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Shake on it [video]

College football fans are probably the most passionate fans out there. And rivalries run deep. So deep, in fact, that fans will often jump at the chance to prove their undying faith in their teams by promising to do some crazy things if they lose. Of course if they win, the tables turn. That’s a gentlemanly wager, and it becomes an unbreakable social contract between fans with a simple shake of hands. It’s not crazy, it’s sports.

Amusing and fun advertisement from ESPN.

Eye Candy: ChronoCon ‘First Light’ [video]

FirstLight is a video full of timelapse beauty and nature eye candy. It was quite fun to see the clouds float, appear and disappear in the sky. The video has been directed by Gaintatzis Pavlos and shot through Canon EOS 350D and 500D and the ChronoCon Dolly slider.

Rube Goldberg Machine Works as an Impressive Page Turner [video]

Rube Goldberg machines are basically those that use an incredibly complicated process to get a simple job done. Joseph Herscher’s machine fits the bill pretty well. Triggered by a cup of coffee, the machine follows a series of steps to finally turn the page on the newspaper. Don’t ask what he’s going to do about the second page.

Nerf Bow Tooth Extraction [video]

Rather than go down the beaten path, this awesome kid decided to get his loose tooth out by tying it to a nerf big bow. Top points for being a badass. This has been around for quite some time now, but hey, it’s cool!

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