Swarovski Decked Lego Train Sculptures Ready For The Holiday Season

Continuing with the style of combining Lego and Swarovski for their creations, Cimon Art have come up with two Lego trains built for the holiday season. The Lego train sets are both kinetic sculptures, the Gold Express train styled more like a contemporary express train, while the Silver Steam has been styled with a more retro appearance.

Lego Mindstorms Make An ‘LCD’ Clock

Hans Andersson calls his Lego Mindstorm clock Time Twister. It uses two Lego Mindstorms NXT micro-computers setup to communicate via Bluetooth and display time in a very fantastic format. The master NXT keeps track of time and changes the minute digits, and when it is time to go okay, it sends a signal to the slave NXT that quietly and sheepishly changes the hour display. Well, words don’t do justice to the clock, checkout the video below to see it in action and be the judge.

Via technabob, Geekologie

Love to the Rescue: Lego and Swarovski Ship Sculpture To Be Sold For Charity

Named “Love to the Rescue,” this sculpture by Cimon Art depicts a container ship made in Lego and Swarovski and floating on an azure sea, sparkling with Swarovski crystals. It is depicted as a ship carrying supplies of “love” and as literature and hope tell us, that is all we need. Cimon has donated the sculpture for charity, and it is being auctioned off to support the earthquake and tsunami relief effort in Japan. The sculpture is priced at $40,000 and is open for bidding.