These Scenic Chinese Landscapes Are Just Veiled Landfills

Images from Chinese artist Yao Lu present a very familiar scenery. They look like conventional paintings of Chinese landscapes shrouded in mist and flaunting natural beauty. In reality however, these are digitally manipulated images of landfills showing off mounds of rubbish and refuse. The landfills are merely draped in green nets that provide the appearance of vegetation, a belief reinforced by the mist that covers the paintings. Once you see the elements of digital manipulation sink in, the idyllic romantic paintings of nature completely change form.

Twin Brothers Who Led Separate, Yet Identical Lives: The Jim Twins

All the randomness that goes on in this world often yields to some very interesting coincidences quite worth surprise and attention. The Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) studies the interactions of families and people, their environments and several other factors that could influence an individual’s growth and trust. As the study continues, it brings up some very interesting observations, one of them being that the similarity in twins could be genes, not just environment.