Wonder Woman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Having Wonder Woman accompany you on a quest against the winter cold seems like a wise choice. Wonder Woman comfy throw with sleeves is available on Amazon here and here, or you could find this and more on our aStore.

Alien Egg LED Lamp With Launching Facehuggers

It is meant to act like a lamp, but the Alien Egg with Launching Facehugger & LED Lights is much more, simply because of that little facehugger it launches. Touch a button, and the facehugger flies off for excellent pranks and amusement. Costs $30.

Star Trek Transporter Room Shower Curtain and Bathmat

The only reason you want this Star Trek themed transporter room shower curtain and bathmat is because it’s great. It’s geeky awesome. Costs $50. via

Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Mood Lights

With the Sith Lord and the most feared soldier of the galactic empire lighting up their helmets for effects, we’d say the “mood light” part has been achieved. Available for pre-order, the lamps make use of five LED lights, and are available in two sizes. Costs £15 ($24) for the smaller lamps and £40 ($65) […]

Professor X Fires Jubilee, Or Lets Her Fire Herself

For those who are not keeping track, Professor X is busy firing X-Men in a series of sketches. Firing the mutants goes from cruel to extra cruel, as they get ripped a new one by the Professor for the series of sketches called Ex-Men. So far, the Professor has fired Wolverine, Gambit and Angel, and […]

Disney Characters in the Final Fantasy World

Here’s Disney characters, most notably the princesses, taking their time to settle down in the world of Final Fantasy. Illustrations by artist Geryes.

Medieval Loki Armor

Prince Armory made this super badass medieval armor for Loki that follows both form and function. Plus, he’s probably the best known and loved villain from the Marvel universe at the moment, so he has that going for him.

Star Trek ‘Navigraphic’ Takes an Interactive Journey to the Star Trek Universe

This navigation infographic or “navigraphic” takes the viewer on a journey of the Star Trek universe through three replica bridges for The Enterprise, that appear depending on the universe or setting you choose. Once on the Enterprise of your choice, you can take a look at three technologies from the specific Star Trek world, and […]

Game of Thrones Characters in a Deck of Cards

A wonderful set of images by artist ratscape puts Game of Thrones characters in a deck of cards. Seeing that Game of Thrones has no dearth of kings and queens, the idea seems actually well worth exploring. If you dug deep enough, you could probably have an entire deck of cards based off Game of […]

Bad Guys Go To Hell

Bad Guys, Villains, Miscreants, & Low-lifes In Hell print puts 80 of movie and TV show villains smack in the middle of the fires of hell. We’re told that’s where all the bad guys go. The print is priced at $40. Via Geek-Art