Gate to Hell Opens in Norway [video]

You could call it gate to hell, or Sauron opening his eye. But we can discuss nomenclature later, the appropriate thing to do at the moment would be to run.

The video shows a 132 kV power line with the current arcing over to nearby trees and down to the ground. After a long period of extensive fog, wind and wet snow much ice and snow had accumulated on the lines and the weight brought them too close to the trees.

Meh. I still like the gate to hell theory better.


Old Dot Matrix Printer Skillfully Plays Famous Songs

The conventional old dot matrix printer was hardly good at anything, printing included. It was, however pretty dedicated to making loud sounds. It is this quality of the printer that has been harvested, of course with a bit of modifications, to actually create music rather than random sounds. So here we have it, a dot matrix printer playing several fairly complex songs and themes.

Fighter Jet Takes Off From a Highway [video]

Roads and highways can often make good makeshift or temporary landing strips. While the practice is not common, armed forces still do train for the exercise. The video here shows a F-18 Hornet taking off from a highway outside Joroinen in Sweden. Shot in 2011, the video shows the highway was closed off for traffic while the Swedish armed forces carried out the training exercise.