Bubble Wrap Bike Places Bubble Wrap In Its Path, Proceeds to Pop It [video]

Bursting bubble wrap is cool, finding an automated way to do that, well that should be better. Comedian Eric Buss strapped a role of bubble wrap to his bicycle, which unrolls as the man pedals and gets popped by the wheels of the bicycle. The bike is basically making its own road, riding on sheets […]

First Trailer for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos

Carl Sagan made quite a show with Cosmos in the ’80s. Well, it’s a bold new world now, and the old show needs a reboot, and who better than Neil deGrasse Tyson to do that. Checkout the first trailer for Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, while awaiting the show’s official release in 2014.

Forced Perspective Makes the Moon a Willing Participant in This Video

Rather than just sit there and look pretty like it usually does, this one time the moon actually plays an more of an active role in photography. Made for the White Night art festival in Tel Aviv, the video by Vania Heymann uses forced perspective to make the moon a participant in the activities.

First Impressions: Wonder Woman Fan Film [video]

It might be a while before Wonder Woman gets a movie of her own, but if fan films like this keep coming our way, we can happily wait. First Impressions, as the short is titled, is the work of Leo Kei Angelos. Via

Video Offers a Fascinating Visual Tour of Mayanamar

This fantastic video takes the viewer for a journey across the mesmerizing beauty of Mayanmar. Jacob Schwarz, the creator of the video, recommends it be seen in the original 4k resolution. Via

Cyborg Ninjas Fighting With Borderlands and Metal Gear Swords [video]

If weapons from games like Borderlands 2 and Metal Gear are going to become a reality, it is best suited that cyborg ninjas wield the weapons, like they do in this Weapon Wars episode.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer from the San Diego Comic Con. The series premieres October 13 in the USA.

Robin Williams Gets Into a Tickle Fight With Koko the Gorilla [video]

Koko the Gorilla is a friendly, intelligent animal with fluency in American Sign Language. Robin Williams had the chance to meet the remarkable gorilla, and their interaction turned just the way it should have gone, into a fight. An adorable one though, with Williams and Koko getting into a tickle fight. Via

Heads Exploding Off Actresses [video]

Actresses lose their heads in this well timed and hilarious video by Simone Rovellini. Clips are from Dirty Dancing, When Harry Met Sally, Ghost and Pretty Woman.

Sheer Dominoes Toppling Bliss: 275000 Dominoes [video]

This video is 10 minutes of sheer domino toppling bliss, going from one awesome creation to the next. It is a wonderful, wonderful montage and yes one that you really should watch. It has regular domino toppling, plus every once in a while you get other elements to add to the Rube-Goldberg machine type feel, […]