Mattel’s Utility Belt Comes With Batarang

Mattel 66 Batman Utility Belt and Batarang

If you’re going to be a vigilante and play Batman, you need the gear to go along. Alfred and the Batcave might be difficult, and the Batmobile and the ninja skills, well, not even the massive Wayne Enterprises, but no one can take away the Batman costume from the heart set on saving Gotham. Once you’ve got the costume going, you need a utility belt for all the bat-gadgets.

Sherlock, Doctor Who and Other Famous Characters as Pillows

Etsy shop telahmarie (Heart Felt Designs) has a very cool collection of handmade pillows that show several popular culture characters. Sherlock and the Doctor are of course at the top, considering their popularity, but there are several other characters available as well. Other items from the shop include Dean, Sam, and Castiel from Supernatural, Harry Potter, Despicable Me minions, Link, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and several others.

Monstrous Realistic Pokemon

Realistic Monster Pokemon by Yuuki Morita

We know Pokemon as cute and cuddly animal-like characters. However, animal-like that they are, they would probably look drastically different in real world adaptations. Japanese artist Yuuki Morita has a few illustrations of Pokemon, created not as cute beings, but terrifyingly realistic monsters who would probably take pleasure in biting Ash Ketchum’s head off rather than play cuddly with him.