Ad Shows Dictators Playing, Enjoying, Being Kids [video]

A quirky advertisement by food chain Nando shows dictators playing together as buddies, playing childish pranks and having a great time. Titled Last Dictator Standing it starts with Robert Mugabe sitting on the dinner table with other dictators and enjoying a meal. He remembers the good times he’s had with them and ultimately gets back to reality, realizing he is alone. A voice at the end declares “This time of year, no one should have to eat alone”.

Sweet Mother of God, Here it is: The Perfect Hamburger

The ultimate burger! The perfect burger! The dream we’ve all had. Checkout the video showing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about creating the ultimate burger for Modernist Cuisine. Every ingredient and process was considered scientifically going from a fluffy bun, lab made cheese and cryofrying for the burger. Checkout the video and make sure you have something to eat, you’re going to be hungry after watching this. Still, you won’t have anything as good as the ultimate burger.

Via Gizmodo