iPad game app lets cats play

Game For Cats is a simple iPhone app that involves “something is moving quickly around the screen.” That ought to make cats happy and video game savvy because we’d sure like to see a cat play World of Warcraft or something. Via: Gizmodo

Make your choices clear with Facebook like and dislike stamps

Now that we all spend a lot of time on Facebook, “liking” stuff, it is only natural we take it AFK. Plus, this time around, we’ll always have access to the dislike stamp. Have a like and dislike stamp for everything you need to show your fake consideration on. I’ll wait till someone comes up […]

Adidas to create Star Wars branded sneakers

Adidas and Lucasfilm have come together (again) to release a range of Star Wars inpired sneakers. As you can see in the pics, the design goes from subtle references to downright obvious, giving Star Wars fans something to choose from. Via: ForeverGeek

A hotel made out of key cards

Key cards are commonplace in every hotel, this one though, is all full of them. Designed by Holiday Inn, this hotel is made of 200,000 key cards and weighs 1814 kilos. Hell, even the toilets are made from key cards, and I have no idea how they intend to get that thing to work. The […]

Real life Hello Kitty

When dogs are wearing wigs and getting converted into other animals, it is pretty obvious cats had this coming as well. Meet the Hello Kitty cat. Via: Switched

Google map satellite cameras find planes to be especially colorful

This image shows how satellite cameras for Google Maps see airplanes. Apparently, the planes move too fast for the cameras to handle well, so we get those RGB phantom planes as well. The image is of the Hyde Park in Chicago. Via: PetaPixel

Tongue bookmark shows subtlety in keeping mark on pages

The idea behind the tongue bookmark is to tone down the looks of the conventional bookmark a bit. Rather than sticking out blandly from the book, this piece of beech wood remains placed softly in the books. Via: Core77

China sets to build a giant Gundam of its own

Apparently inspired by Japan’s giant Gundam statue, Chengdu Guosetianxiang amusement park in Sichuan, China, is building its very own giant Gundam-lookalike statue. The 49 feet statue is probably just a model and not a functional/robotic Gundam. Via: SankakuComplex, Neatorama

Samurai Sword Toothpick Holder belongs to the true warrior

A true warrior would never leave the side of his weapons, even if all he/she needs is a toothpick. Ergo, the Samurai sword toothpick holder finds plenty of use. The set has a mini sword handle and a scabbard style case, setting the ambience for the war with food. Costs $83.

Slow Down App reminds people to drive safe, slow down

People tend to have the tendency of hitting the accelerator too hard while driving listening to their favorite songs. The Slow Down app for the iPhone sees the speed, and reminds the user to give the accelerator some rest and move to manageable speeds. The app was created for Belgian road safety organization Parents of […]