Darth Khal Drogo

In a universe where Star Wars crosses over with Game of Thrones, make sure to stay out of the way of the Sith Lord Khal Drogo. DeviantArt user jbcasacop imagined Dark lord of the Khalasar as a figure to represent his love for both franchises. The series might have more illustrations coming, so we figure […]

Alien Facehugger and Poison Ivy Corsets

The alien facehugger doesn’t mind staying on the abdomen if you put it on a nice corset that hugs the figure. Plus there’s the Poison Ivy corset that has every reason to look good. Say what you will about Poison Ivy, she’s at least a friend of the environment. Both these corsets are the work […]

Game of Thrones With Walter White

Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad, and Walter White steals everyone’s glory.

Black Milk Shows off Its New Harry Potter Line of Clothing

Purveyors of sexy geeky apparel, Black Milk Clothing have announced a brand new line of Harry Potter inspired goodies. The range will be available starting September 10.

Vibrant Game of Thrones Fan Art

You just have to love this Game of Thrones inspired fan art series by Doodle-Mon. The color and style are vivid, to say the least, but it is the moment captured in these illustrations that makes it so truly impressive. Prints available on StoreEnvy.

Lord of the Rings Characters As Tarot Card Illustrations

Russian artist SceithAilm has illustrated various characters from Lord of the Rings and put them up on Tarot cards. Come to think of it, several of these cards can actually go well with classic tarot card illustrations and images.

Star Wars Leather Stormptrooper Jacket

Strormtrooper leather jacket is quite simplistic with subtle enough links to its Star Wars roots, though the fans are unlikely to miss the obvious connections. While you are riding your motorcycle, the CE approved body armor provides additional protection, though it is removable so the jacket can be put to use as day to day […]

Star Wars Characters in Cute Look Illustrations

UK based illustrator Konrad Kirpluk that Star Wars needed more of one thing: cuteness. Working on that, Kirpluk created nine illustrations of cute Star Wars characters. The Stormtrooper looks like a baby in a diaper, though with the action that we have seen from them, this might very well be the true story underneath the […]

Star Wars Adult Onesies

Being relaxed and in geeky attire is one of the best things ever. These Star Wars onesies apparently drive you straight to the point. Stay comfortable and call the geek shots, that’s exactly what everyone wants. Cost $60.

Order of X: X-Men in the Medieval Age

X-men have been transported into a medieval age in the illustrations of Nate Hallinan. Of course, in that time and age, X-Men wouldn’t really have been a suitable name. Hence, we have them as the Order of X, a formidable force of the Medieval Age.