Avatar Pandora’s Landscape Recreated in an Aquarium, Has Waterfalls Under Water!

Near magical landscapes of Pandora depicted in Avatar were quite a CG treat for the eyes. Creating a realistic version of a landscape like that in the physical world is quite a challenge. Luckily for us, there are people who absolutely love a good challenge and have the skills to meet up to it. A […]

Scary Living Toys of Brazil [video]

Brazilian TV Show prank of scary toys that turned alive. Yup, that’s brick-shitting scary all right. Don’t let Toy Story fool you, if toys were sentient, you would most probably be looking at Chucky than Woody.

Thor: The Dark World [trailer]

Here’s the official trailer for Thor: The Dark World. The movie will be released on November 8.

Supercut of Dogs Stoned After Visit to a Vet [video]

CollegeHumor has this excellent video of dogs stoned and high after a visit to the vet.

Life Size Wall-E is a Working Robot [video]

Wall-E is a beloved movie robot, but he’s not an easy dude to bring to life. There have been several Wall-E replicas, though this one seems to be the best one so far. Mike McMaster and his team spent five years checking out every detail they could find on Wall-E, and building the Pixar movie […]

Sherlock Season 3 Teaser

For those of us going crazy waiting for Sherlock to return to the screen, here’s finally something to look at. Here’s the first teaser for the Season 3 of Sherlock. They have completed shooting for the first two episodes and are currently working on the third, the show will finally reach screens next year. It’s […]

Real Life Version of YouTube Complaint Department [video]

If YouTube’s complaint department were real and had similar conversation styles to the virtual complaints, it would be one hilarious place to be.

P*rn Sex Vs Real Sex, a Difference Told With Food Imagery [video]

People tend to confuse the sex they see in pr0n movies, with that in the real world. Well, it’s a movie, and it can be very different than the real world. This video by KB Creative Labs tries to explain the difference, using vegetables and food imagery to drive the point. Via Uproxx, Geekosystem

Falling Dominoes, Toast and Books on an Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine [video]

We’re suckers for elaborate dominoes constructions. This one, is by far one of the most impressive, if not the most impressive video we’ve seen. The video is shot to the music of Tuna Melt by A-Trak & Tommy Trash. Even so, it’s the video itself that takes the cake. Seeing the dominoes and books and […]

Bubble Wrap Bike Places Bubble Wrap In Its Path, Proceeds to Pop It [video]

Bursting bubble wrap is cool, finding an automated way to do that, well that should be better. Comedian Eric Buss strapped a role of bubble wrap to his bicycle, which unrolls as the man pedals and gets popped by the wheels of the bicycle. The bike is basically making its own road, riding on sheets […]