Kids, Here’s a Rap to Explain Why You Should Drink More Water and Juice [video]

We have featured videos from Coma Niddy before, and the dude has a way of taking on complex topics like nanotechnology in a mix of witty rap. This time around, it isn’t some scientific principle he’s rapping about, but quite the stuff of common sense what we all know but prefer to ignore. Perhaps this rap would be of help to understand why water and 100% fruit juice is good, and why the cola should go down the toilet.

Ad Shows Dictators Playing, Enjoying, Being Kids [video]

A quirky advertisement by food chain Nando shows dictators playing together as buddies, playing childish pranks and having a great time. Titled Last Dictator Standing it starts with Robert Mugabe sitting on the dinner table with other dictators and enjoying a meal. He remembers the good times he’s had with them and ultimately gets back to reality, realizing he is alone. A voice at the end declares “This time of year, no one should have to eat alone”.