Supercut of Last Shots in Blockbuster Movie Trailers

Evan Puschak set himself on the path of creating a supercut from the last shots of blockbuster movie trailers. According to Puschak, blockbuster movies have gotten bigger, so have their trailers; evidently, editors would sit through the movie to find that one glorious shot for the trailer which would leave a solid impression on the […]

Clever Dog Plays Fetch With Himself [video]

Clever dog finds a way to play fetch.

Alphabet 26 Genres of Music in 1 Song [video]

How many genres of music can go into one song? This video has 26 genres in a song that lasts three and a half minutes. It’s interesting how they manage to keep it interesting enough that the genre changes don’t become jarring. Also FYI, the long haired dude is a girl. via

Time Lapse Travels Through European Architectural Marvels

Europe is a treasure trove of outstanding and brilliant architecture though history. Videographer Luke Shepard went on a tour of Europe, traveling to 36 cities across 21 countries in three months. All in an attempt to document the architectural marvels of the continent. He returned with thousands of photographs that were turned into a time-lapse […]

Every Day of the Year Represented In One Photograph

In pursuit of a true time lapse, photographer Eirik Solheim spent a year with his SLR camera placed by a spot near the window, taking an image of the same scene every half an hour. The result was 16000 images that he converted into a timelapse video that you can see below, titled One year […]

Curiosity Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Itself, on Mars [video]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover completed a year on Mars this August 5. Martians being an unfriendly bunch didn’t quite show up for the party, and poor Curiosity was left alone on his birthday, working all day like the hardworking rover it is. NASA decided to play a little Happy Birthday tune for Curiosity, making use of […]

Doctor Who as an Anime [video]

YouTube’s celebrating Geek Week, and it clearly makes good sense to have something as cool as Doctor Who – Anime mashup for the occasion. The anime look kind of works for the Doctor Who universe.

Avatar Pandora’s Landscape Recreated in an Aquarium, Has Waterfalls Under Water!

Near magical landscapes of Pandora depicted in Avatar were quite a CG treat for the eyes. Creating a realistic version of a landscape like that in the physical world is quite a challenge. Luckily for us, there are people who absolutely love a good challenge and have the skills to meet up to it. A […]

Scary Living Toys of Brazil [video]

Brazilian TV Show prank of scary toys that turned alive. Yup, that’s brick-shitting scary all right. Don’t let Toy Story fool you, if toys were sentient, you would most probably be looking at Chucky than Woody.

Thor: The Dark World [trailer]

Here’s the official trailer for Thor: The Dark World. The movie will be released on November 8.