Twitwee clock has the Twitter bird replace the cuckoo

The Twitwee clock is not some old-fashioned cuckoo clock, but it’s one with a Twitter twist. For starters, the cuckoo bird has gone away to maker room for the Twitter bird. Also, rather than come out to chirp every hour, the Twitwee clock responds to a specific word, hashtag, or a username. When this happens, the bird comes out to cuckoo, and the tweet in question is displayed on the screen. The clock has been created by Haroon Baig. Another pic and video after the jump.

Shining Cuckoo Clock gives a bad name to Cuckoo Clocks

We like cuckoo clocks, and we’d like this one too if it didn’t look like a thing you’d break after a few hours. The clock is based on the classic movie “The Shining” and depicts the “Heeere’s Johnny!” scene from the movie. Also, in place of the cuckoo Johnny shows up every hour shouting “Heeere’s Johnny!” That’s probably where the breakage point comes after a few hours.

SlashFilm and Slippery Brick

Aurora watch forgot its face at the design table

The Aurora watch concept doesn’t have a face, or a dial, but it pretty much makes up for it by using lasers. You just touch the watch, and the hands of the watch appear as lasers. Which is cool. Except that in a real application, you’d see a diagonal hand for hours, and another full diameter for minutes, which is of course more difficult to realize time by. Because that’s what lasers do, instead of magically disappearing in the center. Also, if you make the lasers weak enough, you’d never see time in the day. By the way, I’d be totally fine with the concept if tapping it created a 3-D holographic image that spoke the time.


Vacheron Constantin Introduces Expensive Lacquer Collection

Just one good look at the watch, and it is clear as day that this is one expensive time teller to have. The watch itself is a part of the Métiers d’Art collection, which shows off various crafts. Lacquer applied on the watch comes from the traditional Japanese Maki-e technique. It has manual wound movements visible through the center of the dial. Only 20 such watches will be constructed each year, and each watch will be unique.


Street Art Cuckoo Clocks Are Amazing

As a law of nature, cuckoo clocks are cool. German artist Stephen Strumbel, however loves to give these “innocent” timepieces a flavor of street art with weapons, violence, and the words “What the f**k is Heimat?” Well, to answer that:

Heimat is a quintessentially German concept, which roughly means homeland. “There is no English word for Heimat,” Strumbel explains. “Some people link Heimat to a place, for others it is a feeling.”

Wicked Halo and PSFK

Real Time Canvas Clock Is An Artistic Time Teller

The real time Canvas Clock has a “modern monochromatic representation of the classic alarm clock” on a canvas, which probably qualifies it with the comparison with art that the seller makes, but no doubt it is pretty cool. The classic alarm clock “art” though, really does show time. Its 2 dimensional looks hold a 3 dimensional mechanism to have the time running. Costs $35.


Apple iBook G4 Makes A Wonderful Clock

After the iBook G4 went bust, this user decided to have it do some work, and created this wonderful clock, where the mouse makes for a rather interesting pendulum. The clock itself has a quartz clock movement, while the mouse relies on two AA batteries for movement. The clock was selling for $75 on Etsy, but as you’d guess, it didn’t take a lot of time for this to go “out of stock.”


Geocentric Watch Puts The Earth At The Center Of Action

The Geocentric Watch is supposedly a sci-fi inspired design that looks totally cool. Well, I’m not sure about the sci-fi part, but it does a lot of exercise in the planetary motion of the earth around the sun. The rings you see on the dial are in perpetual motion, and move around the watch to show time. Checkout designer Geoffrey Cooper’s website for more intriguing designs.