Honda Develops in-car Technology to Combat Traffic Jams

Traffic is the bane of modern driving. No matter how hard we try, or how many lights and systems we put in place, we are very likely to get stuck in a traffic jam. Honda has come to our rescue with the announcement of a system that can detect possible traffic congestions and take steps […]

MIT’s ‘Smart Sand’ Molds Itself Into Objects

Ladies and Gentlemen, the future is here. A lot of science fiction has objects that seem to repair or grow themselves even after being utterly destroyed, much like the robot we saw in Terminator 2 (as pointed out by the good folks over at FastCoDesign). A team at MIT has developed a similar substance that […]

Earthshine, When the Moon Glows With Light From Earth [pic]

This is one of those images that are rarely seen, and are a total treat for the eyes. Earthshine is when reflected light from the Earth illuminates the moon’s night, much like what moonlight does for us. This image was taken on March 20 from Esfahan, Iran. Via APOD, io9

NASA Tells 4.5 Billion Years of Lunar History in Three Minutes

In under three minutes, this video from NASA explains the 4.5 billion years history of the moon. It covers the formation of the moon after a Mars-sized planet rammed into the earth, and the numerous events that finally shaped the moon to be what it is today. That satellite has seen some serious bombardment throughout […]

A Look Into the Future: Orion Exploration 2014

This animation is a depiction of NASA’s proposed test flight of the Orion Exploration in 2014. Orion will launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, reach heights greater than any capsule made for human use since 1973. It will perform two orbits and then return to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean.

The Most Astounding Fact [video]

Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about the “most astounding fact about the universe.” He was asked the question during an interview with TIME magazine, and later made a video to better project his answer.

This Gun Can Shut People Up, Without Physical Harm

Guns are a great way to shut people up, although they tend to do this by the way of gore and blood, which isn’t cool. That facility now comes in a non-fatal form with this crazy gun that works as a Speech Jammer. Developed at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in […]

Japanese Construction Firm Thinks of a Space Elevator in 2050

Talking space elevator isn’t new, but showing a serious interest in the construction of one probably is. Tokyo based construction firm Obayashi Corp. has displayed interest in building a space elevator. The project would make liberal use of carbon nanotubes, and have a cable stretched up 96,000 kilometers into the air, or probably space would […]

NASA Shows New, Mesmerizing ‘Blue Marble’ Images of Earth

NASA has released new “Blue Marble” images of the Earth, showing our planet in detailed, high-resolution images. NASA used a collection of satellite images that were stitched together to create these fantastic images of our earth. Most of these images came from the satellite Terra, that floats in orbit about 435 miles high from the […]

See the Greenish-Blue ‘Sunset’ on Exoplanet Osiris [pic]

We’ve seen countless sunsets, we’ve seen earthrise from moon, and the Martian sunset. Now we feel qualified enough to take a trip outside our solar system and observe “sunsets” on exoplanets. This particular rendering shows the sunset on exoplanet HD 209458, also known as Osiris.

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