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Famous Buildings Made by Stacking Common Objects [video]

This is like Lego, only a bit different because these objects were not meant to be stacked. And this makes it all the more better. Why? Because we don’t know; this is cool, okay? It definitely is innovative, stacking so many things does take some talent and planning, especially if you are going to give them a shape of a landmark.

Via DoobyBrain

The Angry Birds Movie [video]

We have already seen what an Angry Birds movie might look like if it were to be directed by Michael Bay. Well, the momentous explosions would work splendidly, but we could have another take. Something like an Angry Birds movie directed by Guy Ritchie. Well, the video is a spoof by Philadelphia-based writer/director Nick Murphy and company. And it does have a more Charlie’s Angels kind of feel, rather than being all about the birdies.

Via ToplessRobot

Video Mapping on a Lamborghini

Everything looks good on a Lamborghini, unless of course if your idea is to murder the aesthetics of the grand supercar. Thankfully, this one does not go that way. The Media Merchants used the Lamborghini Reventon as a canvas at an even to present an audio visual projection mapping experience. And they’ve done good; not a single scratch on the elite supercar, and a beautiful presentation to boot.

Via ObviousWinner

Kids, Here’s a Rap to Explain Why You Should Drink More Water and Juice [video]

We have featured videos from Coma Niddy before, and the dude has a way of taking on complex topics like nanotechnology in a mix of witty rap. This time around, it isn’t some scientific principle he’s rapping about, but quite the stuff of common sense what we all know but prefer to ignore. Perhaps this rap would be of help to understand why water and 100% fruit juice is good, and why the cola should go down the toilet.

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