Tongue bookmark shows subtlety in keeping mark on pages

The idea behind the tongue bookmark is to tone down the looks of the conventional bookmark a bit. Rather than sticking out blandly from the book, this piece of beech wood remains placed softly in the books. Via: Core77

China sets to build a giant Gundam of its own

Apparently inspired by Japan’s giant Gundam statue, Chengdu Guosetianxiang amusement park in Sichuan, China, is building its very own giant Gundam-lookalike statue. The 49 feet statue is probably just a model and not a functional/robotic Gundam. Via: SankakuComplex, Neatorama

Samurai Sword Toothpick Holder belongs to the true warrior

A true warrior would never leave the side of his weapons, even if all he/she needs is a toothpick. Ergo, the Samurai sword toothpick holder finds plenty of use. The set has a mini sword handle and a scabbard style case, setting the ambience for the war with food. Costs $83.

Slow Down App reminds people to drive safe, slow down

People tend to have the tendency of hitting the accelerator too hard while driving listening to their favorite songs. The Slow Down app for the iPhone sees the speed, and reminds the user to give the accelerator some rest and move to manageable speeds. The app was created for Belgian road safety organization Parents of […]

Give the gift of a slingshot

For the kid at heart, the slingshot is always a very interesting present. These are handmade from found tree branches in Epping Forest, England. The slingshots will be made in a limited edition of 30 pieces, each signed and numbered, because this is the kind of thing that (kind of) justifies the $75 price tag […]

Bulletproof Clipboard

I have no idea why someone would need a bulletproof clipboard, except that it could help you dodge the figurative bullet literally. Also, it would probably be handy for those assassin exams. Via: Ballistic, LikeCool

Porn that even the blind can ‘see’

In our high-tech world, there is no reason why the blind should be deprived of one of modern tech’s and humanity’s greatest achievement: Porn. Working to that end, Lisa Murphy created a handbook of nude photographs that can be used by the blind. The book is full of raised pictures, allowing the user to “feel” […]

Manga-inspired post-it notes

Manga-inpired post-it notes come in speech bubble or sound effect shape. Each set has three blocks, with 40-sheets per block of notes. Costs $25.

World’s largest floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro

World’s largest floating tree, according to the Guinness Book of World records, is Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree. The 85-meter long tree was built in 1996. Its huge structure is powerd by six biofuel generators putting out 2130 KVA of power that allowss for 3.3 million minature bulbs, 2100 strobes that simulate stars, and 15 sequential […]

The United Steaks of America

It ought to go something like America’s favorite food, in the shape of American states and on print. United Steaks of America picks up all 50 states, renders them into an image of steak, and puts them in five layers of screenprint on freezer paper. All of the 50 states are available in a limited […]