Your Favorite Style of Beer, and What it Says About Your Personality

Everything you do can be used to know about your personality, which is absolutely logical. But as numerous Facebook apps and random posts have told us, even seemingly simple actions like ordering a beer will give one a good insight into your personality. Here’s a humorous illustration that tells you about your personality based on […]

Maggot Infested Throat Necklace

At any other time, we would call this gross and stay away from it. But since we are walking towards Halloween, this looks like something that might come out handy. Costs $25.

Dude’s New Wood Pants

Here’s reddit user Jeffslot showing off his new pants, quite the designer.

More Time to Be Lazy: New Toothbrush Does Its Job in Six Seconds

Brushing teeth is extremely important. It also happens to be extremely boring. We could spend all that time on other things, like doing nothing. Thankfully, this 3D printed toothbrush aims to make brushing easier for us. Blizzident claims it will get the job done in about six seconds.

Batman Costume Pajamas With Cape and Cowl

Don’t accept anything less than being a superhero on your way to bed. The cowl and cape might be a bit troublesome in bed, but this onesie is a small price to pay for all the kickass superhero dreams you are about to have. That’s the correct way to fight crime. Costs $31.

Reactions to the Breaking Bad Finale [comic]

Well, yes, that sums it up quite well. Via Dorkly

Sex Scandal Dog

How do you know if your dog has been in a sex scandal? Look for this face. Doctor Lightman would agree. This is perhaps much more relevant if you’ve seen the TV series Lie to Me. via

‘Adult’ Supergirl Corset

Since conventional female character costumes aren’t showy enough, you would want to spice things a bit; especially if you’re dressing up for a costume. The adult supergirl corset costume should add flavor to the usually bland supergirl style. Priced $31.98 to $154.34.

Reasons Why College Students and Old People are the Same

Humorous illustrations from CollegeHumor show how old people and college students could basically be the same people.

Map of Europe Shows Most Common Names by Country

This map shows the most popular surnames in Europe, by country. Quite interesting and knowledgeable, especially when you realize the Borgs come from Sicily. via

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