Canadian river turns green, gives glimpses of an alien world

A bright green river flowing through a forest, fountains that ooze green water, well that definitely ain’t some landscape we know of. Otherworldly as it may seem, it pretty much is a story from Earth. Specifically, Canada, where pranksters decided to dye the Goldstream River on Vancouver Island bright green. A fountain in Langford, British Colombia also received the same treatment. Thankfully, it appears the creation of this otherworldly scenario won’t have a lasting effect on the ecosystem of the river.

Via: io9

Woman loses weight, gets huge Twilight tattoo

This super Twilight fan made use of her love for the movies and books to get into a reward-based weight loss system. Cathy Ward lost 14 dress sizes, and as a reward for herself, she decided to sit 22 hours in a chair, face excruciating pain, and spend $3100 to get one giant Twilight tattoo on her back. Whatever motivates you, I suppose works best for you.

Via: io9

Luxury condoms introduced in the town of Condom, France

French aristocrats Prince Charles Emmanuel de Burbon Parme and Count Gil de Bizmont had the idea of creating “luxury” condoms. Most luxury products these days get the title these days by slapping on some gold and swarovski crystals, but that wouldn’t be a very good idea for condoms, so these were given a more “upscale” packaging. The Original Condom is available in little black boxes, similar to those used for jewelry. A box with three condoms has been priced at $13.50, while that with six sells for $20, and individual refills can be bought for $2 each.

Via: OddityCentral