Teenage Non-Mutant Ninja Disney Princesses

Disney princesses dress up as Teenage Ninja Princesses in this print by artist Sarah J.

Home is Where Your Wifi Connects Automatically

Well, yes! That makes perfect sense. via

Life-Sized Goku Papercraft

Life sized Goku from Dragon Ball Z is all set for battle in this papercraft rendering by Paper Juke. The level of detail is impressive, almost enough to make you forget that this is all made out of paper.

A Gentleman

“A Gentleman is Simply a Patient Wolf.” This piece was made for a sleeve tattoo commission by Fyodor Pavlov. We’ll hold off judgement on those very wise words.

Pac-Man Ghost Poncho is Your Quick and Lazy Halloween Costume

Getting elaborate costumes for Halloween is awesome, but not everyone has the time or energy to go the elaborate way. On such occasions, you merely throw something like a poncho on yourself and voila! Instant costume. It is made out of plastic so you could use it on an odd rainy day as well. Costs […]

The World Map Changed to Reflect Internet Populations

Showing the world in perspective with the internet, this map changes the size of nations to reflect their internet populations. Created as part of the Information Geographies project at the Oxford Internet Institute, the map shows information in two layers. The very obvious one is the size of nations according to the internet population, the […]

Your Favorite Style of Beer, and What it Says About Your Personality

Everything you do can be used to know about your personality, which is absolutely logical. But as numerous Facebook apps and random posts have told us, even seemingly simple actions like ordering a beer will give one a good insight into your personality. Here’s a humorous illustration that tells you about your personality based on […]

Maggot Infested Throat Necklace

At any other time, we would call this gross and stay away from it. But since we are walking towards Halloween, this looks like something that might come out handy. Costs $25.

Dude’s New Wood Pants

Here’s reddit user Jeffslot showing off his new pants, quite the designer.

More Time to Be Lazy: New Toothbrush Does Its Job in Six Seconds

Brushing teeth is extremely important. It also happens to be extremely boring. We could spend all that time on other things, like doing nothing. Thankfully, this 3D printed toothbrush aims to make brushing easier for us. Blizzident claims it will get the job done in about six seconds.

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