Rhino Approaches Wildlife Photographer For A Belly Rub

Here’s a cute and surprisingly adorable video of cameraman Garth De Bruno Austin being approached by a wild rhino, requesting a belly rub. A wild animal approaching a human is quite surprising, and if the animal happens to be a rhino things aren’t quite likely to end on a happy note like this one. As Austin pointed out, he has filmed this rhino for a few years and has developed a level of trust.

Drone Takes a Closer Look At Dam’s Glory Hole

Dams use spillways to prevent overflow and to minimize the risk of damage to the dam. The one you see here is the spillway for Napa’s Monticello Dam, often called Glory Hole locally. With California finally getting rain, the glory hole is being used to manage water levels in Lake Berryessa. It may not be that easy to get a sense of scale from the image alone, but this one is massive. The spillway drains 48000 cubic feet of water per second into the Putah Creek.