Wi-Fi Signals Visualized In Brilliant Colors

Wi-Fi is a big part of our everyday connected life, yet our appreciation of this invisible force doing quite a lot of our work remains mostly ignorant. Former NASA employee Dr. Vogel teamed up with visual artist Nickolay Lamm (previously here and here) to depict the omnipresent wifi signals and waves into visual characteristics.

Scientists Find Dogs Are Not Colorblind As Previously Thought

It is a long propagated idea that dogs live in a monochromatic world, identifying things by their hue and brightness. Researchers from the Laboratory of Sensory Processing at the Russian Academy of Sciences now say that not only are dogs capable of seeing color, they can make their choices based on the colors they perceive.

NASA Shows Images of Earth From the Viewpoint of Saturn and Mercury

Humans have often looked into the sky and seen Saturn, but never have we known what our Earth would look from the vantage point of that planet. Well, now we do. As usual, it’s the pale blue dot in the sky. Saturn is 900 million miles from Earth, and the Cassini spacecraft has been hanging […]

Disney Cooks Up Interactive Tactile Experiences in Air

Disney Research has found a way to make thin air tactile. Called Aireal, the device is a low cost, scalable haptic technology that can work in a number of ways. It can be used to create a sensation of touching virtual objects, textures and gain feedback on full body gestures. It is perhaps significant that […]

Phone Battery Running Low? Piss On The Sucker

Phone batteries have a bad habit of dying when you need them the most. Presumably, researchers at two British Universities were so pissed by the bad habit of phone batteries, they decided to charge them up with pee. Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaboration between University of Bristol and University of the West of England to […]

Explaining Why Creepy Things are Creepy [video]

So what makes creepy things creepy, even when there is no real danger? Michael from Vsauce explains it in this video.

Contact Lenses Talk Super Vision and the Power of Zoom

Contact lenses have steadfastly stuck to their same job for a long time. Mostly as corrective influence on vision, sometimes cosmetic. This time however, they want a superhero-ish job with the promise of super vision. A team of researchers led by Joseph Ford of UCSD and Eric Tremblay of EPFL have developed a contact lens […]

We Finally Get to See The Full Surface of Mercury, See It Glitter

It is quite interesting that while we look at stars unfathomable distances away, we have little detail on the bodies in our solar system. But then again, we don’t know much about what goes on under the Earth’s crust, well not at least as much as we would like to know. Finally, we do know […]

The Known Universe in a Captivating Video

Mystery of the universe and the beauty of space has always been captivating to us, looking into the huge expanse is what humans have been doing since forever. Modern technology means we can afford better looks at the universe the likes of which were entirely unavailable to our ancestors, and there still is a lot […]

How Did Feathers Evolve? [video]

Carl Zimmer explores the evolution of feathers, starting from dinosaurs, the ancestors of birds.