My Name is Katniss Everdeen. I sighed. Nothing Happened.

hunger games twilight harry potter

The phrases that make the headline happen to be the most used in three popular young-adult series, Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter, in order. An analysis by Ben Blatt of Slate runs through the favorite adjectives, adverbs and the way to start off a sentence for each author. Me on the other hand, being a superficial idiot, find it hilarious to put their sentences together and laugh at the nonsense that ensues. Here’s more: “I don’t know. He sighed. Harry looked around.” and “I shake my head. I shrugged. Harry stared.” 10x points for visualizing the characters saying these lines in a very cheesy setting.

Superhero Underwear Print

superhero underwear print

Superhero undies have a special quality: they’re basically an easy way to identify the characters. It’s like the highlight of their dress. Those who wear a full dress wear their underwear over the dress, and several of them skip much of the gear except the underwear. For what it is worth, no superhero forgets to wear a signature belt with their underwear. So the underwear basically is the most distinguishable part of their persona.

Human Body Organs Made Out of Flowers and Leaves

Camila Sitarama Carlow creates pictures of human body organs from flowers and leaves. It is quite an interesting concept, seeing those well known shapes represented in an unconventional style. They do seem to be anatomically correct in rendering, well about as much as the scope of the material used would allow. Prints available on Carlow’s Etsy shop.