Human Body Organs Made Out of Flowers and Leaves

Camila Sitarama Carlow creates pictures of human body organs from flowers and leaves. It is quite an interesting concept, seeing those well known shapes represented in an unconventional style. They do seem to be anatomically correct in rendering, well about as much as the scope of the material used would allow. Prints available on Carlow’s […]

Once Upon a Time, Chess Pawns Had Names

Chess has a long history, and obviously has undergone several changes in more than a millennium of existence. During one of these times, chess pawns weren’t so ignored pieces on the board, speaking in terms of names. While other pieces get flashy names and ranks, for the casual observer, pawns are little more than slow […]

Lay’s Goes the Route of Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Potato chips sell, chocolates sell. It’s only obvious potato chips coated in chocolate should sell. That wisdom in mind, Lay’s has decided to wet its toes in the market with chocolate covered potato chips. Since Lay’s are the purveyors of edibles that are usually salty, and chocolates are sweet, they are quite cautious about this […]

I Love You a Latte

There are quite a few ways to express your love, saying it with a spoon and latte would probably be that much more fruitful. Available from Etsy shop jessicaNdesigns, the product is hand stamped vintage silverware with the loving words to go along.

Grumpy Cat Snow Globe

Grumpy Cat snow globe. Costs $16.

Latex Stormtrooper and Alien Gimp Suits

Here’s some work of LatexKittie, who describes herself as “IT manager by day, latex fetishist at night.” Probably with a mind to prove those words, the artist who enjoys designing “unusual latex outfits” has these images of latex Stormtrooper and Alien suits to show.

Humiliated Etsy Boyfriends

So your girlfriend’s got a great idea in crafted items and skill to match that. The only thing she needs now, is a model to show off her work on her Etsy store. That’s you, my dear fellow. Be a good man and model for your girlfriend. Although objectively speaking it would be near impossible […]

Aerial View of a Church in Dixon, USA

So this church in Dixon, IL is impossible to miss. Google Maps via Reddit

Shirt Gives You The Muscled Look Without Going Through The Trouble of Working Out

You could spend hours working out in the gym to get muscles naturally, or you could take the little cheat slash lifehack that gives you muscled appearance without having to set a toenail in the gym. Made for men, the Funkybod muscle top includes padded areas that would cover the chest, shoulder and arms so […]

Underwear Gets Rid of Fart Smells, Sniffing Arse is a Go

A look at the picture above and we see a very brave man with a purpose. Even if farts did smell of cinnamon and flowers, it takes a brave man to put himself at the mouth of a cannon. That apparently was made possible by the couple wearing Shreddies underwear that claims to have a […]

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