Sheer Dominoes Toppling Bliss: 275000 Dominoes [video]

This video is 10 minutes of sheer domino toppling bliss, going from one awesome creation to the next. It is a wonderful, wonderful montage and yes one that you really should watch. It has regular domino toppling, plus every once in a while you get other elements to add to the Rube-Goldberg machine type feel, […]

Adam Savage Builds Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster

Years of research, finding just the right parts and having Adam Savage to put them all together. That is both super cool and super geeky. Norman Chan and people at TheRPF forum spent about two years researching and crafting out details of Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars Episode IV. When a group of […]

Science: Mix Chemicals, Light Fire, Enjoy the Show [video]

Science, or more appropriately, Chemistry is spectacular. Allow this video to show you what happens when you mix Mercury(II) thiocyanate (Hg(SCN)2) and Ammonium chromate (NH4)2CrO4. Spoilers: It’s a fiery inferno that opens the gates of hell and releases Satan’s Kraken. But don’t worry, he’s a friendly guy.

Quadcopter Footage of the Niagara Falls [video]

This breathtaking footage of the Niagara Falls comes from a GoPro camera mounted on a DJI Innovations Phantom quadrocopter. Arguably, it is okay to be impressed every time quadcopters go and do something awesome. Without the stability and flight of quadcopters, a footage like this would have taken a huge chunk of time to shoot, […]

Watch Robots Build The Tesla Model S [video]

Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California makes about 400 cars a week, the stunning Model S. They bought the factory from Toyota in 2010, spent a year retooling it, and started production of the Model S sedan in 2012. The coolest part about the factory perhaps, is seeing robots work in tandem to build the cars. […]

Google Glass Does Home Automation

Revolv made a few little changes to have Google Glass do home automation. The project was built for smartphones, but the engineers involved decided to take it for a ride having the Google Glass play with the automation.

Stephen Colbert Mocks KTVU For the Asiana Airlines Pilot Names [video]

A few days ago, California news channel KTVU news released hilarious and not too well researched names for pilots of the crashed Asiana Airlines flight 214. Well, that couldn’t have missed attention, and now, Stephen Colbert is here mocking the news channel for the huge Fuk up.

Dubai’s Beauty in a Timelapse

Apparently, time lapse brings out the sexy in places, even for the already beautiful ones. This video by Dimid shows the grandeur and opulence of Dubai. It seems a certain healthy dose of tilt-shift went into the video, which mix great with the others for this picturesque tour of the city.

Mario Warfare Part 3 [video]

It’s almost been half a year since the last episode, but Mario Warfare, the fan made web series is now back. This time, it’s Donkey Kong territory, and well, Donkey Kong is a pretty interesting guy. If you aren’t caught up with the series, take a look at part 1 and part 2.

Astronaut Shows How To Wash Hair in Space

Personal hygiene doesn’t take a break in space, so you would have to put in quite some effort to maintain it. In this video, astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her long hair in space. It is seemingly quicker than the time earthlings might take, but then we don’t have the luxury of having […]