Lightsabers Give Thumb Wrestling an Edge

Thumb wrestling gets 1000x badass when you get lightsabers involved. Now we’re surprised thumb wrestling was ever done any other way. Of course there were times when people were unaware of the powers of lightsabers, but they could have always used swords! The lightsabers come with a “game in a book” that settles the field for a thumb lightsaber match. Costs $13.

Superheroes of the Medieval Age Fight For Honor, Glory and the Love of Battle

Illustrations by John Staub show superheroes, had they been imagined in the medieval age. We imagine some very high-pitched battles as these men take to the battlefield for the honor of, and on the orders of their liege lords. This is quite a set though, as the illustrator kept the characters true to their own style, and the changes that would be demanded of them in the medieval age setting and attire.