Luxury condoms introduced in the town of Condom, France

French aristocrats Prince Charles Emmanuel de Burbon Parme and Count Gil de Bizmont had the idea of creating “luxury” condoms. Most luxury products these days get the title these days by slapping on some gold and swarovski crystals, but that wouldn’t be a very good idea for condoms, so these were given a more “upscale” packaging. The Original Condom is available in little black boxes, similar to those used for jewelry. A box with three condoms has been priced at $13.50, while that with six sells for $20, and individual refills can be bought for $2 each.

Via: OddityCentral

Study finds the rotating girl personality test is a myth

The rotating girl silhouette illusion has been a very popular image on the web, leaving numerous personality tests in its wake. If you see the girl moving clockwise or counter-clockwise, you may be left- or right-brained, or so say the personality tests. A study by psychology professor Niko Troje found out that the way the illusion is seen has nothing to do with the person being left-, right- or hare-brained; it is all about the “viewing angle”.

Apparently, our eyes have a “view from above” (VFA) bias that makes silhouttes prone to be seen a certain way. “Participants most often reported that the woman was spinning counter-clockwise if viewed from above, and clockwise if viewed from below. Thus, the viewing angle causes the difference in perception.”

Via: Physorg