Street Art Cuckoo Clocks Are Amazing

As a law of nature, cuckoo clocks are cool. German artist Stephen Strumbel, however loves to give these “innocent” timepieces a flavor of street art with weapons, violence, and the words “What the f**k is Heimat?” Well, to answer that:

Heimat is a quintessentially German concept, which roughly means homeland. “There is no English word for Heimat,” Strumbel explains. “Some people link Heimat to a place, for others it is a feeling.”

Wicked Halo and PSFK

Real Time Canvas Clock Is An Artistic Time Teller

The real time Canvas Clock has a “modern monochromatic representation of the classic alarm clock” on a canvas, which probably qualifies it with the comparison with art that the seller makes, but no doubt it is pretty cool. The classic alarm clock “art” though, really does show time. Its 2 dimensional looks hold a 3 dimensional mechanism to have the time running. Costs $35.


Apple iBook G4 Makes A Wonderful Clock

After the iBook G4 went bust, this user decided to have it do some work, and created this wonderful clock, where the mouse makes for a rather interesting pendulum. The clock itself has a quartz clock movement, while the mouse relies on two AA batteries for movement. The clock was selling for $75 on Etsy, but as you’d guess, it didn’t take a lot of time for this to go “out of stock.”


Geocentric Watch Puts The Earth At The Center Of Action

The Geocentric Watch is supposedly a sci-fi inspired design that looks totally cool. Well, I’m not sure about the sci-fi part, but it does a lot of exercise in the planetary motion of the earth around the sun. The rings you see on the dial are in perpetual motion, and move around the watch to show time. Checkout designer Geoffrey Cooper’s website for more intriguing designs.


Aeternitas Mega 4 Could Be The Most Complex Watch In The World

Franck Muller’s Aeternitas Mega 4 is better refered to as the most complex watch in the world, but it is also an intricate beauty worth admiration. The limited edition watch has 1,483 parts for movement and has nearly 36 complications, 25 of which are visible on the dial. Functions on the watch include a

monopusher split-second chronograph, a 1000 year calendar, very accurate equation of time (between solar and clock time), complex sonnerie chiming functions, multiple timezones, moon phase indicator, and of course, more.

That’s about as exciting as the $2.7 million price tag.

Luxist and Billionaire Boys Club

HD3 Black Pearl Watch Is Expensive And Amazing

The watch you see here, is the HD3 Complication Black Pearl. Apart from its amazing looks, the watch has a bi-axial tourbillon, a number a pirate themed additions like the skull and bones etched in glass, a tiny cannon and a thing or two about nautical navigation. It was a limited edition watch with just 11 pieces and a $400,000 price tag. Click images in gallery for larger versions.

Flylyf and Gizmodo

Thomas Cruyl’s Cuckoo Clock Is A Wrist Watch

Thomas Cruyl’s “CWatch” is amazing on many levels. A tribute to the tradition of swiss artisan watch making, the watch has been created to look like the beloved cuckoo clock, has a decorative wooden exterior, and basically combines two different arts in one package. What would actually make it awesome though, would be a working cuckoo mechanism; sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case.


Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch Is Striking

The Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck watch is a limited edition timepiece inspired by the moon and the moonphase. As you’d guess, this one’s an expensive thing. The dial is mother of pearl and depicts Earth at the center. It shows time, but it also has solar and lunar hands in relation to Earth. The watch will have an eighteen karat rose gold or a platinum case, and only 500 units of each type will be made.


Switchial Clock, A Design That Claims To Be Different

The Switchial Clock is the work of designer Matthias Pugin, and is, quite different by virtue of the way it displays time. There are magnets hidden behind the watch face, and it is the movement of these magnets that pushes the bars to display the design. Sounds cool, what would be even cooler will be to see this timepiece in production.

Matthias Pugin and Geeky-Gadgets