Parents Tell Kids They Ate All of Their Halloween Candy [video]

Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to play the cruel jokes on their kids. Via LaughingSquid

Never Imagined Iceland Looked So Beautiful [video]

Made in Iceland is a superb video by Klara Harden shot with a Canon 550D. It wouldn’t be tough to imagine that the country had some very interesting places to check out, but my naive mind never believed it would be so packed with natural beauty.

PencilHead [video]

A super impressive pencil-drawn animation.

Procrastination [watch this]

I’d write something, but it can wait for later. Via TheAwesomer

A Steam Engine Made Of Glass [video]

The video shows a working model of Stephenson’s Steam Engine, made entirely in glass. This is great if you are an enthusiast, or if you simply want to see an engine in motion. Via Reddit

‘Tumbler, I’m Leaving You’ (Batman Monster Truck)

Batman and Tumbler had been having a great time since the past few years. It was strong, it was badass and it was Batman’s latest Batmobile. But as things would have it, the redneck in Batman decided to move on, getting himself this monster truck and cameos in car crushing action. We hear he now […]

Camera Captures Giant Waves In Slow Motion [video]

Cinematographer Chris Bryan captured this amazing video of waves in Sydney, Australia, using a Phantom HD Gold camera. Via PetaPixel

People Are Awesome [video]

The video is a montage of some of the craziest, most daring stunts we got to see this year. Via Kottke

Life In A Day Movie Shows A Day On Earth

Quite like the One Day on Earth project we saw earlier, but the first on the scene, “Life In A Day” shows a day on our planet. A film made of 1,125 clips that were selected out of 80,000 submissions, the movie shows shots captured on July 24 2010. The film had its premiere at […]

Breaking The Barrier [video]

An important step for any relationship… Farting in front of each other. Maybe that’s one path you don’t want to go down. Via Stuff