Lego Shuttle Takes a Trip to Space

The era of space shuttles might have ended, but the beloved plastic bricks know no bounds. Romania based Raul Oaida sent off the Lego space shuttle from somewhere in Central Germany. Supported by a meteorological Helium balloon, the shuttle reached a height of 35,000 meters; going well into the stratosphere. The launch took place on 31 December last year, and the equipment was later recovered 240 kilometers away from the launch site.

Via DarrenRowse

Teens Send Lego Man 15 Miles Above Earth Surface

Canadian teens Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad spent about $400 to create a homemade rig that went 15 miles above the earth surface and sent back amazing pictures of the earth. The 17-year olds from Toronto bought a $85 weather balloon, rigged it to a styrofoam box, added three point and shoot cameras, a wide-angle video camera, a dash of superglue, and of course, the Lego minifig. The homemade rig went some 80,000 feet into the air before starting its descent back to the earth.

Swarovski Decked Lego Train Sculptures Ready For The Holiday Season

Continuing with the style of combining Lego and Swarovski for their creations, Cimon Art have come up with two Lego trains built for the holiday season. The Lego train sets are both kinetic sculptures, the Gold Express train styled more like a contemporary express train, while the Silver Steam has been styled with a more retro appearance.