Life-Sized Dalek Wedding Cakes

Exterminate you say? That you shall be, Daleks; you will be devoured. These life-sized Daleks are excellent wedding cakes built by UK based Dinkydoodle Designs. We especially like the hat and veil touch on the Daleks.

Monstrous Realistic Pokemon

We know Pokemon as cute and cuddly animal-like characters. However, animal-like that they are, they would probably look drastically different in real world adaptations. Japanese artist Yuuki Morita has a few illustrations of Pokemon, created not as cute beings, but terrifyingly realistic monsters who would probably take pleasure in biting Ash Ketchum’s head off rather […]

Doctor Who Characters In The Style of Tim Burton

Australian artist and illustrator Michael Kenny has created a set of illustrations that represent Doctor Who characters as they would have looked under the art and style influence of Tim Burton. The set is mostly the doctors, but Clara gets an appearance as well.

Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Matched to Star Wars and Star Trek Characters

Following the line of the Harry Potter Myers-Briggs personality test type we saw earlier, here’s another version where you get too match your personality type with characters from Star Wars. Get your test here, then click the image above for a larger, more legible version. Or scroll down for the Star Trek version.

Victorian Star Trek Uniforms

Cosplay artist Genovefa made Star Trek uniforms in a simple Victorian style. They’re dressed like Captain Janeway and Data, and should soon be on their way to the Steampunk USS Voyager.

Star Wars Characters As Real World People

Had Star Wars taken place on our Earth rather than in a galaxy far, far away, we could imagine several of the characters as being personalities from Earth. Artist Michael Leavitt mashed up Star Wars characters with famous people of earth to create a series of wooden sculptures that seems to be pretty spot on, […]

Spock Crew Sock with Ears

Spock crew sock with ears is one interesting item, although we haven’t been quite able to figure if the “ears” are printed on the fabric, or they happen to be appendages sticking out of the socks itself. The latter would admittedly be cooler, and perhaps that is exactly what these socks are about. Costs $12.

Han Solo’s Original DL-44 Blaster Is Up For Auction

Han Solo’s original DL-44 blaster from the Star Wars is up for auction. There are no bids yet, though the bidding starts at $200,000. The bidding will go on till December 21, so there’s still plenty of time to expect someone willing to spend $200,000 will show up.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

A set of four etched glasses inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series, the glasses carry insignia of the Starfleet Command Division and include the words U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. The set is priced at $30.

Wonder Woman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Having Wonder Woman accompany you on a quest against the winter cold seems like a wise choice. Wonder Woman comfy throw with sleeves is available on Amazon here and here, or you could find this and more on our aStore.