Geeky Paper Quilling Sculptures of Popular Characters

Graphic designer Alia Syed built these paper quilling sculptures of famous characters. The geeky paper quilling sculptures were made out of quarter inch strips of paper glued down at their edges. It does give them quite an interesting look, like something that would come out of traditional drawings of these characters.

Superman Versus Goku in Flipbook Animation

In a collision of massively powered heroes, Superman and Goku battle it out in this flipbook animation. There is a winner, although with subjects of different universes like these, it is difficult to entirely agree or disagree with the result. What we can agree with, is that Superman versus Goku would be one epic fight.

Deluxe Voltron Costume Hoodie

Voltron costume hoodie is your gear for defending the universe like the best armchair warrior there is. You get to act the main pilot, and enjoy the good level of detail that the hoodie presents. It is 50% polyester and 50% cotton, with an additional touches of three dimensional heads lion heads on the arms. […]

Star Wars Characters Invade Serene Paintings by Thomas Kinkade

You would have run into several of the serene landscapes and paintings by Thomas Kinkade, and now you get to see them with a major Star Wars upgrade. In the set titled Wars on Kinkade artist and illustrator Jeff Bennett has added Star Wars characters to the usual Kinkade artpieces, giving the usually calm landscapes […]

Game of Thrones House Sigil Hoodies

Winter has come, and hoodies are exactly you are looking for. Game of Thrones hoodies are built to follow house sigils and colors, and they do a pretty good job with the little touches that match them up to the house they are representing. Houses of Stark, Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon are represented in the […]

Star Trek TNG Uniform Hoodies

Flaunt your Star Trek style with these uniform hoodies that place you right in the Star Trek universe, well as far as the costume goes anyway. Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation, the hoodies are modeled on the two piece Robert Blackman uniforms from Season 3 onwards. Cost $60.

Death Star Soccer Ball

Put your love for the Star Wars and Soccer in one place, and have a time with the Death Star Soccer Ball. It doesn’t have an exhaust port design flaw, but then it isn’t the size of the moon and won’t shoot down planets either. Costs $30.

Giant Lego Portrait is Yoda or Vader, Depending On Where Light Falls on It

Created by the folks at Google’s Zurich office, this giant Lego portrait named The Force has been made out of 16000 bricks so arranged that it manages to look like both Yoda and Vader, depending on the angle of light illuminating the portrait. Of course shadows play a big part in revealing what side of […]

Guide to Star Trek Uniforms [infographic]

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you probably already know the uniforms and what they stand for. Even so, a breakdown according to the uniforms across the Star Trek universe is an interesting thing to see, considering the uniforms vary well through various iterations of Star Trek.

Doctor Who 10th Doctor’s Coat

An officially licensed replica of David Tennant’s coat, this one is made of high quality wool blend fabric so it is more than just a prop, and actually wearable as a coat. Costs $330.