. Seriously, even Batman would be impressed. This man is David Calvo, and he kind of has a thing for doing odd jobs while solving the notorious and frustrating box of pain they call the […]

This Dog Is A Tank [video]

We guess this dog loves being a tank, or not, but that looks cute. He can walk, he can roll, he can shoot, and he won the top prize at a dog costume contest. Via Craft, Neatorama

Gamer Beats Super Mario 64 With His Feet

Mario 64 is quite an iconic game, one that most of us have perfected well enough by playing numerous times and spending countless hours. And then there’s Vicas3. Seriously, this dude apparently not only has the game memorized by heart, he can adequately use the game controllers with his feet. When you have skills like […]

Hamster Drag Racing [video]

Hamsters love to run around, so some dude decided to put those hamster wheels with toy car wheels and turn hamster running into a hamster drag race. Should have been something similar for the guinea pigs in G-Force.

The Human Slingshot [video]

Few things beat the adrenaline rush of tomfoolery. Greetings to the brave souls who dare to be on the human slingshot. Via Stuff

Humans Play As Tetris Bricks, And The ‘Tetris Effect’

Apparently, the Tetris Effect is a real thing, where people get so engrossed in an activity, they forget about other things. The name obviously comes from the interest generated by the game itself. Props to bookofjoe for finding out such a bizarre yet interesting trivia. Oh, and the video.

Pixar Lamp Halloween Costume [video]

Who doesn’t recognize the adorable Pixar lamp? I reckon it makes a pretty good Halloween costume, just ask YouTube user cmtification who dressed up as the famed lamp for Halloween last year. Via Neatorama