Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures

We have already been bamboozled by the mind-melting capability of Jen Stark‘s paper sculptures. And to be entirely honest, we enjoying going down the same path again. Here’s another set by the artist, mind-numbing and mind-melting in equal parts.

2012 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the Disco Volante is the result of a collaboration between Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera and Alfa Romeo. The concept seems to have kept up with the tradition of Alfa Romeo to produce drop-dead gorgeous cars.

Captain America Goes to the Zombie Side toy

Once upon a time, Marvel released a limited series where all superheroes turned zombies due to an alien virus. To keep the series company, Marvel also released a set of Marvel Zombies toys. Having decided that Marvel Zombies didn’t quite look as fearsome and striking as they ought to, Ben Franklin came up with his […]

Couple get a Twilight Themed Engagement Shoot

The world has a love-hate relation with the Twilight franchise. There are those who hate it entirely, and there is no dearth of people who would swear by Stephanie Meyer’s creation. This couple decided to have an engagement photoshoot inspired by the Twilight movies. They are very visible playing the roles of Edward and Bella; […]

Korean Girl Takes Off Makeup After 2 Years, Finds Her True Self

Makeup is an important part for women getting dressed up, but most tend to wash it off at the end of the day. You already know where we are going with this, so allow us to introduce you to this South Korean girl named Dal-mi Bae, who is an exception to the norm.

Tattoos: The Easy Way to a Full Head

A lot of people are troubled by pattern baldness or a general lack of hair. Running around for treatment does usually just end up being an expensive affair, with results varying from nothing to transplants. This rather unique but ingenious method apparently would work as well, and probably be a lot less expensive. The idea […]

Naga Chilli Vodka Will Turn Humans Into Dragons in One Sip

A lot of people love to brag after a night of drinks. We’d like to see them brag after a couple of shots of the Naga Chilli Vodka. Well, they probably would, but most would be breathing fire like a dragon from the moment the vodka touches their lips. The vodka has been rated at […]

Panda Cape

The world has unanimously decided that pandas are cool, masters of kung-fu and amongst the cutest animals that live in the wild. By extension, there can be nothing wrong with the Fuwa Fuwa Panda Cape even if it looks a wee bit weird. Also, it is named Fuwa Fuwa. Costs $40.

Foods Compared to Their Sugar Cube Content [pics]

Nearly everything we eat is bound to have some sugar in it. While the soda industry figured long time ago that they could sell anything if they put enough sugar in it, these images show quite some surprising stories. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but apparently, fruits and vegetables would […]

The Business of Valentine’s Day [infographic]

Valentine’s Day is close. Gifts will be bought, gifts will be given, a good time will be had. Of course all this has to be bought and with millions of people indulging in gifts, billions will be spent. This infographic shows the spending curve. Apparently, men are the bigger spenders, shelling $168.74 on an average, […]