Fighter Jet Takes Off From a Highway [video]

Roads and highways can often make good makeshift or temporary landing strips. While the practice is not common, armed forces still do train for the exercise. The video here shows a F-18 Hornet taking off from a highway outside Joroinen in Sweden. Shot in 2011, the video shows the highway was closed off for traffic while the Swedish armed forces carried out the training exercise.


‘Fish on Wheels': A Tank Fish Can Drive

This reminds me of the old joke. What did one fish in a tank say to the other? How do we drive this thing?

Well that might exactly be what fish in the ‘Fish on Wheels’ might be talking about. When the fish in this tank moves, a top mounted webcam captures its movement and relays it to the arduino controlled carriage that drives in the direction of the fish’s movements. We’re guessing it would be quite some fun to see the direction the fish takes when left in the open.