Score! Alzheimer’s Vaccine Trial a Success

World Health Organization says dementia is the fastest growing global health epidemic of our age. Alzheimer’s with no cure and medicines that aren’t much effective is quite high on the list. The first study for human vaccination against the disease revealed too many side effects and had to be discontinued. However, there is new hope this time as a new vaccine, the CAD106 is proving itself to be effective against the disease.

Just in Case You Missed it: Venus Trekking Across the Sun [video]

On June 5, Venus made a trek across the face of the sun (as seen from earth). That may not sound like much, but it’s a rare celestial event that happens in pairs of eight year gaps, and then again after 105 or 121 years. The last such trek was in 2004, and the next will be visible in 2117. Obviously, most of us would be pushing daisies at that time, but thanks to the power of YouTube and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, those of us who missed it can still have a look at the rare event.

NASA Tells 4.5 Billion Years of Lunar History in Three Minutes

In under three minutes, this video from NASA explains the 4.5 billion years history of the moon. It covers the formation of the moon after a Mars-sized planet rammed into the earth, and the numerous events that finally shaped the moon to be what it is today. That satellite has seen some serious bombardment throughout its life.

Via Discover

This Gun Can Shut People Up, Without Physical Harm

Guns are a great way to shut people up, although they tend to do this by the way of gore and blood, which isn’t cool. That facility now comes in a non-fatal form with this crazy gun that works as a Speech Jammer. Developed at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, the speech jammer plays with the way we speak creating an effect called Delayed Auditory Feedback.

Japanese Construction Firm Thinks of a Space Elevator in 2050

Talking space elevator isn’t new, but showing a serious interest in the construction of one probably is. Tokyo based construction firm Obayashi Corp. has displayed interest in building a space elevator. The project would make liberal use of carbon nanotubes, and have a cable stretched up 96,000 kilometers into the air, or probably space would be a better word here.