Fully Functional Camera Made Using Lego Bricks

This fully functional Lego camera is the work of Cary Norton. It took him about a year to finish the camera and get it in working order, but seeing the results, we’ll say the Legotron Mark I apparently was worth the time and effort spent.

Angry Birds Built In Lego

Tony Sava built this wicked Angry Birds scenario in Lego. The scene has been created for the November LEGO LUG Showcase at the Baybrook Mall LEGO store in Texas. Via RampagedReality

Life-Sized Halo Sniper Rifle Built In Lego

Using those magical Lego bricks, Nick Jensen made this amazing replica of the Halo sniper rifle, aka the Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel. You can see the obvious challenge wasn’t just building the rifle, but keeping it sturdy enough to be used as a prop.

Lego Mindstorms Make An ‘LCD’ Clock

Hans Andersson calls his Lego Mindstorm clock Time Twister. It uses two Lego Mindstorms NXT micro-computers setup to communicate via Bluetooth and display time in a very fantastic format. The master NXT keeps track of time and changes the minute digits, and when it is time to go okay, it sends a signal to the […]

Lego Robot Solves Can Solve Rubik’s Cube At A Blazing Speed [video]

Made out of Lego bricks, the CubeStormer II robot uses four MINDSTORMS NXT kits and a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone to hook on to a Rubik’s Cube and uses the magic of ARM processors to solve the cube at an impressive lightning fast speed.

Love to the Rescue: Lego and Swarovski Ship Sculpture To Be Sold For Charity

Named “Love to the Rescue,” this sculpture by Cimon Art depicts a container ship made in Lego and Swarovski and floating on an azure sea, sparkling with Swarovski crystals. It is depicted as a ship carrying supplies of “love” and as literature and hope tell us, that is all we need. Cimon has donated the […]

What Could Possibly Be Better Than Pac Man Decals On Your Wall

Say what you will, but nothing beats the allure of the old school 8-bit games we grew up with. And how we’d love to have these PacMan decals on the walls of our room. Blik and Namco Bandai have teamed up to offer a collection of Pac-Man inspired decals. The decals are available in three […]

Spooky Victorian Mansions Made In Lego

In another setting, the giant Lego mansions you see here could easily have passed as photographs of old, dilapidated houses fit for a screening of some Scooby Doo show. Artist Mike Doyle deserves all the appreciation he gets for these pieces. He did after all, spent huge amounts of time to build these Victorian houses […]

Gears of War Lancer Assault Rifle Replicated in Lego

We’re going to pretend that we’re not even remotely impressed by this Lancer assault rifle replica from Gears of War. Made by Plum B, the life size replica has a clip fed firing mechanism that shoots rubber bands, and the Lego saw blade in the front is motorized for some real hard hitting action. This […]

Lego Star Destroyer Built With 43000 Pieces

The massive Venator Class Star Destroyer you see here weighs 180 pounds, is 8-feet long and we will assume it is battle ready as well. Iomedes built this out of 43000 Lego pieces, and yes, it is all held together only by Lego pieces, no external materials at all. You impressed by the detail yet?

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