Superheroes of the Medieval Age Fight For Honor, Glory and the Love of Battle

Illustrations by John Staub show superheroes, had they been imagined in the medieval age. We imagine some very high-pitched battles as these men take to the battlefield for the honor of, and on the orders of their liege lords. This is quite a set though, as the illustrator kept the characters true to their own […]

Superhero and Villain Collages Created From Old Superhero Comic Books

Austin, Texas based artist Mike Alcantara made this collection of superhero and villain collages utilizing panels from old comic books. That’s recycling at its finest, superheroes made from superheroes. Prints available on the artist’s Etsy shop.

Fan-made Game of Thrones 8-bit Game is Fun, Free to Play

As fun time killers go, this fan-made Game of Throne 8-bit style game is what you should be looking for. Created by Spanish comic artist Abel Alves, the game is much like the good old games of the era gone by. It won’t really tell you the story of the series, but what it will […]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster

Doctor Who is about to celebrate 50 years on the screen, and that calls for some special celebrations. BBC have released a poster for The Day of the Doctor. The special will feature the current Doctor Matt Smith, David Tennant, Billie Piper, and John Hurt as the mysterious doctor. The episode will be broadcast in […]

Game of Thrones Style Sigils for NFL Teams

Game of Thrones sigils must invade every franchise and universe possible. In their latest move, the sigils have invaded NFL logos. DJroomba made illustrations that fit Game of Thrones house sigils with NFL teams, and in fact went the extra mile creating several logos for each team, so you can have the pick on what […]

Dragon Ball Z Characters Get Vicious in Illustrations

A multitude of Dragon Ball Z characters were insanely powerful, capable of destroying planets and whatever came in their path. Doing all that, they maintained the somewhat cute and harmless looks that anime and manga would bestow upon their characters. These illustrations take the “cute” off these battle hardened powerful characters, giving them into vicious […]

Sherlock and Star Trek Despicable Me Minions

It probably wouldn’t be much off the mark to say the minions were the highlight of Despicable Me 2. We have seen them in several settings, and now we see them in two of our favorite series. Sherlock minions and the Star Trek minions, now that is a pretty damn good thing.

Pokemon Game of Thrones House Sigils

Reddit user e_lasorda (previously) has a set of illustrations presenting Pokemon as Game of Thrones house sigils. As a bonus, there’s the very interesting Team Casterly Rocket, which we think takes the cake.

Prints Are Your Introduction to Star Wars Fighters

Posters and prints by DeviantArt user WeaponIX take a quick look at many of the ships from the Star Wars universe. If you forgot what was what, the are your way back to the right path. If you know them well like every good person should, you’ll appreciate the minimalist style of illustrations and little […]

Darth Vader Riding a Unicycle, Wearing a Kilt, Playing Star Wars Theme on Fire Shooting Bagpipes [video]

Well, the title says it all. How the mighty have fallen. The Force is one helluva drug.