Ad Shows Dictators Playing, Enjoying, Being Kids [video]

A quirky advertisement by food chain Nando shows dictators playing together as buddies, playing childish pranks and having a great time. Titled Last Dictator Standing it starts with Robert Mugabe sitting on the dinner table with other dictators and enjoying a meal. He remembers the good times he’s had with them and ultimately gets back […]

Sweet Mother of God, Here it is: The Perfect Hamburger

The ultimate burger! The perfect burger! The dream we’ve all had. Checkout the video showing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about creating the ultimate burger for Modernist Cuisine. Every ingredient and process was considered scientifically going from a fluffy bun, lab made cheese and cryofrying for the burger. Checkout the video and make sure you have […]

Natty Light is the First Beer in Space [video]

It is surprising this took so long, but humanity’s favorite drink has finally reached space. Which is kind of obvious because we would need it on the final frontier sooner or later. The beer was launched using a weather balloon and it reached an altitude of 90,000 feet. Via Presurfer

Anti Smoking Campaign Goes Slightly Off the Beaten Path [video]

Most of the anti smoking campaigns we encounter show gory and scary images, ostensibly to scare smokers away, albeit with little effect. This anti-smoking advert by Hungryman UK is different. Though, it still is scary. The video shows a woman smoking a cigarette, and aging instantly with each puff.

The Loner [short]

A short by fla of Sticky Monster Lab, The Loner is a story of someone that likes to spend time alone. Until a bit of unappreciated company comes along. Set to music by The Freaks, this really is an interesting video. Via Fubiz

Hand Gestures Tell the Tale of Indian City of Calcutta [video]

Commissioned by YPO Calcutta, this video shows the story of one of India’s largest cities, its people, its celebrities, its landmarks, and its temples. Quite interesting, considering it is all the work of hand shadows, and a tale very well told.

A Short History of Satellites in Space [video]

“A short information animation about all launched, decayed and orbiting satellites in space.”

Super Mario Land Video Made in Minecraft

There is a lot game players can do in Minecraft, and we’ve seen quite a few examples of that. This video is just one example, and a pretty impressive one at that. Three gamers spent nearly 500 hours creating 800 still images of the classic Game Boy title Super Mario Land. The images were then […]

Quirky Animal Videos Encourage Going Vegetarian

A short by Serbian animation production company GlossRey, this quirky video titled “Be a Vegetarian” shows animal puking animals, and finally broccoli. Ultimately, leading to the message of going vegetarian. Via LaughingSquid

DC Comics Superhero Underpants [video]

A superhero starts on the inside, like er… underpants. Diesel has come up with high-end briefs for men, modeled after superheroes like Batman, Flash, the Green Lantern, and the Joker. Wait, Joker’s a superhero? He is, for Diesel’s underpants. Via ToplessRobot