‘I Am Street Fighter’ Capcom Shows Official 25th Anniversary Documentary

For fans of Street Fighter and gaming in general, Capcom has made available the official documentary on 25 years of Street Fighter. Titled I Am Street Fighter – 25th Anniversary Documentary was originally released as part of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set and tells the story of the creation and history of the game, not to mention clips of the game’s fans. Sit, relax and click play on the video above for 72 minutes well spent.


Ballerina Moves on Piano Wearing Kitchen Knives on Shoes

En Puntos by Javier Pérez presents a very strong and almost hypnotic appearance. It features a ballerina whose pointe shoes are extended by kitchen knives. She stands on the lid of a grand piano set on a stage, fighting to maintain balance against the odds. The start is pretty graceful, as she moves on the piano on knife tip. As seconds pass, the ballerina meets exhaustion and anger as the graceful figure changes her tones to rage that show in hits on the piano with the knife bearing pointe shoes.

Star Drunk: A Sci-fi Film Written and Acted by Drunk Poeple

Star Drunk is a short sci-fi film that has been both written and acted by drunk people. Directed by Chris R. Wilson and Zach Persson, the movie is quite a mashup of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and copious amounts of liquor. Hit ahead for the movie and another “behind the scenes” video for the movie. It isn’t easy to act drunk.