Darth Vader Riding a Unicycle, Wearing a Kilt, Playing Star Wars Theme on Fire Shooting Bagpipes [video]

Well, the title says it all. How the mighty have fallen. The Force is one helluva drug.

Doctor Who Mini Journal Set

This Doctor Who inspired set of mini journals started life as a convention exclusive. The set includes three journals; River Song’s Mini-Journal, 500 Year Mini-Diary, and special 50th Anniversary TARDIS Mini-Journal. That should be good enough to help you keep track of your time travels. Available on Amazon for $29.99.

All Characters Who Have Ever Played Batman Morph Into Portrait of Super Bruce Wayne

This image of Bruce Wayne is the sum total of all characters who have ever played Batman. Created by Reddit user morphinapg, the image includes the portrait of Ben Affleck, the latest actor to land the role of the caped crusader. We would now like to see a morph of all Batsuits ever, which we […]

Swedish Covers for Harry Potter Books

We’ve seen a couple of Harry Potter covers recently, and the Swedish version covers by Alvaro Tapia are as good as any, to say the least. We quite like the decorative and perhaps exaggerated touches on objects, like the bright red Hogwarts Express, the thoughtfully carved boat for Dumbledore and Harry, the colorful phoenix, and […]

Batman Vs. Superman Ying-Yang Poster

You have to love this superb Ying-Yang styled Batman vs. Superman poster. Made by Matt Ferguson, the poster is about the Man of Steel sequel, which should be on screens in 2015 and feature Batman and Superman. Via Geek-Art

Imagining Gym Logos in the Pokemon Universe

Establishments need logos, even if they happen to be the ones in the cute Pokemon universe. Artist Cassandra Downs has created a set of Logos to fit eight gyms of the Pokemon world, finding a representation for the eight fictional gyms of Kanto. The illustrated logos are available as tees and stickers at the artist’s […]

Man Builds Knight Rider KITT Car Replica

Knight Rider’s KITT is right there amongst the best TV cars ever, and its epicness should very well translate into fan builds. Chris Palmer recreated the legendary car for himself, starting with a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and adding all the goodies and gadgets needed to replicate KITT’s dashboard. He can regularly be seen riding […]

Darth Khal Drogo

In a universe where Star Wars crosses over with Game of Thrones, make sure to stay out of the way of the Sith Lord Khal Drogo. DeviantArt user jbcasacop imagined Dark lord of the Khalasar as a figure to represent his love for both franchises. The series might have more illustrations coming, so we figure […]

Alien Facehugger and Poison Ivy Corsets

The alien facehugger doesn’t mind staying on the abdomen if you put it on a nice corset that hugs the figure. Plus there’s the Poison Ivy corset that has every reason to look good. Say what you will about Poison Ivy, she’s at least a friend of the environment. Both these corsets are the work […]

Game of Thrones With Walter White

Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad, and Walter White steals everyone’s glory.