Horrible Cards

Everybody knows it is the feeling that counts. And words. But never mind that, people probably love the Horrible Cards from The Oatmeal anyway. If they don’t we could always go back to Plan B, the mushy flowery Hallmark. But what’s the fun in that?

I Never Finish Anyth

I was looking at this amusing print, and I thought

Asimo Robot Costume

This Asimo robot costume lets humans play the part of the famed robot. You could walk, talk, perhaps even fall like the robot. Oh and the ladies… the ladies are going to love a man in the robot suit. Costs $512.

Ceramic Milk Jugs Follow Their Paper Counterparts

These ceramic milk jugs are a tough fight for their paper counterparts. They’re reusable, they’re cool, and they look a hell lot more better than those paper packs. Cost ~$70.

Duff Beer

Homer might have a love affair with Duff beer in the Simpson’s universe, and there’s no dearth of us beer lovers in this world either. Getting Duff beer ought to count for something for Simpsons fans. This one is packed with 4.7% lager so it does at least try to live up to its name, […]

Samurai Star Wars

Artist Clinton Felker made these amazing images, giving Star Wars characters Samurai outfits.

Heart Tea Infuser Fit for Valentine’s

There ain’t no better way to make tea this season, than a heart in love. That has to be the most love-filled drink ever, quite like this hyperbole. Costs $15.

Bulletproof Polo Shirt

This has to have some yada-yada about how much intelligent it is to wear a bullet proof shirt, yet look casually dressed. Prada should look into this one too. Costs $3475. Via Uncrate

Man Strikes Pose as Females From Fantasy Book Covers

Book covers generally tend to show females in very interesting poses. And it all gets way more interesting and humorous when a dude tries to copy those poses. The contrast is so very evident, and so very amusing. Interesting work from Jim C. Hines.

The Story of Pulling Off an All-Nighter

Times may have changed, but the basics of pulling off an all-nighter have stayed more or less same through the ages. Of course, it is a lot easier to get distracted these days, with the vile fangs of the internet always waiting to trap us.