Elon Musk Shows How He Works on Iron Man Styled 3D Modeling Setup

Seeing Tony Stark work through gadgets and 3D Modeling is quite a treat. Turns out, the movie was simply taking inspiration from Elon Musk who might be a time traveler come from the future. He combined a gesture-sensing Leap Motion controller with an array of different display technologies to create the modeling setup you see here. Used for the Space X project, the system allows engineers to work through and zoom to take closer looks at their models without ever having to touch a mouse.

People Show up For Job Interviews, LG Pranks Them With the Apocalypse Instead [video]

LG has a thing for scaring people out of their wits. We’ve earlier seen them prank men while they pee, this time they went a step further and introduced people to the end of the world, apocalyptic meteor strike. People went in for a job interview, while the “window” facing them was actually a Ultra Reality HD TV. Eventually, a meteor shows up and everyone looses their shit. That has to be the worst job interview ever.

At the end, people find out the world survived and it was just a prank. Also, still no job.

Time Lapse is a Stunning Journey Through Rio de Janeiro

Los Angeles-based time-lapse cinematographer, photographer and filmmaker Joe Capra shot this stunning footage of Rio de Janeiro. Shot in 4k and 10k, the footage mostly sticks to the city, however there’s also a detour to the famous Iguazú Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The video is from parts of footage that were shot for a major electronics manufacturer.