Jimmy Kimmel Let’s People Get a First Look at ‘iPhone 5S’, Hilarity Ensues [video]

People apparently are programmed to love the iPhone. For his newest prank, Jimmy Kimmel asked people to try out the new iPhone 5S. What they were actually given was the iPad Mini, but even so people couldn’t help remark that the new iPhone was lighter, sleeker and smaller(!) than the previous iPhone. They even convinced a woman to lick the iPad and taste what was on screen, it tasted good.

Watching F1 Through a Thermal Camera is a Trippy Trip to Dreamland [videos]

Watching Formula 1 racing is quite the treat, but watching it from the eyes of a thermal camera is just the road to trippy land we would hope for. Colors changing on the tires are quite engrossing. We actually might not have watched much of the video except the color changes on the tires. The video is from Force India team riding their VJM06 car at the Monza track. For F1 enthusiasts who recognized that the track isn’t Monza, it looks different because the uploader mirrored the video. Take a look at the VJM06 above, and then hit ahead for another thermal camera video, showing a little car crash at the F1 track.

Incredible Timelapse Uses Family Photos, Sees the Imperceptible Effects of Aging [video]

Incredible and amazing would be understatements to use in describing this project. Artist and filmmaker Anthony Cerniello shows the nearly imperceptible process of aging through this mind blowing video. The clip is titled Danielle, possibly as a reference to Anthony’s friend who plays a very important role in the creation of the video. At Thanksgiving last year, Anthony was with his friend Danielle’s family where photographer Keith Sirchio shot portraits of her youngest cousins through to her oldest relatives.

These Clothes Look Weird Because They Are Controlled by Sound

Looking suspiciously like a very hairy dude listening to Nickelback and cringing, these clothes are actually built to respond to sound. Designed by Ying Gao, the set of two “interactive” garments is named Incertitudes. They are made out of PVFD plastic, pins, and of course, the underlying electronics that make the pins respond to sound.

Elon Musk Shows How He Works on Iron Man Styled 3D Modeling Setup

Seeing Tony Stark work through gadgets and 3D Modeling is quite a treat. Turns out, the movie was simply taking inspiration from Elon Musk who might be a time traveler come from the future. He combined a gesture-sensing Leap Motion controller with an array of different display technologies to create the modeling setup you see here. Used for the Space X project, the system allows engineers to work through and zoom to take closer looks at their models without ever having to touch a mouse.

People Show up For Job Interviews, LG Pranks Them With the Apocalypse Instead [video]

LG has a thing for scaring people out of their wits. We’ve earlier seen them prank men while they pee, this time they went a step further and introduced people to the end of the world, apocalyptic meteor strike. People went in for a job interview, while the “window” facing them was actually a Ultra Reality HD TV. Eventually, a meteor shows up and everyone looses their shit. That has to be the worst job interview ever.

At the end, people find out the world survived and it was just a prank. Also, still no job.