Daft Punk stage helmets through the years

Daft Punk are well known for their futuristic-looking helmets that they wear to concerts. All those years they’ve been around, the helmets have of course undergone a transition to match the age and time. The image here shows the transition of the Daft Punk helmets through the years. Via: Idolator, Geekologie

Huge shotgun shell lighter

This claims to be the world’s largest shotgun shell lighter. Uses lighter fluid, and has a flint wheel for lighting. That is all we have to say about the oversized shotgun shell-like lighter. Via: UniqueDaily

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. May the new year be awesome for all of us, and our wishes come true.

iCushion : It’s exactly what it sounds like

The iPhone styled cushion that takes your gadget love to some cushiony levels. Available on ebay. Via: bookofjoe

Megatron from Transformers 3

Images of an action figure have leaked, showing what Megatron will look like in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. And well, it isn’t a pretty picture. Megatron for this movie transforms into a truck, you know, like Optimus Prime. Perhaps Michael Bay doesn’t like Megatron much. Via: Joblo, Topless Robot, The Awesomer

Study finds the rotating girl personality test is a myth

The rotating girl silhouette illusion has been a very popular image on the web, leaving numerous personality tests in its wake. If you see the girl moving clockwise or counter-clockwise, you may be left- or right-brained, or so say the personality tests. A study by psychology professor Niko Troje found out that the way the […]

Christmas greetings from Cthulhu Santa

It is a bit too late for Christmas greetings, but it’s never too late for Cthulhu Santa. Via: technabob

This is how they like motorcycle seats in Arizona

Apparently, these are big sellers in Arizona. And we guess they’re good for all that road rage and stuff. Via: bookofjoe

Rugged PS3 mod built for Afghanistan

Modder BenHeck has created a PS3 console tough enough to handle the hostilities the Afghan terrain or the living conditions there may throw at it. The console is housed in a Pelican iM2600 Storm Case that includes a 22-inch LCD display as well. Plus, there are built-in speakers, TV tuner, network switch and storage compartment. […]

License plate bowls

Recycling vintage license plates and putting them together would give you something as simple and interesting as these license plate bowls. You can buy them on Etsy. Via: Incredible Things