Game of Thrones With Walter White

Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad, and Walter White steals everyone’s glory.

In Japan, Dinosaurs Chase People Down Hallways

This TV prank in Japan has people chased down hallways by dinosaurs. We’re actually impressed no one shit themselves while a T-Rex was chasing them.

Mario Warfare, Part 4

The fourth installment of the fan made Mario series, Mario Warfare is out. This time around, there’s Mario fighting in the Smash Club, taking on Link, Ness, Little Mac, Kirby, Ash and Pikachu. Link, dude, you need to work on your self-esteem. Also, Mario where the hell did you get the heart to treat Pikachu […]

Gollum Auditions For Roles In Famous Movies

The “lost audition tapes” of Gollum auditioning for roles in famous movies. Life is like a box of chocolate fishes.

How Animals Eat Their Food, Part 2

Following up on the success of the first one, here’s How Animals Eat Their Food part 2.

Drunk vs Stoned [video]

At some point in your life, you’ve got to ask the big question: Drunk or Stoned? BuzzFeed videos put the two to test… for science or something. This dude got drunk one night, and stoned on another, and put the two to test.

Why Do We Get Bored? Explained Scientifically [video]

See Vsauce explain the scientific reasons behind why we get bored.

A Brain Divided: Fun, Animated Short

Ringling College of Art and Design students Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song created this very well made animated short that shows the struggle in the mind of a man as he meets his hot date. The ending wraps it up pretty well.

Watch Unwanted Sneakers Get Tortured, Burnt and Destroyed [video]

Andrew Henry, designer and director and New Zealand based sneaker brand Yours received a shipment of sneakers that he did not like in the least. Since he couldn’t put them to good use, Henry decided to destroy those sneakers in several creative ways. They get tortured and destroyed with usual means like fire, chainsaw, darts, […]

Ye Mortals Bow Before the Magic Beard [video]

Do you have a beard? You would if you could do this shit. Photographer Ben Garvin used iPhone app StopMotionStudio to create a video of his beard doing all kind of magic, because beards are cool like that. Via Colossal