Scumbag Chun-Li, Troll Blanka [videos]

YouTube channel ParodiePub has created videos featuring several Street Fighter characters, most notably Chun-Li and Blanka. Hit ahead to see another video of Chun-Li being a scumbag, and a few of Blanka being a troll and making everyone’s life miserable.

Everywhere You Go, Eyes of This T-Rex Follow You

Do not be fooled by the cute appearances, the T-Rex is a vicious hunter and is following your movements. The T-Rex was built based on the dragon illusion, which freaks your mind into thinking that the eyes are following you. If we move around when viewing a solid object, our brain knows how the object […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special [extended trailer]

Doctor Who Christmas Special will mark the last appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [trailer]

First trailer for the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Commonly Mispronounced 79 Words

The video shows a list of 79 words that are commonly mispronounced. Most of these probably shouldn’t be mispronounced, but that is the entire point of the video.

People Walking in Wind in Norway

This is a footage of people walking on a road in Norway in heavy winds caused by Storm Ivar.

Airline Works With Santa, Passengers Get Their Wishes

Passengers on a flight from Westjet Airlines were in for a surprise when the wishes they made started coming true. The dude who asked for socks and underwear is either the happiest or the saddest of the bunch.

Mario Warfare – Part 5

In the fifth installment of Mario Warfare, Peach gets her army of video game heroes ready, and onwards they march to Bowser. While the last one referenced Fight Club, this one gives a nod to Lord of the Rings.

First Trailer Arrives For Godzilla

Godzilla movie gets its first full length trailer, and shows a massive Godzilla.

Video Compilation of Dogs Scared of Walking Past Cats

A video compilation showing dogs too scared to cross paths with cats. via

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